April 26

I Don’t Want to be Anything Other Than Me – David and Saige Leave Town

David drove Saige home so she could pack for their trip and headed back to his place so he could do the same.  Seeing the light on at the garage, he stopped to see his boss.  Frank was a mechanic, too, but he’d hired David so he didn’t have to do any of the real labor hismelf.  He liked to supervise, usually with a beer in his hand, but he did get under the hood himself when they were backed up.  The problem was he tended to overbook and as a result, they were always backed up.  David’s calling out earlier in the day hadn’t helped matters and Frank was more than a little pissed when David informed him he’d be out the next two days and possibly the rest of the week, too, on family business.  The result was a heated discussion during the course of which, Frank informed David he’d be lucky if he still had a job when he came back.  David responded by telling him that if that was the way he felt about it, maybe he should start looking for another mechanic.


When David left, Frank was bright red and spitting curses, but David felt fine.  Hell, if anything, he had to admit, he was relieved.  Not having to get up in the morning and go into that soul crushing job.. well, it was the boss more than the job… was like a weight off his shoulders.  No, it was more than that.  He’d been more relaxed today than most days and he knew Romy was largely responsible for that.  And that relaxed feeling was largely responsible for his willingness to open up to Saige and the others a little more and a little more quickly than usual. Well.  That and her confession to everyone at the bar.  “Quid pro quo, Clarice,” he remembered her saying as he walked into his apartment and flipped on the light.  He shook his head, smiling.  He was surprised he remembered her saying that, but it had actually made him laugh in the middle of all the confusion and weirdness.  He looked around the room and saw the book laying on the floor on its fanned pages and walked over.  He picked it up and looked at the cover, thinking about what she’d said about it.  Maybe he’d give it a second chance when they got back from Leesburg.  He sat the book on the coffee table and walked into his bedroom, stripping down to his briefs as he walked and tossing the clothes into the hamper.


As he started gathering clothes for the trip, he thought about what he was doing and shook his head.  He didn’t know why he’d offered to take her to his uncle’s dealership.  He didn’t particularly want his friends meeting his family.  When he’d started to suggest they stay the night with them earlier, he’d stopped himself because he was reluctant to let her see where he came from.  He looked around and realized it wasn’t much worse than where he was at.  He couldn’t see bringing her here.  Or Taryn or Saige or any one but Loch really because Loch’s place wasn’t much better.  His next thought was to wonder why the hell he was even thinking about it.  This place had always been good enough for him before.  David shook his head and shoved everything into his saddlebags.  He still wasn’t sure he wanted to take her to his uncle’s place, but he was feeling better about it.  The thing he did know was that he definitely wanted to go on that road trip with her.


He moved everything off his bed,set the alarm and laid down to sleep.  He smiled thinking bout how Saige had outed Taryn and the look on Taryn’s face.  She’d taken a ration of shit from the others and he’d loved every minute of it.  Loch was right, David thought as he drifted off.  No one had any secrets left.


When the alarm clock went off in the morning, David got up, showered and dressed and then headed to the farm to pick up Saige, half hoping he wouldn’t run into Taryn.

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