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I Don’t Want to Be Anything Other Than Me – David and Saige in Leesburg 2

David: {Bill looks at Jamie} Huh. {gets up and heads to the door, opens it}
David: {David looks at Saige}

Saige: {Saige shrugs}

David: {David looks at Jamie}

Saige: {a cute little red head stands at the door, about 15, she’s wearing a plaid miniskirt, black tights and boots, and a green sweater that matches one of the stripes in the plaid skirt, her hair is pulled back on either side with green barrettes, the tips of her hair are black, the outfit shows off a perfect 15 year olds body without being slutty, green eyes meet Billie’s} Hi. I’m sorry for intruding. I’m Melanie. I live over the hill and I’m in Tommy’s math class. I missed school today and I was wondering if I could borrow his notes.
Saige: {Jamie shrugs} Tonya coming back for more?

David: {Uncle Bill smiles} We’re just sittin’ down to dinner. You hungry?

Saige: {Melanie blinks} I’m sorry.. I didn’t mean to Interrupt. I don’t want to intrude.

David: {Bill smiles, yells} Jamie! Set another place! {looks at Melanie} We just happen to have room for one more.

Saige: {Melanie smiles} Thank you, sir. My mom works nights and I’ve been so busy trying to get my work.. I

didn’t make dinner.
Saige: {Jamie smiles} Must be Red. {gets up and grabs a plate and stuff sets in on the table}

David: {Bill nods} Well don’t just stand there. You’re little all the heat out. {heads back to the dining room and sits back down, looks at Tommy} Got ’em crawlin’ out of the woodwork, dontcha, son?
David: {Tommy looks at Bill} I don’t even know what you’re talkin’ about.
David: {Bill looks at Jamie} Seems like our boy actually takes notes in class.

Saige: {Melanie follows Bill, closing the door behind him, walks into the kitchen, smiles shyly at everyone}

David: {Tommy looks over, smiles} Hey, Mel.
David: {David smiles} Damn.
David: {Bill pushes the food towards Mel} Don’t be shy. If you leave here hungry, it’s your own damn fault.

Saige: {Melanie smiles brighter when Tommy smiles at her, blushes} Hi. I was wonderin’ if I could borrow your notes? {looks at Jaime} I’m sorry for intruding Ma’am.

David: {Tommy shrugs} Sure.
David: {David looks at Saige, mouths “she’s cute”}


Saige: {Mel walks over and sits down, dishes some food on her plate} Thank you, sir.
Saige: {Saige smiles and nods}

Saige: {Jamie blinks} Please call me Jamie.
Saige: {Mel nods} Yes ma…Miss Jamie.

David: {Tommy looks at Mel} Um.. so.. this is my brother David and his girlfriend Saige.
David: {David looks at Saige, smiles, mouths “ready?”}

Saige: {Melanie smiles at them} Nice to meet you, both.
Saige: {Saige nods and smiles}

David: {David nods, looks at Tommy} Um.. I never said she was my girlfriend. I said she was my old lady.
David: {Tommy looks at David, confused} What’s the difference?
David: {David takes Saige’s left hand, holds it up, taps the ring on her finger} *This*.

Saige: {Jamie blinks} Well shit fire and save the matches!

David: {Bill arches a brow} Dammit. That pussy *did* make him stupid.
David: {Tommy blinks} Holy shit.
David: {Bill looks at Tommy} Watch your mouth, boy.

Saige: {Melanie smiles} Cool.

David: {Bill looks at David} Holy shit.

Saige: {Saige beams at them}

David: {David smiles, shrugs} We stopped on the way up. Our friends don’t even know yet.

Saige: {Jamie laughs} Holy shit, we have to have a party for them. Now you have to invite your friends up here.

David: {David smiles at Saige, laces his fingers between hers} Shit fire and save the matches. You heard that, right?
David: {Bill smiles at Jamie} What’re you waitin’ on, woman? Get out the good shit.

Saige: {Saige nods and trying not to laugh} I don’t think I’ve *ever* heard that expression.

David: {David nods, still smiling} Yeah. Not really surprised by that.

Saige: {Jamie nod} Yes sir… {gets up and gets the good stuff}
Saige: {Mel quietly} Congratulations Mr. David, Miss Saige.

David: {Bill laughs, shaking his head} And here I asked you if you brought *me* a new wife when you were comin’ up to tell us you got *you* a new wife. {looks at David} She cooks, right?
David: {David smiles} Does she need to? Look at her. {nods to Mel} Thanks.
David: {Tommy shakes his head} Holy shit.
David: {Bill looks at Tommy} Boy… {smiles} Fuck it.

Saige: {Saige looks at David and blinks, smiles at Mel} Just Saige, please… {looks at Bill} Yes. I cook.

David: {David looks at Saige} What?

Saige: {Mel nudges Tommy, leans in and whispers} Go hug your brother and sister-in-law, and congratulate them.

David: {Bill nods to Saige} Thank god for small favors. Maybe you’ll fatten’ him up.

Saige: {Saige smiles} Nothin’.

David: {Tommy looks at Mel} I’m still tryin’ to get my head around my manwhore brother gettin’ *married*.
David: {David smiles} All right, then.

Saige: {Melanie smiles} Guess he found the girl that could tame him.

David: {Tommy nods} Guess so.

Saige: {Jamie brings the good stuff back to the table and pours everyone some, including the teens about half what she poured for everyone else}

David: {Bill smiles at Jamie} Can you believe our boy got *married*?

Saige: {Jamie smiles} I can’t.. my only regret is we didn’t get to see it happen.

David: {David leans over and whispers to Saige} It was *so* hard not to tell Jamie what we were up to.

Saige: {Saige whispers} I actually feel sorta guilty.

David: {David looks at her, arches a brow, whispers} It’s kinda late for that now. Why?

Saige: {Saige smiles and shrugs, softly} Later?

David: {David nods}

Saige: {Saige quietly} I *really* like them, David.

David: {David looks at her, whispers} That why you feel guilty? Cuz you didn’t expect them to be so.. cool about


Saige: {Saige shakes her head, whispers} Nuh uh.. because we’re lying to them about it. And they are so..


David: {David nods, whispers} Go to the bathroom. I’ve got this.

Saige: {Saige shakes her head, quietly} Don’t. {look at them} They’re too happy. {quietly} We’ll deal with it later.

David: {David slips the ring off his finger under the table and slips it into his pocket, whispers} No. We’re dealin’ with it *now* before they get too used to do idea. {looks at his aunt and uncle} Um.. Uncle Bill.. I didn’t get myself a new wife.. I got a fiancee. That’s her *engagement* ring. I can’t afford a diamond yet.
David: {Bill looks at David, breathes} Oh, thank god. {smiles broadly} Engagements you can still get out of.

Saige: {Saige looks at him and blinks}

David: {David looks at Saige, shrugs, whispers} It’s better than “we were just fuckin’ with you”.

Saige: {Jamie looks at David and smiles} Oh that’s wonderful. {looks at Saige} I can help you plan the wedding.
Saige: {Saige smiles at Jamie} Thank you. I’d like that.

Saige: {Saige nods to David}

David: {David smiles at Jamie} We don’t have a date yet, aunt Jamie. I *just* popped the question today… in front of the pawnshop… where we got the rings. {smiles more confidently}
David: {David shrugs} I’d kinda like to actually *get* her a diamond before we set a date so she knows I’m serious.

Saige: {Jamie looks at David, smiles} All right. So why the ruse?

David: {David looks at Saige} And she’s worth a helluva lot more than a twenty dollar band.
David: {David looks at Jamie} It wasn’t a ruse. {smiles} It was a misunderstanding.

Saige: {Jamie smiles and nods}
Saige: {Saige smiles at David}
Saige: {Melanie looks at Tommy, smiles}

David: {Bill smiles at Jamie} Still calls for the good shit.
David: {Tommy smiles at Mel}

Saige: {Jamie nods, grins} Yes it does. {Passes out the good stuff}

David: {David looks at Saige, leans over and whispers} Crisis averted.

Saige: {Saige smiles} My hero. {whispers} For the record.. I don’t want a diamond.

David: {David arches a brow} What girl doesn’t want a diamond?

Saige: {Saige shrugs} Me. I want something different.

David: {David smiles} How ’bout we go sit on the swing on the porch after dinner and talk about it?

Saige: {Saige nods} All right. {smiles} I’d like that.

David: {David smiles again, nods, goes back to eating}
David: {Bill holds up his drink} To my boy and fiancee. {smiles at David} Don’t you go fuckin’ this up, son.


Saige: {Jamie smiles} David and Saige. {raises her glass}Still calls for a party.
Saige: {Melanie takes a small sip of her drink}

David: {David smiles at Bill} Yeah. We’ll see how that goes. {picks up his glass, clinks it against Bill’s and Jamie’s, looks at Saige} Oh, yeah. We should totally let our friends know. {takes a deep drink}

Saige: {Saige smiles} Now?

David: {David almost chokes on his drink, looks at her} What? Like.. call them?

Saige: {Saige smiles} Sure. Or I can text them.

David: {David laughs} Oh, my god. They will completely lose their shit after everything that’s happened over the past couple of days.

Saige: {Saige laughs} Loch’s liable to drive up here with Sang and beat the hell outta both of us.

David: {David smiles} No shit. Yeah.. {shakes his head} Let’s totally text them and tell them that not only did I drag you up here to meet the family, but I proposed to you on the way.
David: {David thinks about what he just said} Shit. {looks at Saige} I think I need another cigarette.

Saige: {Saige pulls out her phone, looks up at him} Okay. Want me to come with?

David: {David nods} Sure. If you want.

Saige: {Saige looks at him}Or did you need alone time?


David: {David looks at her for a second} Just.. give me five minutes.

Saige: {Saige nods} All right.

David: {David nods} Thanks. {looks at Jamie} I’ll be right back. {gets up and goes outside}
David: {Bill watches him go, smiles, looks back at Jamie} I think he spooked himself.

Saige: {Jamie nods} I think so.
Saige: {Jamie looks at Bill} Should I…?


David: {Bill shakes his head} Just give him a minute to wrap his head around it.
David: {Bill smiles} You know how he gets.

Saige: {Jamie nods} Okay.
Saige: {Saige smiles and eats}

Saige: {Jamie watches Saige}

David: {Bill smiles, goes back to eating} Besides.. no way he’s gonna back out as long as she swallows.
David: {Tommy bursts out laughing} Dad! {smiles broadly} That’s just wrong.

Saige: {Melanie looks at Bill blinks and blushes}
Saige: {Saige shrugs} Best piece of advice my mother gave me.

David: {Bill looks at Saige} Your mother was a wise woman.
David: {Bill smiles at Jamie} And now we know why he proposed.

Saige: {Jamie laughs} Yes.. because it had nothing to do with her “smokin’ body”.

David: {Bill smiles broadly} Oh, I’m sure her “smokin’ body” had *everything* to do with him gettin’ with her. But marriage is a whole other ball game.
David: {Bill reaches over with the fork and snatches a piece of meat from David’s plate} His food’s gonna get cold. I better help him with that.

Saige: {Jamie smiles}
Saige: {Saige looks at Bill and moves David’s plate out of reach, smiles sweetly at him}

David: {Bill looks at Saige} Dammitt, woman. You’re not married *yet*.
David: {Tommy shakes his head, snatches a piece of meat of Bill’s plate when he’s not looking}

Saige: {Saige laughs} yeah, but what kind of wife would I be if I didn’t protect his food.
Saige: {Jamie watches smiling}

David: {Bill smiles} The kinda wife that needed to be replaced.
David: {Bill goes back to his own food} So.. you take a look at the catalog yet?


Saige: {Saige smiles} Not yet. I’ve been a little… busy. I will tonight.

David: {Bill nods}Take your time.
David: {Bill looks at Jamie} Where’s that little trollop Tommy’s been bringin’ home?

Saige: {Jamie laughs} Saige transformed her and David ran her out.

David: {Bill nods, looks at Tommy} Good riddance to bad rubbish.
David: {Tommy rolls his eyes, shakes his head} He didn’t have to be *that* much of a dick about it.
David: {Bill smiles} Why the hell not? That girl doesn’t get the message when you ask nicely.

Saige: {Melanie looks at her plate and eats quietly}

David: {David walks back into the room, takes his seat again, takes Saige’s hand, looks at her} Okay. If you

wanna tell ’em… cool. Just keep in mind that Loch tends to act first and think later.
David: {Tommy nods} Yeah, but.. she’s gonna be bitchin’ at me tomorrow.

David: {David looks at Tommy} So, tell her to sit down and shut the fuck up.

Saige: {Melanie looks at Tommy, softly} No she won’t. If you’re talkin’ about Tonya.

David: {Tommy looks at Mel} Um.. yeah. That’s who we’re talkin’ about.

Saige: {Melanie shrugs} I saw her a little while ago at Darrin’s. I had to go get my history notes from him. They were.. uh.. in the middle of somethin’.

David: {Tommy blinks, looks at David}
David: {David gives him that look that says “see?”} What’d I tell ya?
David: {Tommy shakes his head} *Slut*.
David: {David nods} Got that right. {shrugs} Guess you’re gonna be kickin’ her to the curb now, huh?
David: {Tommy smirks} Hell, yeah.
David: {David smiles, pulls out his cell phone, hands it to Tommy across the table} Trust me. Fast and dirty.

Saige: {Melanie looks down softly} She had a few choice words to say about …Saige too.

David: {Tommy looks at Mel} *That* doesn’t surprise me. She’s probably jealous.

Saige: {Saige smiles}She’ll get over it. I embarrassed her.

David: {David looks at Saige} Please. She embarrassed herself with that lipstick.

Saige: {Melanie smiles} Oh.. I *wish* I could have seen that. {blinks} Sorry.
Saige: {Saige nods} Yes she did.

David: {David smirks} Where the fuck does she get off on callin’ Jamie “mom”? *We* call her mom.
David: {Tommy smiles, gets up and heads into the other room to give Tonya the quick and dirty boot older brother style}

Saige: {Melanie shrugs} She calls everyone’s parents mom and dad. I think she can’t remember names. She calls me a few too.

David: {David looks at Mel} Still.. doesn’t make it right. And this shit with tellin’ Tommy how much she liked seein’ his ass when I told him he better pull his pants up.
David: {David looks at Saige} But, fuck it… {sarcastically} Age is relative.
David: {David smirks again} The fuck?

Saige: {Melanie blinks} She said that? You’re like… *old*. {smiles sheepishly} Sorry.

David: {David looks at Mel} Babe.. that was probably the first time in my life I actually *wished* a chick thought I was old. Do I *look* like a pedo? Cuz I’m pretty sure I don’t. I got rid of the mullet *years* ago.

Saige: {Saige chokes on her food} I remember that!
Saige: {Mel smiles}

David: {David looks at Saige, smiles} And I *really* wish you didn’t. But.. there’s goddamn pictures.

Saige: {Saige laughs} And I have a *ton*.

David: {David arches a brow} Of me?

Saige: {Saige nods} Uh huh.. Yearbook remember.

David: {David smiles} Yeah, I don’t even know where mine went to.

Saige: {Saige smiles} You want one.. I think I’ve got a few extra still in the attic.

David: {David smiles} Yeah, sure.

Saige: {Saige smiles} I’ll get one for you when you take me home.

David: {Bill finishes eating, pushes his plate away, burping loudly} Not bad manners, just good food. {smiles}

Saige: {Jamie laughs} And you expect these boys to have manners.

David: {David nods} All right. {goes back to eating, to Jamie and Bill} Frank had a tantrum when I told him I was gonna be gone a few days.
David: {Bill smiles at Jamie} Do as I say, not as I do. {nods to David} Frank’s always havin’ a tantrum.
David: {Bill smiles} You ever get tired of that job and that pissant little town, you come on up here and I’ll put ya to work.

Saige: {Saige smiles and sends a text to Loch and Sangria telling them she and David are engaged, shows it to David before sending it}

David: {David looks at the text, smiles, shakes his head} He’s gonna lose his shit. {looks at Bill, smiles again} I like my pissant little town. All my friends are there.

Saige: {Saige hits send}

David: {Tommy comes back in and hands David his phone back, smiles as he sits back down} Ho no mo.

Saige: {Melanie smiles}
Saige: {Jamie looks at Tommy} I think you’ve made me the happiest mom alive.

David: {Tommy looks at Jamie, rolls his eyes} Don’t rub it in.

Saige: {Jamie looks at Tommy} Not rubbin’ speakin’ the truth. I worried about you.

David: {David smiles, starts to put his phone away when the text tone goes off} And it begins. {looks at his phone, smiles} And now he wants me to call him. {looks at Saige} “Like *now*.” {shakes his head, texts back}
David: {Tommy nods, shrugs} My pants *are* more comfortable this way. {goes back to eating}

Saige: {Saige smiles} Want me to call him?

David: {Bill looks at David} Texting at the table? What the hell’s wrong with you? Tell your friends you’re eatin’ dinner and shut the damn phone off. *Now*.

Saige: {Saige’s phone goes off} Sangria.

David: {David looks at Bill, laughs} Oh, but you didn’t yell at Saige. Nice, old man. {even as he texts Loch that his dad’s making him turn off his phone for dinner, mutters shaking his head} I feel like *such* a child.

Saige: {Jamie smiles} I’m gonna start collecting phones at the door.

David: {Bill nods} No shit.

Saige: {Saige looks at her phone} I’m supposed to call her too. {hits the off button}

David: {David looks at Saige, smiles} We’ve got at least two hours before they get here if they decide they’re comin’.

Saige: {Saige laughs} Yes we do. {grins and shrugs} When they get here we’ll just tell ’em they’re too late.

David: {David blinks, laughs} Oh, my god! {smiles at her} You know the first person she’s gonna call is Akhiro and Tristan.

Saige: {Saige laughs} Yep. And they can’t call us.

David: {David smiles} No, they can’t. But I won’t be surprised if I get a text from Taryn sayin’ “What’d you *do* to her?!”.

Saige: {Saige smiles} You know what your answer to that is right?

David: {David smiles} Fucked her til she couldn’t walk straight.
David: {Bill laughs} That’s my boy!

Saige: {Saige laughs} No baby, you tell her you made an honest woman of me.

David: {David laughs, nods} Right. I shoulda guessed that one. {smiles} And tell her *then* I fucked you til you couldn’t walk straight.
David: {David blinks, looks at Saige, smiles} Made an honest woman of you?

Saige: {Saige nods} Uh huh.

David: {David nods} I should totally do that.
David: {David looks at her} Then tell her how you settled down for me.

Saige: {Saige smiles} Yes you should.

David: {David smiles} Yeah, I should.

Saige: {Melanie looks at Tommy questioningly}

David: {Tommy looks at Mel} No clue.

Saige: {Melanie smiles softly at Tommy, quietly} Would you mind helping me with the homework? I really stink at math.

David: {Tommy smiles} Sure. But we gotta do it in the living room. Mom’ll have a fit if we do it in my room.

Saige: {Melanie smiles} That’s cool.. I’m not allowed in boys rooms anyway.

David: {David looks at Saige} You done yet?

Saige: {Saige nods} Yes…{looks at Jamie} Thank you, Jamie. Dinner was great.
Saige: {Jamie smiles} You’re welcome.
Saige: {Saige smiles} Leave the dishes..I’ll get them when we come back in.

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