April 26

I Don’t Want to Be Anything Other Than Me – Loch and Sang Arrive in Leesburg

David: {and that’s when Loch’s car comes hauling ass up the street and skids to a stop in the yard}
David: {David looks over when the car skids to a stop} Shit. They made it faster than I expected.

Saige: {Saige looks over} Ahh hell.

David: {Bill smiles, looks at Jamie}
David: {Loch all but jumps out of the car, not even bothering to shut it down and heads to the porch}

Saige: {Jamie looks at Bill, shakes her head smiling}
Saige: {Sangria reaches over turns off the car climbs out of the car and runs to catch up with Loch}

David: {David smiles} S’up, bro?
David: {Loch arches a brow, stopping his advance at the bottom of the steps} What the *fuck* do you think you’re doin’?

Saige: {Saige smiles at Loch} Hey babe.

David: {Loch plants his hands on his hips} And what the *fuck* is this shit with not answerin’ your phone? {looks at Saige} Don’t start with me.

Saige: {Sangria looks at Saige then at David} You guys are ….{Shakes her head} I don’t even know what.

David: {David shakes his head, takes the pipe from Uncle Bill, offers it to Loch} Smoke one and relax. Chrsit.
David: Christ.

Saige: {Saige blinks} Wha’d I do? Uncle Bill said no phones at the table.

David: {Loch takes the pipe} You’re not even goin’ out is what. {takes a long hit off the pipe, his eyes still on David, holds the smoke, on the exhale} How stupid are you?
David: {David smiles} I don’t know, man. You’re the one holdin’ the weed.
David: {Bill nods in agreement with Saige} That’s right. I *did* say that.
David: {Loch looks at Bill} You’re gonna let ’em do this? They haven’t even *fucked* yet.

Saige: {Saige looks at Loch} *You* do *not* know that.

David: {Loch looks at Saige} Oh, really? What? He hit it on the bike while he was drivin’ down the highway? Doubt it.
David: {Bill shrugs} If they haven’t fucked, I figure they’ll be rectifyin’ that situation before the nuptials.

David: {David smiles at Loch, feelin’ that buzz} We’re savin’ ourselves.


Saige: {Saige looks at Loch, smiles} Not while he was driving, Loch. But there are a *ton* of great places along the highway to stop and admire the view.

David: {David grins} And that’s a helluva view, let me tell ya.

Saige: {Saige smiles up at David} Yes it is.

David: {Loch looks at David} I never thought I’d say this, but.. pussy is makin’ you stupid. {hits the pipe again and hands it to Sang}
David: {David looks at Bill and Jamie} So.. this is Loch. Who you know. And that’s Sangria. His wife.
David: {Loch blinks} *We’re* not married. What the fuck is wrong with you?

Saige: {Sangria takes the pipe and hits it, hands it to David, smiles at Bill and Jaime} Nice to meet you.

David: {David looks at Loch} Dude… you wanna talk about pussy makin’ a man stupid? Look in the mirror, bro.

Saige: {Saige smiles} You all may as well be.

David: {Bill smiles at Sangria, to Jamie} I need to go down *there* and start hangin’ out with these boys. They’ve got some pretty fine bitches in Solitude.
David: {David starts to say something, stops himself} Yeah, nevermind. Not fucked up enough to say that.

David: {David hits the pipe again, hands it to Saige}


Saige: {Sangria looks at Saige} You *fucked* in the grass. Right. I’m so sure. and {looks at David} Oh.. go ahead.

David: {David looks at Sang} Nope. {smiles} I love you too much.

Saige: {Saige takes the pipe, hits it and hands it to Jamie who hits it and hands it to Bill}

David: {David looks at Saige} I’d fuck in the grass.
David: {David smiles} Right there on the side of the highway.

Saige: {Saige smiles} So would I.

David: {Loch looks at them} You *would* which means you didn’t.

Saige: {Sangria starts to say something and has a coughing fit instead}

David: {David takes a deep breath} What *exactly* is the big deal? I mean, shit. I make an honest woman outta her, she makes an honest man outta me. More cock and pussy for everyone else. It’s a win-win.

Saige: {Saige smiles up at David}
Saige: {Sangria looks at David} Are *you* insane?

David: {David smiles at Saige} Show ’em your ring, baby.
David: {Loch blinks} *Ring*?! When the hell did you buy her a ring?!

Saige: {Saige holds out her hand} See.

David: {Loch blinks, looks at Sang} He’s fuckin’ serious.

Saige: {Sangria walks over and takes Saige’s hand}

David: {David looks at Sang} Why do I have to be insane to wanna spend the rest of my life with her?

Saige: {Jamie stands and walks over to David slipping the ring box into his hand}

David: {Loch looks back at David} How about the “life” part of it.
David: {David glances at Jamie, smiles, mouths “Oh, you’re bad”, looks back at Loch} What kinda life do I have without her?
David: {Loch blinks, looks at Bill} What’s in that weed?
David: {Bill smiles broadly} Just a little Columbian Gold.

Saige: {Sangria smiles} *Yesterday* you had a blond bimbo hangin’ off ya. Today you’re marrying…*her*.
Saige: {Jamie smiles at David}

David: {David looks at Sangria} *Loch* had a blond bimbo hangin’ off me cuz he wanted Saige to see what she was missin’. {smiles} It worked.
David: {Loch blinks again} What?! *No*! That was not what Loch was tryin’ to do.

Saige: {Saige looks at Loch} Careful what you wish for babe.
Saige: {Sangria blinks}
Saige: {Saige looks at David} You’d *think* they’d at least be happy for us.

David: {David looks at Saige} Seriously. Considerin’ they’re supposed to be our friends and shit.
David: {Loch shakes his head} Oh, I *am* your friend. That’s why I just drove an hour and a half to talk some fuckin’ sense into you.

Saige: {Saige Shrugs} Guess you’ll have to ask Tristan to be your best man. I’ll ask Renee to be my maid of honor.

David: {David looks at Loch} Huh. {looks at Sang} So.. you didn’t answer my question. Why do I have to be crazy to get engaged to Saige?
David: {David nods to Saige}
David: {Bill whispers to Jamie} This is better than my stories.

Saige: {Sangria looks at David} Not *her*, anyone you wanted to kill the day before.

David: {Loch looks at David} Especially someone who confessed her secret love to *Akhiro* the night before. What about that? What about the fact your little wife to be is in love with one of your best friends?

Saige: {Jamie walks back over and sits down}

David: {David smiles, shrugs} I dunno. From where I’m sittin’, she’s in love with me.
David: {Loch blinks again} *You*.. need to get off the drugs and return to your home planet.

Saige: {Saige looks at Loch} Why don’t you let me worry about who I’m in love with?

David: {Loch looks at Saige} Yeah, you’d like that wouldn’t you? He’s my *friend*. I don’t give a fuck who the girl is, if she’s in love with some other dude, *I’m* not gonna stand by and let *my* friend be stupid over her.

Saige: {Sangria looks at Saige} Right. So you think it’s okay to get hitched to a guy you aren’t in love with. Wow Saige.

David: {Loch nods in agreement with Sang} And I’m sure Uncle Bill and Aunt Jamie would totally agree that *that* is not the way to spend your life with someone.

Saige: {Saige shakes her head} You guys are asses. I never said *that* either. {Saige stands and puts her hands on her hips} Excuse the *fuck* outta me. First of all neither of you even bothered to *ask* me. Oh.. and Do *you* *see* me here with Akhiro. No. You. Don’t. I’m here with *David*. My fiancee. {her voice getting louder as she speaks} The man who over the past twenty four hours turned me down three separate times for a quick fuck then proceeded to take care of me in a way no one ever has before not even *Justin*. And to answer your unasked question…{yells at Lochlan, and pokes him in the chest} Yes. I am in love with him.
Saige: {Sangria blinks}

David: {Loch just stares at her, open mouthed}
David: {David blinks}

Saige: {Jamie looks at Bill}

David: {Bill smiles, looks at Jamie} Yep. *Much* better than my stories.

Saige: {Sangria looks at Saige} And what about being in love with Akhiro?

David: {David looks at Jamie}

Saige: {Jamie nods} Yes they are.
Saige: {Jamie nods to David smiles, and mouths “Breathe”}

David: {David smiles, mouths} I am.
David: {David stands, walks over to Saige and Loch, looks at Saige} Go ahead, baby. Tell her.

Saige: {Saige looks at Sangria, shrugs} I was wrong. I love him yes, just like I love Loch and you and everyone else, but I’m not *in* love with him. {looks at David} And I was going to tell you that a couple of times today. I just decided to wait until everything was perfect before I did.

David: {David smiles} Baby.. *any* time is the perfect time to hear *that*.

Saige: {Saige smiles} I just wanted it to be special between us. You know?

David: {David nods} Yeah, but.. yanno.. every time we wait for the “right” time to do somethin’, we seem to get derailed.
David: {Loch looks at Sang}


Saige: {Sangria shakes her head} I don’t even know.
Saige: {Saige smiles} Yeah I know.

David: {Loch shakes his head, looks back at them} Fine. Great. You’re in love with David.. blah, blah, blah. So fuckin’ *date* first, for Christ’s sake.

Saige: {Saige looks at him}Why? If we know what we want?

David: {Loch looks at Saige, arches a brow} Um.. cuz wantin’ somethin’ *now* doesn’t mean you’re gonna want it when the sun comes up.

Saige: {Sangria looks at Saige} Because *that’s* how it’s done.
Saige: {Saige looks at Loch} This isn’t some bar pick up.

David: {Loch smirks} We’re not in Vegas either, so what’s the rush?

Saige: {Saige looks at David, smiles} David is a man of action.

David: {David looks at Saige, smiles} Yeah, well.. apparently more than I realized, cuz.. well.. I’ve got somethin’ to give you.

Saige: {Saige looks at David, tilts her head} You do?

David: {Loch looks at Saige} A man of action?
David: {David looks at Loch} Shut up for five seconds. {looks at Saige} Yeah, I do.
David: {Loch smirks} If you’re smart, it’ll be the boot.

Saige: {Saige nods without taking her attention off David}

David: {David looks at her for a second}Give me that ring back.
David: {Loch breathes, looks at Sang} Thank god.

Saige: {Sangria smiles} Yes!
Saige: {Saige blinks, and pulls off the ring} O…okay..
Saige: {Saige quietly} I like that ring.

David: {David takes the ring, pulls it’s match out of his pocket, hands them to Loch} Merry Christmas. {looks at Saige, smiles} I’m thinkin’ you’ll like this better. {hands her the box he’s holding in his other hand}
David: {Loch takes the rings David gave him, looks at them, looks at Sang, looks back at David and Saige} What’re you doin’, man?

Saige: {Saige takes the box, opens it, looks inside, blinks, looks up at him questioningly} It’s beautiful.

David: {David smiles} So.. put it on already.

Saige: {Sangria looks at Saige, then at David} What *are* you doing?

David: {David, still smiling, not taking his eyes off Saige} I’m givin’ her somethin’… different.

Saige: {Saige takes the right out of the box and slips it on her finger, smiles up at David, quietly} It’s perfect.
Saige: {Jamie looks at Bill smiles}

David: {David takes the box from her, puts it in his pocket, grabs her by the hips and pulls it closer} Shut up and kiss me like you just realized you’re fuckin’ the right guy.
David: {Bill looks at Jamie, smiles, takes her hand and squeezes it}

Saige: {Jamie squeezes Bill’s hand}

David: pulls it closer-pulls her closer

Saige: {Saige wraps her arms around him and kisses him like she’s never kissed anyone before, all fire and passion and all for him}
Saige: {Sangria blinks, looks at Loch} What just happened?

David: {David responds in kind as Loch watches, dumbfounded, looks at Sangria} Um.. I think he just gave her a new engagement ring.

Saige: {Sangria shakes her head} Mission failed epically.

David: {Loch shakes his head} This is fucked up. {looks at Sang} They’re never gonna make it.

Saige: {Sangria looks at Lochlan} Don’t say that.. you want people sayin’ that shit about us?

David: {Bill looks at Loch} Sit down, shut up and take another hit.
David: {Loch looks at Sang} Us? We aren’t the ones gettin’ married without even so much as goin’ on a date first.
David: {David breaks the kiss, looks at Saige, smiles, to Loch} Dude.. look at where we are. I didn’t just take her out.. I took her on fuckin’ vacation.

Saige: {Sangria quietly to Loch} And unless you want to lose your best friend, you’ll be supportive and helpful.

David: {Loch arches a brow} You can’t be serious. You came up here for the same reason I did.
David: {Loch blinks, looks at David} Wait. What vacation?

Saige: {Sangria looks at him and nods} I did. {looks around} It *is* nice here.

David: {David looks at Loch} We’re probably gonna be stayin’ up here about a week.
David: {Loch blinks} What about the show Friday?
David: {David smiles} Don’t sweat it. I’ll be there.

Saige: {Saige smiles} We both will.

David: {David looks at Saige, smiles} That’s right.

Saige: {Saige looks at David adoringly} Do I get to be your band wife.

David: {David laughs} Shit. {smiles} Yeah. I think you do.

Saige: {Saige smiles} Sweet.

David: {Loch walks over, takes the pipe when Bill offers it and hits it hard}
David: {Bill smiles} There’s beer in the fridge. Help yourself.
David: {Loch nods, hands Sang the pipe, goes inside and gets a beer}

Saige: {Sangria looks at Loch and shakes her head, taking the pipe}

David: {David watches Loch go inside, looks back at Sang} Let him get used to it.

Saige: {Sangria hits the pipe and nods, holds it out to David}

David: {David takes the pipe, hits it and hands it to Saige}

Saige: {Saige hits it and hands it to Jamie who hits it and hands it off to Bill}

David: {Bill hits it, David looks at Saige} So.. I guess we gotta hang out with ’em a little longer.

Saige: {Saige smiles and nods} Yes we do.
Saige: {Sangria blinks and bounds over to David and Saige hugging them tightly} Congrats.

David: {David blinks, laughs} What the fuck, Sang.

Saige: {Sangria shrugs and looks at Bill} What’s *in* that stuff?

David: {Bill laughs}

Saige: {Saige shakes her head and smiles}
Saige: {Jamie squeezes Bill’s hand}

David: {David looks at Sang, smiles} You can let us go now.

Saige: {Sangria lets them go and smiles} I love you guys.

David: {David laughs, looks at Saige, smiles} She’s feelin’ it.

Saige: {Saige laughs} Yeah she is.. too back Loch isn’t.

David: {David shakes his head} You know how he is.

Saige: {Saige nods} I do.
Saige: {Sangria smiles} I’ll work on him.

David: {David nods, takes Saige’s hand, walks over to the steps} Come on, Sang. You missed dinner, but we got leftovers if you’re hungry.

Saige: {Saige curls her fingers over the back of his hand, Sangria follows David} thanks I’m starving.

David: {David nods, heads inside} I figured you would be. And you don’t wanna miss my aunt Jamie’s cooking.

Saige: {Sangria smiles, looks at David, looks around as they pass through the living room} When have you ever known me to miss any meal.

David: {David stops in the living room, looks over at Tommy and Mel} Yo, Tommy. Say hi to my friend, Sangria.
David: {Tommy looks up from his homework, smiles that same smile David usually does} Hey.
David: {David smiles} Sang, this is my little brother Tommy and his friend Melanie.

Saige: {Sangria smiles warmly at Tommy and Melanie} Hey guys. {looks at Tommy} Oh.. you’re cute.

David: {Tommy smiles again} I know. You’re cute, too.
David: {David laughs} Dude.. she’s taken. Loch’ll beat your ass and not care how old you are.
David: {Tommy shrugs} I’m just sayin’.

Saige: {Sangria laughs} Oh.. he’s good. {Looks at David, then back at Tommy} Thanks. Nice to mee’cha

David: {David smiles} Yeah, well.. she wouldn’t go out with you if she saw you walkin’ around with your pants down around your ass either.
David: {Tommy nods to Sang} You too.

Saige: {Sangria shakes her head} No way.. that’s just.. wrong. Can’t see the ass….uh.. butt. Men should wear jeans that fit snugly. {shrugs} Leather’s even better.

David: {Tommy smiles again} I’ve got leather.

Saige: {Sangria smiles} You sag that?

David: {David shakes his head, grabs Sang’s hand, too, and pulls her toward the kitchen before Tommy can respond} Next generation of manwhore right there. Don’t encourage him.
David: {Tommy yells after them} Have to! My package is too big for the crotch!

Saige: {Sangria smiles} Aww he’s cute. {yells back to Tommy} Then get a bigger size.

David: {David smiles} And he’s encouraged.
David: {Loch leans against the counter nursing a beer when they come in}

Saige: {Sangria smiles} Bring him to the shop some time I’ll dress him appropriately.

David: {David lets go of Sang, smiles} Babe… {nods} All right.
David: {Loch looks over, taking a sip from his beer}

Saige: {Sangria smiles, walks over to Loch}

David: {Loch looks at Sang} They’re still engaged, aren’t they?

Saige: {Sangria nods} They are.

David: {David smiles at Loch} Dude.. we’re gonna *stay* engaged. Just to spite you.
David: {Loch looks at David, half smiles} You would.

Saige: {Sangria smiles} It could be worse.

David: {David smiles broadly} Yeah. I could be engaged to Renee.

Saige: {Saige smiles} Or Taryn.

David: {David smiles at Saige} Yeah, I’m thinkin’ that’d be worse for *Taryn*.

Saige: {Saige laughs} Possibly.

David: {David smiles again when she laughs}
David: {Loch looks at Saige} You’re really wantin’ to hang out here for a week?

Saige: {Saige nods} Yeah, I am. {smiles} It’s different you know.

David: {Loch nods} From what you’re used to? Totally.

Saige: {Saige nods} But it’s cool. {smiles} And realxing.
Saige: {Saige leans against David} I dig it.

David: {David puts his arm around her, Loch nods, takes a sip of his beer, David smiles} You guys headin’ back tonight or you wanna stay for breakfast?

Saige: {Sangria smiles and looks at Loch}

David: {Loch shrugs} It’s up to Sang.

Saige: {Sangria smiles} Yes please.

David: {Loch smiles, shakes his head, looks at David} Guess we’re stayin’ then.
David: {David nods} You get the spare room next to Tommy’s then. {smiles} Me and Saige are stayin’ in the camper.

Saige: {Sangria smiles} Besides we have to celebrate.

David: {Loch arches a brow} The camper? {laughs} Holy shit. {smiles at Sang} They’re stayin’ in the camper.

Saige: {Sangria shakes her head} What does that even mean? {blinks} *Saige* in a *camper*?

David: {Loch takes Sangria’s hand and pulls her to the back door, pulls the curtain aside so she can see the camper, rebel flag and all} The camper.

Saige: {Sangria bursts out laughing} Oh my god. {looks at Saige} Who are you and what have you done with *Saige*?
Saige: {Saige smiles}

David: {David smiles, shakes his head} Babe… that camper is a fuckin’ paradise. It’s got more history than you and Loch. {looks at Saige, smiles} And you act like you didn’t know she’s adventurous.

Saige: {Sangria smiles} Oh I knew she was adventurous.. I didn’t know she was that adventurous.

David: {David looks at Sang, smiles} It’s only a week and that’s if she orders a bike from the catalog. Don’t worry. When it’s all over she can right back to her big ass guest house.
David: {David shrugs} Though I might let her take the flag if she *really* likes it.

Saige: {Sangria shakes her head}
Saige: {Saige laughs, leans in and whispers} I’ll wear it for you, baby.

David: {David looks at her, smiles} Oh.. don’t waste your time. It’s not gonna be on you long enough to matter.
David: can right back=can go right back

Saige: {Saige smiles} Impatient, baby?

David: {David arches a brow} What the hell do *you* think?

Saige: {Saige looks at him,leans in and whispers something incredibly naughty}

David: {David takes a breath} I don’t give a shit what you say.. they’re on their own. I’m done with this shit. {grabs her hand and heads for the back door, to Loch and Saige over his shoulder} We’ll see you at breakfast and I better not see you before then.

Saige: {Saige smiles and goes with him, Sangria laughs} I want to know what she said to him.

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