April 26

I Don’t Want to Be Anything Other Than Me – David and Saige in Leesburg

Saige: {her arms are wrapped around him, head resting on his back, completely relaxed}
David: {pulls into the lot of a Harley dealership and parks the bike}
Saige: {quietly} I’m not sure I can move.
David: {smiles} What’s wrong?
Saige: {sighs softly} I’m really relaxed and comfortable and you smell really good.
David: {nods} Then we’ll just sit here til you’re ready to move.
Saige: {smiles, holds him tighter, still quietly} Or until your uncle comes out to find out why some dude is hugging on you?
David: {smiles} Or that, yeah.
Saige: {smiles} How long will that take?
David: {shakes his head} Depends on how heavy business is.
Saige: {sits back} all right. {quietly} I can think of only one place I’d rather be right now.
David: {looks back at her, smiles} The cabin?
Saige: {shakes her head} In front.
David: {smiles again, nods} So.. get in front.
Saige: {smiles} that would require me moving and if I’m gonna do that then I should just get off.
David: {sighs} Okay, Taryn. Ruining everything with your logic.
Saige: {laughs} Do not ever do that again. {pushes up and leans back stretching}
David: {smiles, turning to look at her, his eyes taking her in appreciatively} Damn, woman.
Saige: {smiles, pulls off her helmet shaking her hair} Thanks.
David: {shakes his head} Thank *you*. {gets off the bike and lights a cigarette, offers it to her}
Saige: {smiles} Me.. I didn’t do anything.. {takes the cigarette and hits it handing it back to him}
David: {smiles, takes a drag} You don’t have to. I don’t give a fuck what Loch says.
Saige: {arches her brow} And *what* does Loch say?
David: {looks at her} That bullshit at the table last night.
Saige: {smiles} Oh.. that I’m insecure and ..stoopid.
David: {smiles} Yeah. That.
Saige: {smiles and shakes her head}

David: {looks at her for a second, smiles} It’s nice to have you back.
Saige: {smiles almost sweetly} It’s good to be back.
David: {nods} How’re you feelin’?
Saige: {looks at him, climbs off the bike} Like I can take on the world and win.
David: {nods} Then Loch shouldn’t be a problem.
Saige: {smiles} Loch?
David: {smiles} Loch. His mouth, his attitude, his general confrontational nature.
Saige: {looks at him, grins} No. He won’t.
David: {nods again} Nice. {flicks the cigarette, takes her hand and heads for the doors of the dealership}
Saige: {goes with him} You ready for this?
David: {nods} I was born ready.
Saige: {laughs} All right then. I’ll follow where ever you lead.
David: {smiles} Remember you said that. {walks inside the dealership, looks around, nods to a man with long grey hair and a grey beard wearing a sleeveless black t-shirt that says “If you can read this, the bitch fell off” on the back and a pair of black leather pants, his arms covered in tattoo sleeves and talking to another biker as they stand next to a bike} That’s him.
Saige: {looks over and nods} The one in the shirt that matches yours?
David: {looks at her, smiles} Now you know why I wore it.
David: {shrugs} He’d give me a ration of shit if I didn’t.
David: {smiles} Especially if I have a bitch with me.
Saige: {smiles, then laughs again} And I’m the bitchiest.
David: {smiles again, nods} The bitchiest one I can find anyway.
Saige: {grins} I’m stragely okay with that.
David: {nods} You and me both. I don’t think I could handle anything bitchier.
David: {looks at her, smiles} Oh, wait. Taryn’s doin’ a pretty good job lately of fillin’ in for you.
Saige: {grins} I don’t think anything bitchier could handle *you*. {smiles} Maybe *she* needs an intervention.
David: {laughs, nods} Seriously. {heads over to his uncle when the biker he’s talking to leaves} Uncle Bill!
David: {Uncle Bill turns at the sound of his voice, blinks, smiles broadly} Oh, my god! {walks over and clasps David’s forearm} Where you been, son?
David: {David smiles, returns the gesture only to get pulled into a bear hug, laughs} Workin’. You know how it is.
Saige: {watches and smiles}
David: {Uncle Bill nods, looks over at Saige, looks her over, smiles lecherously} What’s this you got with you? Bringin’ me a new wife? {as he lets him go}
David: {David smiles} You wish, old man. This is Saige. She needs a new bike.
David: {Uncle Bill smiles at Saige} Why? She can ride on the back of mine?
David: {David looks at Saige, smiles again} What? You mean after she knocks you off it?
Saige: {smiles winningly at Bill} Pleasure to meet you. {extends her hand}
David: {Uncle Bill smirks} Pfft. A woman that’s gonna *bring* me money instead of cost me money? She can *have* my bike. {Bill smiles at Saige, takes her hand and pulls her into a hug that lasts a little longer than it should, looks at David over Saige’s shoulder} Oh, this one’s warm.
David: {David laughs} That one’s smokin’. What’re you talkin’ about? Put your glasses on.
Saige: {laughs and hugs Bill back, smiles} David said you’d have a vibrating piece of steel that would look good on me.
David: {Bill smiles, lets her go} I do. I’ve got some nice bikes, too.
David: {David smiles} Don’t encourage him.
Saige: {laughs} Yeah.. well the bike’s’ll have to do. I’m a one guy girl now.
David: {Uncle Bill arches a brow} You weren’t before? {looks at David} You shoulda brought her over sooner.
David: {David smiles} Sorry, but I guess you missed the boat on that one.
Saige: {smiles at David} I finally met someone that deserves my undivided attention.
David: {Bill nods} Guess I did. {pulls his glasses out of the front pocket of his vest, puts them on, looks Saige over again} Damn. Guess these things do help. What’re you lookin’ for, sweetheart? Somethin’ small to ease you into it?
David: {David smiles at Saige} Trust me. This girl doesn’t need easing into anything.
David: {Bill shakes his head} Not even sobriety? Cuz I’m tellin’ ya, that one’s a bitch.
Saige: {laughs} Sobriety? I’m too young for that.
David: {Uncle Bill nods} And I’m too old for it. Kinda missed my happy medium.
Saige: {looks at Bill} I’m very sorry to hear that. {smiles} I gotta tell you though, I’m hoping not to find it for a while yet.
David: {Bill smiles} Then don’t go lookin’ for it. {looks at David} You been by the house yet?
David: {David shakes his head} Not yet, no. Aunt Jamie would’ve kept us there all night and we wouldn’t have made it here before closing. We were plannin’ on spending the night though.
Saige: {smiles, looks over at David} And I’m really dying to get something between my thighs.
David: {David looks at Saige} We’ll take care of that problem before the night’s over one way or another.
Saige: {nods seriously} I know we will.
David: {Bill smiles and shakes his head} Show her around while I call the old lady and tell her to set a couple extra places at the dinner table.
David: {David nods, looks at Saige} You ready to go shopping?
Saige: {nods and grins} I totally am. {walks over to David drapes herself around him} Show me baby.
David: {David smiles, puts his arm around her, nods}
David: {Bill smiles, looks at David} That’s a fine lookin’ woman you got there, son. Too bad she’s gonna go to shit in ten or fifteen years.
David: {David laughs, reaches over and smacks Bill’s beer belly with his free hand} Yeah? And I’m gonna end up lookin’ like you.
David: {Bill nods, sighs} And she’ll probably still be hotter than your Aunt Jamie.
David: {David laughs again} Leave Aunt Jamie out of this. She’s gorgeous and you’re a lucky bastard.
David: {Bill nods} Yep. That’s what she keeps tellin’ me.
Saige: {looks over at Bill, smiles}
David: {David pulls Saige away from Bill and toward the bikes in the showroom while Bill goes off} So far, he’s actually behaving.
Saige: {smiles} Yeah.. I’m a potential customer and *he* doesn’t know we’re “married”.
David: {David looks at her, smiles} And he’s not sittin’ in his throne at the head of the dinner table.
Saige: {laughs} Oh yeah.. there’s that too. {looks at him} How many are there usually for dinner?
David: {shrugs} Just my aunt and uncle and my brother. His friends and/or girlfriend if they’re around.
Saige: {smiles} Cool. You’re brother’s what.. 15, 16 now?
David: {nods} Just turned 15. {smiles} Looks just like me but with longer hair.

Saige: {smiles} He’s gonna be fun.

David: {smiles} Yeah, that’s the one I’m really wantin’ to see.
Saige: {laughs} He’s a walking hormone. If he’s anything like the kids at home.
David: {nods} You have no idea. All he ever talks about is “bitches” and fucking. And he’s into high school girls.
Saige: {laughs} So should I roll with it or get all offended that a *child* talks like that?
David: {smiles} Oh.. I dunno. Maybe wait and see what feels right. That boy couldn’t handle you.
Saige: {grins} There aren’t many that can.
David: {looks at her, smiles} Poor bastards don’t know what they’re missing.
Saige: {spots a bike and blinks} Ohh.. that’s pretty. {points to a black bike with red flames on the tank}
David: {looks over at it, smiles} Why am I not surprised you’d go for that one?
Saige: {looks back at him} Babe… *look* at it.
David: {nods} I’m lookin’. {looks at her} How about we look a little closer?
Saige: {nods} All right. {walks over to the bike and runs her hand over the seat, almost purring}
David: {follows her over, looks the bike over as he walks around it} Damn. I’m not sure what’s gettin’ me hotter. The bike or you fondling it.
Saige: {looks over at him, smiles} Wait’ll I get on it.
David: {looks at her} Oh, I’ve been imaginin’ that for a couple of minutes now.
Saige: {stops and throws her leg over the seat, settles in, quietly} It’s bigger than I’m used to.. wider.
David: {smiles but refrains from the obvious joke} Yeah, well.. it’s not meant for racin’, baby.
David: {Bill walks over} That’s what she said. You like that one?
Saige: {rests her hands on the tank, looks over at Bill, smiles} Yes. I do. {looks at David, smiles brighter, then back to Bill} David said it was time to graduate from a Honda Fireblade.
David: {Bill arches a brow} A Honda.. {looks at David} And you’re fuckin’ her why?
Saige: {smiles at Bill} Look at me.
David: {David smiles} You see what I’m seein’?
David: {Bill shakes his head} Pussy. Makin’ men stupid since the stone age.
David: {David looks at Bill} Yet, we keep goin’ back for more. Just be grateful I brought a woman up here and not a boyfriend.
Saige: {laughs} Actually, it’s cock that makes men stupid. Pussy makes ’em happy.
David: {Bill sighs, nods} There’s that, anyway. {looks at Saige, smiles} And I been worryin’ this one’s been stupid for cock for years.
David: {David smiles, shakes his head} I just didn’t hate anyone enough to subject them to you. This one I figured could hold her own.
Saige: {smiles} You got nothin’ to worry about. He’s a legend back home.
David: {Bill arches a brow, smiles} Oh, is he now?
David: {David smiles} Only one of the two biggest sluts in the county.
Saige: {nods} Yep. I’m the other one.
David: {Bill looks between them, laughs} Ah, hell. He’s screwed.
David: {David smiles more broadly} All our friends back home are just tryin’ to figure out what took us so long to find each other.
David: {Bill nods sagely} You gotta fuck a lotta princesses to find yourself a good whore.
David: {David laughs, thinking about Taryn as a princess} Yeah. No kidding.
Saige: {laughs} Yeah.. well David here saved the best for last.. after making his way through the town and popping my twin’s cherry, he figured it was me or move counties. {shrugs} I was easier. {grins} I knew he’d get to me eventually. I just made good use of my time.
David: {Bill looks at David} She in the bed with you when you popped her *twin’s* cherry?
David: {David smiles} No, pops. Saige is all about bein’ a man’s fantasy not just half of it.
David: {Bill nods} Bet you spent a lot of time fantasizin’ about that.
David: {David smiles} Just tell us about the bike, old man.
Saige: {Looks at David curiously}
David: {Bill nods, starts rattling off specs like he expects Saige to know what he’s talking about}
Saige: {listens, nodding where appropriate, looks at David} It’s got a bigger engine then mine did.
David: {David nods} You’re upgrading.
Saige: {looks at Bill} It’s bigger than mine was.. you think I can handle it? {looks at David too}
David: {Bill smiles} I’ll get you the keys and you can take it for a ride. Find out the hard way.
David: {David looks at Saige} I think you can handle anything.
Saige: {smiles at David} I think you might be right about that. {looks at Bill} Thanks.
David: {Bill nods, heads off to get the keys}
David: {David watches him go, looks back at Saige} We can always check the catalog too.
David: {David smiles} And then there’s my aunt Jamie. She’s got more experience than I do with women and bikes.
Saige: {Saige smiles} We’re buying from the show room. I’m not leaving without… yes. We should look there too.
David: {David nods} All right.
Saige: {smiles} We aren’t leaving without one. {grins}
David: {David smiles, Bill comes back over and hands Saige the keys}
Saige: {smiles at Bill} What’s the route?
David: {David shakes his head} I’ll show you.
David: {Bill walks over and opens the front doors, dropping the door stoppers so she can get the bike out}
David: {David starts toward the door} We’ll go together.
Saige: {walks the bike out the doors} Okay.
David: {Bill smiles} Don’t worry about bangin’ it up. I got insurance.
David: {David heads out the doors toward his bike, smiles} Worry about bangin’ it up. He thinks they’re all his kids.
Saige: {looks at Bill} Only time I ever laid one down, I did it on purpose.
Saige: {looks at David, smiles, to Bill} It’s safe with me.
David: {David gets on his bike and starts it up, backs out of the space and turns toward the street, waits for her}
Saige: {starts the bike, revs the engine, listens to it and smiles, rides out of the lot, like she owns the bike}
David: {David smiles, follows her}
David: {Bill pulls out his cell and calls Aunt Jamie}

Saige: {Jaimie answers} Hello?
David: {Bill smiles} Whatever you’re cookin’ for dinner, you better double up. You’ll never guess who just showed up at the lot with a *woman*.
Saige: {Jamie smiles} There’s no tellin’.
David: {Bill smiles more broadly} David. And he got himself a fine lookin’ woman. Slutty, too. Like you used to be before you went and got old.
Saige: {Jamie laughs} I’m *still* younger than you. Hotter too. {grins} David brought a girl here? Wow. Must be pretty serious.
David: {Bill nods} Doesn’t look like she gets much to eat but she’s got legs that won’t quit and he’s gettin’ her on a bike.
Saige: {Jamie blinks} She doesn’t ride? Holy shit. We’ll fatten her up.
David: {Bill smirks} She’s upgrading from a crotch rocket. No, she doesn’t ride.
Saige: {Jamie laughs} A crotch rocket.. what the hell’s he doin’ with her?
David: {Bill smiles} My bet is fuckin’ her senseless. You gotta see this girl, mother. She’s hell on wheels. Boy’s got his hands full.

Saige: {Jamie smiles} Question is can *she* handle *him*.
David: {Bill smiles again} Guess we’ll find out at dinner.
David: {Bill blinks} Oh.. and make up the spare room. They’re stayin’ over.
Saige: {Jamie nods} Yes we will. We’re gonna have a table full. Red and Harry are stoppin’ by, and Tommy’s flavor of the week is comin’. {shakes her head} That girl {shakes her head}
David: {Bill smiles} Is as slutty as you were, too.
Saige: {Jamie nods} Sluttier.
David: {Bill nods} Our boy looks good, mother, just a little run down. Bet he ain’t been sleepin’ right.
Saige: {Jamie nods} Get him here. I miss him, father.
David: {Bill smiles} Soon as she’s done shopping, I’ll send ’em on.
Saige: {Jamie smiles} Good. He bring his other friend with him this time?
David: {Bill grins} That Loch boy? Nah. Just his bitch.
Saige: {Jamie nods} Yeah.. we are gonna have to get *that* story. I don’t believe he’s brought home a *girl* before.
David: {Bill smiles} No, he hasn’t. Just good to know he’s straight.
Saige: {Jamie smiles} Been tellin’ you that for years. Now maybe you’ll stop frettin’ over it.
David: {David and Saige pull back into the lot, Bill whispers} I gotta go. They’re back.
Saige: {Jamie smiles} Keep me posted.
David: {Bill smiles} All right. I’ll see you when I get home. {hangs up and puts the phone away}
David: {David parks his bike and gets off it}
Saige: {Saige rides up to the doors, turns off the bike and pushes it back into place}
David: {Bill walks over to the doors, David walks in behind Saige}
Saige: {Saige looks at Bill} It’s a nice ride. Smooth.
David: {Bill nods}
David: {David smiles} And it’s pretty.
David: {Bill looks at David} They’re *all* pretty, boy.
David: {David nods} Some of ’em are just prettier than others.
Saige: {Saige smiles} Yes they are. How long will it take to get a catalog order in?
David: {Bill looks at Saige} Depends. You see somethin’ in the catalog, I can put in some calls and see if someone’s got it on the lot locally. Longest it’d take is about a week.
Saige: {Saige smiles at David} We got that kinda time?
David: {David smiles} We can come back in a week.
Saige: {arches her brow} Yeah. {smiles} Who’s bike am I ridin’ in the mean time?
David: {David smiles} Ooooh.. you’re talkin’ about stayin’ up *here*. {shrugs} We could do it, but I’d have to go back for the show Friday.
Saige: {nods} Yeah.. maybe bring our friends up for the weekend, to celebrate.
David: {David arches a brow} Bring them.. *here*?
David: {Bill looks at David, smiles} I think that’s a fine idea.
Saige: {nods} Sure. Why not. You wanted to take them to bike week.
David: {David looks at Bill, smiles, takes Saige by the arm and walks far enough away from Bill so he can’t hear them, whispers} Bike week is in Daytona. Not *here*.
Saige: {Saige tilts her head} *why* don’t you want them to come here?
David: {David looks at her} Look.. I love my family and I love my friends, but… puttin’ them together? I don’t know about that.
Saige: {looks at him} Why the hell not? You know our families. And I think if you gave both sets of people a chance you might be surprised.
David: {David arches a brow} Oh, really? Okay. Imagine *Sang* when the old man starts talkin’ about “bitches” and “hos”.
Saige: {Saige whispers} Let your friends see where you came from and your family see what you’ve become.
David: {David smirks} Remember her callin’ *me* a misogynistic pig cuz I called her Loch’s old lady?
Saige: {Saige smiles} I do.. and I think Uncle Bill can handle it. I also think that once Sang realizes that’s his way she’ll lighten up.
David: {David shakes his head} I dunno.
Saige: {Saige looks at him} Come on.. We can even use it to {drops her voice even lower} Play up the marriage thing.
Saige: {quietly} Trust me, David.
David: {David looks at her, quietly} Renee’s head will explode. You know that, right?
Saige: {nods} She’ll get over it. {lays a hand on his arm} Baby, it’ll be good for them. And you.
David: {David shakes his head} Which part, exactly, will be good for me?
Saige: The part where your friends get to understand you better.
David: {David looks at her} And I care about that because?
Saige: {smiles} Because it’ll get Sang off your ass.
David: {David shakes his head} Come to the house and meet the rest of them before you decide this is a good idea.
Saige: {nod} All right. I like that bike but I do want to look to make sure I’m not knee jerking you know?
David: {David nods} Definitely. So, let’s grab a catalog and take it to the house. We don’t have to do this right this second.
Saige: {smiles} *That* is a great idea.
David: {David smiles, takes her hand and heads back over to Bill} We’re gonna take a catalog back to the house. Apparently, my woman’s not an impulsive shopper.
David: {Bill smiles broadly} That’s good news for your bank account.
Saige: {Saige smiles} Gonna be on it for a while. Gotta make sure I *really* like it.
David: {Bill nods, walks over and grabs a catalog, hands it to David} Your aunt’s chompin’ at the bit to see you. Go make an old woman happy.
David: {David smiles} She’s twenty years younger than you, pops.
David: {Bill laughs} Yeah, well.. don’t remind her of that.
Saige: {Saige smiles} Which makes her what.. 20.
David: {Bill looks at Saige, smiles} Oh, I like this one.
David: {David laughs} Yeah. We’ll go with that.
Saige: {Saige beams at Bill}
David: {David smiles, shakes his head} Come on. Jamie’s gonna want time with us before Tommy gets home from school.
Saige: {Saige smiles} All right.. lets go. {smiles bright at Bill} It was nice to meet you Uncle Bill.
David: {Bill smiles} You too, darlin’. And don’t let my boy near my dinner.
David: {David starts for the door, waves over his shoulder} Then don’t work late.

Saige: {Saige smiles} What he said.
Saige: {goes with David}

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