April 26

I Don’t Want to Be Anything Other Than Me – Leesburg Finale

Saige: {sits on the edge of the bed nude, twirling the ring on her finger, smiles at David} This ring is perfect.
David: {sits against the headboard, cigarette in hand, watching her, smiles} My aunt told me she was gonna give it to me when we’re cleanin’ up. {takes a drag, on the exhale} I wasn’t gonna do it… but the timing was too good to pass up.
Saige: {Saige nods} It was… {smiles} Did you see the look on Sang’s face when you told me to give back the other one?
David: {raises his eyes to hers} No. I was too busy lookin’ at the look on yours.
Saige: {looks at him} I gues I looked pretty shocked.
David: {shakes his head} I think.. hurt.. is the word I’d use.
Saige: {nods} Hurt.. confused. {softly} Suddenly terrified.
David: {watches her for a second before smiling} What do *you* have to be afraid of?
Saige: {looks at him} Lots of things, David. {reaches over and pulls a pack of cigarettes off the nightstand, lights one, inhaling deeply, watches the flame on the lighter} Losing someone important to me, becoming numb again. {looks at him} losing you.
David: {leans over and kisses her shoulder, sits back} I’m not goin’ anywhere, so you don’t have to worry about it. And if I was.. I wouldn’t do it like that in front of Sang and Loch. I wouldn’t give them what they wanted like that.
Saige: {looks over at him} I didn’t think you would. {leans back against him} I know this started as a way to get a rise out of everyone…
David: {puts out his cigarette, wraps his arms around her} We may not be *actually* engaged, but we *are* together. {shrugs} Keep the ring until we decide to tell everyone we changed our minds, we break up or we *do* actually decide to get married.
Saige: {smiles} Thank you for clarifying. {lays her hands on his arms, looks up at him} I wasn’t sure what happened but I thought we might actually have gotten engaged last night.
David: {smiles} Yeah, well.. there was a while there I wasn’t so sure, either.
Saige: {laughs} I wasn’t sure until just now. So.. {grins} At least you figured it out before I did.
David: {smiles more broadly} I figured it out about five minutes before I said it.

Saige: {smiles} Yeah.. what made you figure it out?
David: {looks at her, shrugs} It just kinda came to me. Hell, I’m still not even sure how much of what happened last night was true and how much was just for Loch and Sang’s benefit.
Saige: {looks at him} What can I clear up for you?
David: {smiles} Nothin’. It’ll sort itself out.
Saige: {nods} All right. {quietly} You know I meant what I said to them.
David: {looks at her for a second} You said a *lot* to them last night, baby.
Saige: {nods} I know. I’m talking about When I yelled at Loch.
David: {smiles} And now it’s sorted out.
Saige: {smiles again}, turns and kneels between his thighs, looks at him} I love you, David.
David: {watches her as she turns, letting her go so she can move, touches her face, rubs his thumb over her cheek, smiles} Guess you were serious about that verdict.
Saige: {smiles} I was. {Places a hand on his chest, the other covers the hand at her face}
David: {leans in and kisses her lightly, pulls back and looks at her, quietly} I love you, too, baby.
Saige: {throws her arms around his neck and hugs him fiercely, turning so she’s sitting in his lap as she does}
David: {wraps his arms around her, hugs her back, smiling more broadly}
Saige: {looks into his eyes, grins} How can I not? You cut off my pig tail.
David: {looks at her, still smiling} Yeah, well.. that was me tryin’ to tell you then.
Saige: {shakes her head} I thought you were picking on me. Christ. If I’d’ve known {blinks} We’d probably be married with a couple of kids by now.
David: {laughs} Baby, I’m not ready for kids just yet. {smiles} And gettin’ married is pushin’ it.
Saige: {laughs} Oh.. I wasn’t saying we should get moving on that front.. I was saying we’d probably be a statistic. {smiles} *I’m* not ready for kids.. {looks at him}
David: {smiles again} Speakin’ of kids, I’m surprised they didn’t ask if you were pregnant.
Saige: {laughs} Seriously. They might though.
David: {nods} I’m expectin’ it at some point.
Saige: {looks at him} I am *not* tellin’ them I am.. That is just begging for trouble.
David: {laughs} No shit. {smiles} We’d have to fake a miscarriage, too.
Saige: {looks at him for a moment, then nods} Yeah.. which would suck. {shakes her head, then smiles} They’d never believe it anyway.
David: {nods} Probably not. Shit.. they can barely believe what we’ve thrown at them so far.
Saige: {smiles} I’m waiting for Sangria and Loch to suggest a JOP just to see if we’re bluffing.
David: {looks at her} Think they will?
Saige: {nods} They might.
David: {smiles} Guess we’ll just have to deal with that when we get there.
Saige: {nods and smiles} I guess so. I mean.. what’s the worst that could happen?
David: {laughs} The worst that can happen? We don’t get married and they call us out or we don’t have the sense god gave us to actually own up to this shit and end up married. {smiles} That’s all.
Saige: {laughs} Well there is that. {smiles} Guess we’ll find out soon enough.
David: {nods} Yeah, we will. {tilts his head slightly} Huh.
Saige: {looks at him} What?
David: {looks at her} Well.. now that I finally got that flag pole planted, I guess that makes it *my* lawn.
Saige: {smiles} If you want it, it does.
David: {smiles} Of course, I want. I already put a ring on it.
Saige: {laughs} Then, baby, it’s your lawn.
David: {smiles again when she laughs} So, whaddya wanna do today? Go through that catalog?
Saige: {nods} Yes please, breakfast? I’m starving.
David: {nods} You and me, both. {gets out of bed and grabs her hand, pulls her to her feet} C’mon. I need a shower before I get dressed.
Saige: {stands} Me too. {looks at him} David, I dig your camper.
David: {looks at her, smiles} Yeah, I had a feelin’ you would. It feels like bein’ away from home, but not, cuz you know the house is only a few hundred feet away.
Saige: {nods and grins} That and it feels like we’re the only two people around. You know?
David: {smiles} Yeah, I do. {walks toward the bathroom} Even when you can hear the voices and shit outside, you still kinda feel that way.
Saige: {goes with him, smiles} There room for both of us in there?
David: {smiles more broadly} We’ll manage.
Saige: {laughs} I’m sure we will. I haven’t heard anything since we came in here last night.
David: {nods, walks into the bathroom and turns on the shower} I don’t know whether to be surprised that Loch and Sang didn’t come bangin’ on the door. {looks over at her} On the one hand, I see ’em doin’ it to stop us from gettin’ *too* close. On the other hand, I see ’em thinkin’ we’ll get it out of our system. Cuz you *know* they think that all this is cuz we didn’t fuck the other night.
Saige: {nods} Totally. I’m sure that’s what it is. I’m surprised they haven’t come banging on the door yet, this morning.
David: {nods} Won’t they be surprised.
Saige: {laughs} They won’t believe it even if we tell them what’s goin’ on. Hell I’m surprised they haven’t gotten the rest of them up here.
David: {smiles} The rest of ’em aren’t as hot-headed as Loch.
Saige: {smiles} True. And they have day jobs to keep them busy. {shakes her had} I didn’t mean that the way it sounded.
David: {looks at her} It sounded like you’re surprised Loch and Sang didn’t go draggin’ them all up here with them. That’s all.
Saige: {smiles} I am.
David: {smiles, pulls her into the shower with him}
Saige: {gets in and grabs the soap, starts soaping him up}
David: —— Later at Breakfast——

Saige: {Sangria stands at the stove cooking, while Jamie tells her where to find stuff from behind a cup of hot coffee}

David: {Loch sits at the table, smoking his coffee and drinking his cigarette}

David: {David walks in with Saige, lets go of her hand, walks over and makes them coffee, looks over at Loch, then at Sang} And here I was gonna ask him if things looked brighter in the morning.
Saige: {Sangria smiles} He’s just not awake yet.
Saige: {Saige walks over to Loch, kisses him on the cheek} Good morning sunshine.
David: {Loch looks at Saige, growls}
David: {David carries a cup of coffee to Saige, hands it to her and takes a seat with his, smiles} I’m sure it doesn’t help that he didn’t wake up in his own bed this mornin’.
Saige: {Saige beams at Loch, takes the cup and goes over to sit next to David} Thanks babe. I didn’t and Sangria didn’t, you didn’t and we aren’t doing grumpy bear on steroids.
Saige: {Sangria walks over and puts food on the table, Jamie smiles watching}
David: {David smiles} We also didn’t have the issue where we couldn’t play around cuz my little brother was in the next room and Sang’s just Sang.
Saige: {Saige smiles} There is that.
Saige: {Sangria shakes her head and laughs} Let him get coffee..and food.
David: {David nods} I was plannin’ on it. {takes a sip of his coffee}
David: {Loch takes a sip of his coffee, looks at Saige and David} Ethan’s back.
Saige: {Saige smiles} Cool!
David: {David looks at Loch, smiles} Yeah? Nice. When’d that happen?
David: {Loch shrugs} Dunno. He was hangin’ out with the others last night at the bar where *we* were supposed to be.
David: {David looks at Sang} Maybe that’s his problem. He didn’t get to see Ethan.
Saige: {Sangria shakes her head} Could be. {smiles} I got to talk to him though. He sounds good. {looks at Loch} He also had some interesting morsels to drop.
David: {Loch looks at Sang} He did?
Saige: {Jamie smiles} I’m going to take my breakfast to the other room so you all can talk and hang out. {smiles} I’m missing the news.
Saige: {Sangria nods} I thought I told you about it. What he told Tristan about.
David: {Loch frowns} I remember what you said Trist… {blinks, laughs} Oh, *shit*. *That*.
Saige: {Sangria nods} Yees. {smiles} Go ahead baby.
David: {David watches them over his coffee}
Saige: {Saige arches a brow as she takes a sip}
Saige: {Jamie bolts from the room}
David: {Loch looks at Saige, arches a brow right back at her} So.. *apparently*.. *Ethan* already knew about the miscarriage and engagement to Justin *and* he’s the one that told her to send out a manuscript and that the publisher had shown an interest. He just didn’t know she actually took the offer.
Saige: {Saige looks at Loch} He did.
Saige: {Sangria nods} She told him all of this when they hooked up after she got back and he was the first she hit up. {looks at David}
David: {David looks at Sang} So, what’s your point?
Saige: {Sangria shrugs} Just givin’ you all the information.
David: {David shakes his head} Right. {looks at Sang} Anything else you wanna tell me? The first guy she gave a blow job to? Date and time of the occurrence? Whether or not she swallowed? Maybe you think I should know how often she shits, too.
David: {Loch shakes his head} She told *him* but none of us. And the kid thing, she didn’t even tell you.
Saige: {Sangria shakes her head} No..not really.
David: {David nods} And I didn’t tell anyone I had court the other day except you. Who fuckin’ cares? It’s over and done.
David: {Loch smiles, nods} Yes, it is. {takes a sip of his coffee}
Saige: {Sangria looks at David, takes a bite of her food}
Saige: {Saige looks at Sangria and Loch} Here’s the thing.. I thought you guys were supposed to be my friends too. You’re so busy throwin’ me under the bus that you seem to have forgotten *that*.
Saige: {Sangria looks at Saige} No.. we haven’t.
David: {Loch looks at Saige} We had our own issues. That was a whole other bus. Now let’s see what you think about *this*. Tristan thinks you been hot for David for a while and you were sluttin’ around cuz you didn’t think he’d get with you.
Saige: {Saige looks at Loch} Really? What else does *Tristan* think?
David: {Loch arches a brow} Are you seriously gonna get shitty over *that*?
Saige: {Sangria looks at Saige} That you went after Loch because he and David are similar.
David: {Loch nods in agreement with Sang} That, too, yeah.
David: {David just listens}
Saige: {Saige looks at them} Does it matter *now*? Really?
David: {Loch looks at Saige} Really? Maybe it matters to Sang. All the forgiving and everything is great, but what good is it if you can’t make sense of what you’re forgiving?
David: {Loch looks at Sang} Guess she has a problem with talkin’ about it.
Saige: {Sangria nods} Seriously. {looks at David} Maybe he wants to know too.
Saige: {Saige looks at David}
David: {David shakes his head} Don’t do that shit. {looks at Sang} Don’t use me to try and get her to keep rehashin’ shit.
David: {David looks at Saige} Anything *I* wanna know *that* bad.. I’ll fuckin’ ask myself. When we’re alone.
Saige: {Saige nods} All right. {looks at Sangria, shakes her head} If you need to know that’s fine.. but if this is just for more ammo then no..
David: {Loch looks at Saige like she’s high} How is it ammo? It gets you off the fuckin’ hook.
Saige: {Sangria looks at Saige} What he said.
Saige: {Saige shakes her head} It’s all ammo.
David: {Loch nods} Fine. I’ll remember that next time I need to talk to someone and you’re the only one around.
Saige: {Saige looks at Loch} Fine… I’ve had a thing for David since high school, and even before when I crushed hard on him. {looks at him} For the record.. I’ve *never* used anything you’ve ever told me against you.
David: {Loch shakes his head} *That’s* your problem. One.. all that says is how long you’ve wanted on him which isn’t the same as whether or not you got on *me* cuz I’m so much like him.
David: {Loch shrugs} Two.. no one really gives a fuck *but* David how long you’ve wanted on him.
Saige: {Saige shakes her head} Then what the fuck was all that about? What Exactly do you want to know, Loch.
David: {Loch looks at her} What was *what* about? Christ, Saige. If you could just answer a fuckin’ question straight once in a while… {shakes his head} Fuck it.
Saige: {Saige looks at Loch} What fuckin’ question?
David: {Loch looks at Saige} The question about if you got on *me* cuz I’m so much like *him* and he’s the one you wanted.
David: {Loch shakes his head} Shit. Cuz he was the one you wanted and you didn’t think you could get with him. {looks at Sang} Now *I’m* gettin’ confused.
Saige: {Saige considers her answer}
Saige: {Sangria nods}
David: {Loch looks at Saige} Or maybe it was that shit we did in school. When we wanted to hook up with a girl, we acted like we liked her friend.
Saige: {Saige looks at Loch, blinks} I think it was a little of both.
David: {Loch nods} That’s all we wanted to know.
Saige: {Sangria blinks} Which also explains her gettin’ with Tris.
David: {Loch looks at Sang} There needs to be an explanation for *that*? And how? Tristan is *nothin’* like David.
David: {David smiles, shakes his head} The friend of the girl you wanna get on, Loch.
David: {Loch looks at David} Right. Got it.
Saige: {Sangria nods} Also she wanted on Akhiro too. {frowns} Or thought she did.. and Tristan is similar to him.
David: {David looks at Sang} What’re you gonna do? Go through her entire history lookin’ for reasons she got with whoever she did? Maybe she just digs them.
Saige: {Sangria shakes her head} No.. David. I’m not.. and I don’t think I could if I wanted to. {looks at Saige} I’m just trying to understand why she didn’t trust any of us. {Sangria shrugs} It’s kind of hurtful, especially when we’ve been so close for so long. I mean Yes, I was pissed because of Loch.
David: {Loch looks at Sang} Well.. *that’s* obvious. She thinks if she tells any of us anything, we’re gonna hold it against her.
Saige: {Sangria nods} Why. We’ve never held anything against each other before. None of us have.
David: {Loch nods, takes a sip of his coffee, looks at Saige} If you don’t trust us and you don’t talk to us.. *why* do you even still hang out with us?
Saige: {Saige looks at Loch} You don’t understand… I didn’t trust anyone. Least of all myself. {shakes her head} It was something I had to deal with on my own. It was my fault.
David: {Loch looks at her} But your mentality hasn’t changed.
David: {Loch shakes his head} And yanno what.. it’s bullshit that you keep sayin’ you didn’t trust anyone because you didn’t trust yourself and we’d just use everything as ammo when two of the three people you *did* trust and tell shit to kept their mouths shut and the other one used it to *help* you.
David: {Loch looks at her} Find another excuse cuz that one doesn’t work anymore.
Saige: {Saige shakes her head} That’s not true. It has. I did tell you all. and I told you everything. And while we’re on the subject what gives you the right to judge me and my issues, Loch. You asked I answered and I’m tired of answering questions that when you don’t like the answer they’re excuses. {Saige looks at David and Sangria}
Saige: {Sangria looks at David} You guys are serious about this engagement?
David: {Loch looks at her} And you’re full of shit. How is asking you a goddamn question judging you? And you didn’t answer the question until *after* tellin’ us that it was ammo. Gettin’ you to answer a question is like pulling teeth. We told you what Tristan said and asked you if there was somethin’ to it.. guess I gotta draw you a fuckin’ map.. *you* hit us with the bullshit about ammo. Which, if your mentality has changed about trusting us, you wouldn’t have. And then you give us an answer that totally skirts the question like we’re too stupid to realize it. So.. tell me where, exactly, I judged you.
David: {Loch stands and carries his cup to the sink} I’m not even the one that started this. The only reason *I* said shit at all was cuz Sang wanted me to. I didn’t even fuckin’ remember Tristan sayin’ it til she brought it up.
Saige: {Saige shakes her head} Loch, {looks at him} You’re right.. I’m sorry.
David: {Loch nods, cleans out his cup and sets it on the sink, looks at Sang} Let me know when you’re ready to head.
Saige: {Sangria shakes her head} After I finish dishes.
Saige: {Saige looks at Loch} I guess I’m a little defensive still.
David: {Loch looks at Saige} Ya think?
Saige: {Saige stands and walks over to him} I do, and you’re right I shouldn’t be.
David: {Loch leans back against the counter, crosses his arms over his chest} You treat everyone like enemies and pretty soon that’s what they’re gonna be.
Saige: {Saige shakes her head} I’m not tryin’ to do that.
David: {Loch nods, drolly} Then I guess I’m just special.
David: {David looks over at Sang, takes another sip of his coffee}
Saige: {Saige shakes her head} No.. I don’t know. {Sangria looks at David}
David: {David shakes his head, puts his cup down and lights a cigarette, looks at Sang} I don’t think they’re comin’ back from this.
Saige: {Saige looks at Loch} I’ve just spent so long feelin’ like you hate me and I get why, and I don’t want you to hate me anymore and I feel like no matter what I do it’s wrong.
Saige: {Sang nods} I think you might be right.
David: {Loch looks at her} So stop worryin’ about it.
Saige: {Saige shakes her head then nods holds his look for a moment} All right. If that’s what you want.
David: {Loch nods}
David: {David takes a drag off his cigarette, listening, looks at Saige} I think what he’s tryin’ to say is if you didn’t worry all the time about him hatin’ you, you’ll be less inclined to think he does.
Saige: {Saige looks at David nods} All right. {looks at Sangria who nods, looks back at Loch, then goes back to her seat}
David: {Loch looks at Sang} I’m gonna go warm up the car. {pushes away from the counter and heads out}
Saige: {Sangria looks at Loch, nods} All right.
Saige: {Saige looks at David, Mouths} Thank you.
David: {David nods, looks at Sang, smiles} Are we serious? Did you see the ring I gave her?
Saige: {Sangria nods} I did. {smiles} When’s the date? Have you set one? Where and all that good stuff?
David: {David laughs} Babe.. we’re not in *that* much of a hurry.
Saige: {Sangria smiles} So can I ask you something?
David: {David smiles} Can I stop you?
Saige: {Sangria shakes her head} Probably not. Why the mad rush to get engaged?
David: {David looks at Saige, smiles} Seemed like the thing to do at the time.
Saige: {Sangria smiles, nods} All right.
Saige: {Saige looks at Sangria} We know what we want we just don’t know when.
Saige: {Saige looks at David and smiles brightly}
David: {David smiles in response, looks at Sang} What she said.
Saige: {Sangria laughs}Okay.. Okay. {smiles} You’ve got my vote.
David: {David nods} It doesn’t matter, anyway. We know what we want and that’s what we’re gonna do. Popular opinion be damned.
Saige: {Sangria smiles} That so does not surprise me coming from you two.
David: {David smiles} Then it shouldn’t surprise anyone else either.
Saige: {Saige nods} It will though. {smiles}
Saige: {Sangria shakes her head} No.. I think the only thing that will surprise them now is if you hit a JOP up here and actually come back married.
David: {David looks at Saige} It’s comin. {referring to the pregnant thing}
Saige: {Saige nods and smiles} Yeah I think you’re right.
Saige: {Sangria looks at David} What’s coming?
David: {David looks at Sang} Nothin’.
Saige: {Sangria shrugs and carries her plate to the sink where she starts cleaning the dishes} All right.
David: {David smiles, looks over at Saige, takes her hand under the table} It’s a wonder they understand us at all.
Saige: {Saige nods} It is. {smiles} As long as we understand each other…
Saige: {Sangria looks over at them, smiles} I understand.
David: {David looks at Sang, smiles} Yeah? What do you understand?
Saige: {Sangria smiles} I understand what it’s like to want to give someone everything you can, even yourself, because you love them that much and want to spend the rest of your life with them. I understand what it’s like to not be able to breathe when that person’s not around. I understand how much it hurts when you are not together.
David: {David nods} Then I guess that’s all there is to say.
Saige: {Sangria looks at him} Am I wrong?
David: {David looks at Saige} I’ll let ya know.
Saige: {Saige smiles} Me to… I’ll finish the dishes. Loch’s waiting on you Sang.
Saige: {Sangria smiles} All right thanks Saige. Well see you Friday at the latest though right?
David: {David nods} Count on it.
Saige: {Sangria smiles heads toward the door, kisses David on the cheek} Cool. {heads out }
Saige: {Saige looks at David and shakes her head}
David: {David looks at Saige} What?
Saige: {Saige sighs} Why do I always feel like it’s a test?
David: {David shakes his head} I dunno. And I dunno why you get so worked up over it. You know how he is.
Saige: {Saige nods} I know.. I just want things back the way they were. Were I knew he was fuckin’ with me. You know.
David: {David shakes his head} He hasn’t been fuckin’ with you, though. {looks at her} And you might just have to face that you and Loch just aren’t gonna get back to where you used to be.
Saige: {Saige nods} I know.. {looks at him, and blinks} And *that* I think is the one thing I regret the most.
David: {David nods} Casualties.
Saige: {Saige nods} I know. It still feels like shit.
Saige: {Saige looks at him} Especially considering he’s your best friend.
David: {David looks at her} Give him time, Saige. If he *doesn’t* come around, then he’s just gonna have to deal with the fact we’re together and suck it up.
Saige: {Saige nods} I will. I am..
David: {David leans over and kisses her, gets up and heads to the counter where the catalog is sitting} In the meantime.. {carries it back over to her, sits and pushes it in front of her} You have a bike to find.
Saige: {Saige smiles} Yes I do.. And dishes to do and a “fiancee” to keep happy. {grins}
Saige: {Saige opens the catalog}
David: {David laughs, nods} That’s right, baby. I’ll do the dishes while you look through the book. {squeezes her hand, gets up, goes to the sink and starts on the dishes}
Saige: {Saige watches his ass for a few minutes before flipping through the catalog, where she finds a Chopper} This one.
David: {looks over at her, arches a brow} Damn. That was quick. {dries his hands, walks over and looks at it, smiles} That one?
Saige: {Saige nods} Yeah. {looks up at him} You think I can handle it?
David: {David looks at her, nods} Yeah. I think you can.
Saige: {Saige smiles brightly} Think there’s one close?
David: {David smiles} I’ll call Bill. He’ll put feelers out and see what we’ve got.
Saige: {Saige nods} Yes please, I’ll finish dishes. {stands and hugs David}
David: {David hugs her back, closes his eyes, takes a deep breath, smiles, lets her go after a minute, swats her on the ass} Get on it, then. {pulls out his phone and dials his uncle} Those dishes aren’t gonna wash themselves.
Saige: {Saige heads over to the sink and starts washing} Yes sir. {grins}
Saige: {Jamie wanders back in with her plate} I’ll finish the dishes you all go find something to do.
David: {David smiles, laughs when his uncle answers the phone and, hearing what David said about the dishes responds “That’s right, boy. You train her right”, looks at Jamie, smiles, picks up the catalog} Hey, pops. Saige picked out a bike.
Saige: {Saige dries while Jamie washes}
David: {David gives Bill the information from the catalog, listens to him, nods} All right. I’ll talk to ya, then. {hangs up, looks at Saige} He’s gonna make some calls.
Saige: {Saige looks over at David and smiles} So what do we do between now and then?
Saige: {Jamie looks at David, and laughs} Does she really have to ask that one?
David: {David looks at Jamie, smiles} Oh, she’ll learn. {looks over at Saige} Make up for lost time.
Saige: {Saige smiles} Yes. Yes we should. {looks at him} We should also spend sometime with Tommy.
David: {David smiles} When he gets home from school, we will.
Saige: {Saige smiles} Cool.
David: {David looks at her for a second, smiles again} How about we take a ride and I show you around town?
Saige: {Saige nods} Yes.. I’d like that very much.
Saige: {Saige smiles at Jamie} I don’t mind ridin’ the back when he’s driving?
Saige: {Jamie smiles} I can understand that. There are very few men I’ll ride with anymore.
David: {David smiles, takes Saige’s hand} We’ll see ya later, aunt Jamie. Don’t bother makin’ lunch. We’ll pick up somethin’ while we’re out. {heads out with Saige}

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