April 27

I Know That You’ve Got Your Reasons – The Show at the G-Spot

Aiden laid in bed with Ava long after the rousing game of Drunk Truth or Dare had ended and everyone had gone their own way, trying to get his head around the fact they were married.  No one back home would believe it.  Some of them might be pissed off about it and others might be relieved.  Not that he gave a fuck what anyone else thought.  Maybe now she’d be a little easier to hold on to.

Conrad slept on the couch curled around Silver and Samuel slept fitfully on and off before finally getting up and heading out to the barn where Spirit was housed.  When Aiden got up, he made coffee for everyone and watched from the kitchen as Samuel exercised his new horse.  When he was finished with him, he rubbed him down and tied him to the rail outside the ring where he stayed while Samuel and Saige worked with Achilles.

When they were done, they put the horses out and headed to the ball park with Aiden, Ava, Heather, Taryn, Bree, Conrad, Silver and Harley, stopping along the way to pick up the required bags of breakfast burritos.  The boys watched with Ava and Silver while the girls practiced dodging the balls, shouting occasional taunts or encouragements as the situation warranted.   When Samuel saw Saige competing not just with Taryn but Bree, too, he went over and pulled the latter two from their cages and sent them to the table while he gave Saige a quick speech about all the ways she wasn’t there to compete with the other girls but with herself, to push herself to her limits and beyond, and if she didn’t stop worrying about them and start focusing on her own progress, he’d have the other girls take their time in the cages after she was done with hers.

When they were done at the cages, the girls headed off to dance practice and Samuel went to talk to a man about some property.  It was around that time that everyone who didn’t have to be up early was starting to get up and go about their usual day.  Seth and Lia went to look at the house she’d chosen and then with Van to look at warehouses again.  Finally settling on both, they headed to the bank.  Once Samuel was the proud owner of thirty new acres which boasted a manmade lake stocked with fish, he headed back to the barn to meet Conrad so they could take care of paperwork and licenses for the club and the property.  Once that was done, Samuel went to see some people about building a barn.

Later, after everyone was out of work and before Loch had to go in, the band reported for practice while everyone else got ready for the night ahead.  Loch and Aubrey took their breaks at the same time so they could meet the others at the G-Spot.

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