April 26

I Don’t Want to Be Anything Other Than Me – Back in Solitude

Girls: {Sangria texts Tristan} We’re on our way to Leesburg. Saige and David are ENGAGED!

Boys: {Trista and Akhiro sit at the Rock Bottom, waiting for Loch and Sangria to show up, Tristan checks his messages when his phone vibrates, blinks} Holy shit! {shows his phone to Taryn}

Girls: {Taryn blinks} Oh. Holy *God*. No way in *hell*.

Boys: {Akhiro looks at them What the hell are you two going on about?
Boys: {Tristan, shows Akiro his phone, Akhiro reads the text, arches a brow} Fuck.me. {shows it to Renee} Guess I don’t have to have that talk with her after all.

Girls: {Renee reads the text, shakes her head} Wow.. *never* saw that one coming.

Boys: {Tristan looks at Renee} Well, Christ. Who did? Yesterday, she was trying to fuck her way through the band and David was playing around with hot blond groupies and today, they’re engaged? {looks at Taryn} He’s going to be related to you.

Girls: {Taryn blinks} Oh christ. {shakes her head}

Boys: {Tristan smiles}
Boys: {Akhiro looks at Taryn} What *is* your problem with him, anyway?

Girls: {Taryn looks at Tristan} Saige and David. Engaged. I never thought he’d get married let alone her and *to* her. {shrugs and smiles sheepishly} I don’t even remember.

Boys: {Akhiro arches a brow} You don’t remember? {smiles} What? Old habits?

Girls: {Taryn shrugs} Something like that. We’ve been doing this for so long if I acted differently toward him he’d thing something was wrong.

Boys: {Akhiro nods} I get it.

Girls: {Taryn smiles} I thought you might.
Girls: {Renee shakes her head} I don’t know.. I think it’s kind of fitting.

Boys: {Akhiro and Tristan look at Renee, Akhiro smiles} Why?

Girls: {Renee shrugs} If anyone’s going to make it it’s the one’s that don’t have to wonder what they’re missing.. you know?

Boys: {Tristan shakes his head} I dunno. I mean.. can either of them keep their clothes on?

Girls: {Renee laughs} I don’t know.

Boys: {Akhiro laughs} This coming from you? {smiles} You’re pretty slutty when you’re single. Do *you* have a problem keeping your clothes on?

Boys: {Tristan smiles} Yeah, all right. Still.


Girls: {Taryn looks at Tristan, smiles} Still what?

Boys: {Tristan looks at Taryn, shrugs} Nothin’, really. I mean.. he’s got a point.

Girls: {Taryn smiles} Baby, I was wantin’ to hear more about your “slutty ways”.

Boys: {Tristan laughs} Um.. yeah, well. {smiles} They’re all behind me now.

Girls: {Taryn smiles} Good.
Girls: {Taryn looks around, shakes her head}


Boys: {Akhiro shakes his head} The point is.. they *were* single. Saige didn’t start running around until after Justin died.

Girls: {Renee nods} There is that.
Girls: {Taryn looks at Akhiro} But Engaged?

Boys: {Tristan looks at Akhiro} Seriously. Cuz yesterday, she was also saying she was in love with *you*.

Girls: {Renee nods} There is that too.

Boys: {Akhiro shakes his head} Fuck if *I* know. Hell, I don’t see it working out. This says to me she’s still confused as hell.

Girls: {Taryn shakes her head} You know as well as I do that when Saige wants something she goes full bore to get it.

Boys: {Akhiro looks at her} Yet.. she’s been in love with me for 6-8 months and never went after me.
Boys: {Tristan smiles} Yeah, but.. you didn’t leave her hot and bothered either.

Girls: {Taryn looks at him} What he said.

Boys: {Akhiro shakes his head} *Because*, she never went after me. She went after David.
Boys: {Tristan nods} So.. if she was so in love with you, why *didn’t* she go after you?

Girls: {Taryn looks at Akhiro} That’s easy. She wasn’t.

Boys: {Tristan looks at Taryn} That makes *no* sense. Why would she say she was?

Girls: {Taryn looks at Tristan} She *thought* she was maybe.

Boys: {Tristan nods} Right. But not enough to actually want to go after him. But she wanted *David* enough to go after him and *now* get engaged to him.
Boys: {Akhiro smiles} Wait.. I can’t believe *David* wanted to get engaged to *her*. Especially after the past couple of days. What’d he tell her? He wasn’t giving it up til she married him?

Girls: {Taryn shrugs} I don’t know. I mean she and Akhiro are close. {looks at Akhiro} Yes. That *must* be it.
Girls: {Renee shakes her head} No.. but lets face it, there’s a good chance this isn’t gonna work anyway.
Girls: {Sangria texts Tristan again to tell him they’re there}

Boys: {Akhiro looks at Taryn} I was kidding. {looks at Renee} Oh, I can’t see it working. {shrugs} But she *has* known him all her life.
Boys: {Tristan reads his text} They’re there.

Girls: {Renee looks at Tristan} What’s in Leesburg? A JOP?

Boys: {Tristan looks at Renee} No. His family. Remember him talking about it last night and Loch flipping his shit?

Girls: {Renee nods} Right. {shakes her head} I do.

Boys: {Akhiro blinks} That’s right. He took her up to buy a bike from his uncle. {looks at them} Which was apparently a nice cover for “meet the parents”.

Girls: {Taryn frowns} Wow.. {shakes her head} I just don’t even know what to do with this.

Boys: {Akhiro shakes his head} Keep your fingers crossed?
Boys: {Tristan looks at them} Yanno.. it’s *possible* she’s always had a thing for him and just didn’t think he’d settle down for her.

Girls: {Taryn nods} Yeah.. {looks at Tristan blinks} My god.. it is.

Boys: {Akhiro looks at Taryn} It’s also possible the reason she was running around was to get with him to begin with. Maybe she thought he’d only go for her if she was as slutty as he was.

Girls: {Renee nods} That’s *Crazy*. Everyone knows that all you have to do is ask.

Boys: {Akhiro smiles at Renee} I didn’t say it made sense.
Boys: {Tristan looks at Renee} *You* asked him to breakfast. Did you get it?

Girls: {Reese shakes her head} No. I didn’t.

Boys: {Akhiro smiles} Okay.. so what if *he* was running around because he couldn’t have who he wanted? Maybe she thought the same thing and that’s why *she* was doing it.

Girls: {Taryn nods} Okay *that* I can see.

Boys: {Tristan looks at Taryn} Really?
Boys: {Akhiro smiles} After the way he was acting over her the other night and yesterday, I can totally see him carrying a torch for god knows how long.

Girls: {Taryn nods} I can.
Girls: {Renee nods in agreement with Akhiro} Then he showed up with Romy and suddenly Saige sees the light.

Boys: {Tristan looks at Renee} The light being?

Girls: {Taryn shrugs} That she could lose him if she keeps fucking around with it.

Boys: {Akhiro looks at Taryn} I can see where a girl like Romy could scare her into acting.

Girls: {Taryn nods} Well yeah. Akhiro she made me feel inadequate.

Boys: {Akhiro shakes his head} Which, I’m guessing, was the point. To make Saige second guess herself, maybe. She’s extremely confident when it comes to men and knows the affect she has on them. Then Romy walks in and suddenly, she’s not the hottest thing going anymore.


Girls: {Taryn nods} Exactly. So she decides to get on with getting on.

Boys: {Tristan shakes his head} No. She decides to have a breakdown. {looks at Taryn} She didn’t get with getting on til after our little intervention meeting.

Girls: {Taryn nods} True.

Boys: {Akhiro smiles} You mean the meeting where David caved in and stopped being.. David?

Girls: {Renee blinks} The meeting where David took control from Loch?

Boys: {Akhiro looks at Renee} You mean with the send off? The highway run instead of the mountain?

Girls: {Renee nods} Yeah. and the disposal of the bike. And I’d give my left tit to know what they talked about for so long *twice*.

Boys: {Akhiro laughs} You’ve been hanging out with Loch too long.
Boys: {Tristan smirks} Their plans for the future?

Girls: {Renee sighs} I know..
Girls: {Teryn smiles} Hopefully.

Boys: {Akhiro shakes his head} But you have to admit it was perfect. The send off, I mean. Loch gave me the sense that he just threw it out there, you know? But David seemed like he actually put a little more thought into it than that.

Girls: {Renee nods} He seemed to. It was great..
Girls: {{Teryn interrupts} and sending the bike over the edge like that. {shakes her head amazing. I thought for a second Saige was going to go over with it.

Boys: {Akhiro nods} It really was nice. She handled it better than I expected to.

Girls: {Renee nods} Oh totally.
Girls: {Teryn nods} I expected a melt down.


Boys: {Tristan nods} Seriously. Hell, I still can’t believe she sent the bike over.


Girls: {Renee nods} It was the only way for her to say a complete goodbye. Everytime she rides it she had to think of Justin. That kept her living in the past.
Girls: {Teryn looks at Akhiro} And *you* are a *lot* like Justin.

Boys: {Akhiro looks at Taryn} You think?
Boys: {Tristan smiles} That would explain a *lot*.

Girls: {Taryn nods} Yeah.. you both have that risk thing. And if she was living vicariously through you.. doing the things with you that she never got to do with him because she was too afraid, I can totally see how she’d think she was in love with you.


Boys: {Tristan smiles} And David’s more like… Loch.

Girls: {Taryn nods} Yeah. He is.

Boys: {Akhiro smiles} *That*… is wrong on so many levels.

Girls: {Renee looks at Akhiro} It explains if it she was carrying a torch for david though.

Boys: {Akhiro looks at Renee, arches a brow} You mean.. her going after Loch?

Girls: {Renee nods} Yes.

Boys: {Akhiro furrows his brow in thought} I wonder if Sangria’s thought of that one yet.

Girls: {Renee shakes her head} Probably not. I don’t think she’s thinking about it at all.

Boys: {Akhiro nods} It’s an interesting theory.

Girls: {Renee nods, Teryn looks at Akhiro} But it makes sense.

Boys: {Akhiro looks at Taryn} Oh, I think it makes total sense. And it was so…out there… that it never occurred to any of us.
Boys: {Tristan nods, takes a sip of his beer}

Girls: {Taryn nods} I wonder if *they* even know?

Boys: {Akhiro nods} I’m not sure how *he* could.

Girls: {Renee smiles} If he was doing it too he might have realized it or Loch… {shakes her head} Yeah.. you’re right.

Boys: {Akhiro smiles} Loch wouldn’t realize it if it fell on him from the sky. {shrugs, taking a sip of his beer} And I don’t think David has the… I don’t know what I’d call it exactly, but I don’t see him looking at it and saying, “oh, yeah, that’s totally about me”.

Girls: {Taryn nods} Unless Saige did and said something.

Boys: {Akhiro nods} And I don’t see that happening either. Not before tonight anyway.

Girls: {Taryn nods, Renee shakes her head} So Are we happy for them or do we think they’re nuts?

Boys: {Akhiro looks at Renee, smiles} Oh, I think they’re completely off the chain. I mean, if we’re right about it, then it’s about time they got together, but.. engaged?

Girls: {Taryn looks at Tristan, shrugs} I’m happy for them. I think they’re crazy but it’s nothing less then what I’d expect. {shrugs} I’m surprised the text didn’t say they’d gotten married.

Boys: {Tristan smiles} Don’t even put that out there.

Girls: {Taryn shrugs} I am though. I mean.. why not you know?

Boys: {Tristan arches a brow} What do you mean, why not?

Girls: {Taryn looks at him} I can see them going oh.. we’re engaged fuck it let’s just tie the know while we’re here.

Boys: {Tristan smiles} Yeah. At this point, I think we can all see them doing that.

Girls: {Taryn smiles} Sangria and Loch are there right? Are they going to be able to do anything?

Boys: {Tristan nods} Yeah, they’re there, but.. if David and Saige put their minds to something, you can’t really stop them. And both of them determined to do the same thing?


Girls: {Taryn nods} Impossible.

Boys: {Akhiro nods} They’re both stubborn as hell. {glances toward the door as Ethan walks in, blinks, laughs} Holy hell. {looks at Tristan} Our lead guitar just walked in the door.

Girls: {Renee smiles as she looks over} Where’s he been?

Boys: {Akhiro looks at Renee} He had to go out of town for a funeral. We didn’t know when he was coming back.
Boys: {Tristan smiles} Yeah. And the fucker didn’t call and tell us, either. {gets up and all but runs over to the bar where Ethan’s getting a drink}


Girls: {Taryn watches Tristan go smiling, looks over at Renee, quietly} He’s got a great ass.

Boys: {Ethan looks over at Tristan, smiles seeing him, Akhiro watches as they do the guy hug routine, looks at Taryn} Tristan or Ethan?

Girls: {Taryn looks over at Akhiro} What? Oh.. no I’ve never looked at Ethan’s ass. {shrugs} never really looked at Tristan’s either until recently.

Boys: {Akhiro smiles, looks at Renee} She’s not human.

Girls: {Renee sighs} No. She’s not. {smiles} Ethan’s ass is incredibly great too.

Boys: {Akhiro shakes his head, smiles} Anyway… {looks at Renee} As I said, I guess I don’t have to have that talk with her now.

Girls: {Renee smiles} No I guess you don’t. {holds his look}

Boys: {Akhiro smiles} So, I don’t have to worry about her hating me.

Girls: {Renee shakes her head, smiles} No you don’t.

Boys: {Tristan walks back to the table with Ethan, chattering a mile a minute, while Ethan nods were appropriate while sipping from his drink}

Girls: {Taryn smiles at Ethan, Renee looks at Ethan and grins} Hey babe.


Boys: {Ethan and Tristan stop at the table, Ethan smiles at the girls} Hey, Ren. Where’s the other half?

Girls: {Renee smiles} Sangria went with Loch to see if they could talk some sense in to David and Saige. They got engaged today.

Boys: {Ethan arches a brow} Really? When the hell did they become a couple?

Girls: {Renee smiles} Yesterday.
Girls: {Renee looks at Akhiro} Or today.. I’m not sure they ever did.

Boys: {Tristan and Ethan sit down, Ethan shakes his head} And today they’re getting engaged? That takes “fast” to whole new level.
Boys: {Akhiro shakes his head} I can barely keep up with them.

Girls: {Renee nods} Okay.. let me give you the short story. Loch and Sangria are back together. Tristan and Taryn are together. Saige told Akhiro she was in love with him, The told the rest of us she was a writer, she’d been engaged to Justin lost his kid and we…well Loch.. talked her into getting rid of that horrible urn she kept, and the bike is gone too. All in one hail mary swoop.

Boys: {Ethan just looks at her for a minute} Christ. And I thought the family drama in I had to deal with was bad.

Girls: {Renee nods} Yeah but at least you’re pretty much caught up now. {smiles}

Boys: {Ethan smiles, nods} Quick and dirty like I like it. Thanks.
Boys: {Akhiro smiles} So, why didn’t you call us and tell us you were coming back and when the hell did you get in?

Girls: {Renee smiles} You like *everything* quick and dirty babe.

Boys: {Ethan smiles at Renee, nods, looks at Akhiro} Well.. I wasn’t *planning* on coming back yet, but after so much of my cousins and their back roads mentality and all the soap opera drama going on not just around the funeral but actually *during* it.. I just decided I’d had enough of those people. Got up in the middle of breakfast this morning and walked right out the door. They’re probably still bitching about it.
Boys: {Tristan smiles} Did you even say goodbye?
Boys: {Ethan shrugs} Do I ever say “hello”?

Girls: {Taryn looks at Ethan, smiles} Well at least you’re home now.

Boys: {Ethan nods to Taryn} Thank god for small favors.

Girls: {Renee smiles} Yes. Right in the midst of all the *drama*. Your timing is impeccable.

Boys: {Ethan smiles} No one’s ever said I had bad timing.

Girls: {Renee laughs} Oh.. I’m sure you don’t, babe.

Boys: {Ethan smiles again, takes a sip of his drink}

Girls: {Taryn looks at Ethan, smiles} So what do you think about David and Saige being engaged?

Boys: {Ethan shakes his head} I’m still trying to get my head around it. David’s the last guy I ever saw getting married. He barely likes women and he doesn’t trust them farther than he can throw them. And Saige doesn’t seem like the most of honest of girls, if you know what I mean.
Boys: {Akhiro nods} Saige doesn’t really seem very trusting either.

Girls: {Renee nods} She doesn’t. {looks at Taryn who shrugs} She used to be.. too trusting you know? Now she’s really not.

Boys: {Akhiro nods} I know there didn’t used to be anything she didn’t tell us. {looks at Ethan} Not only was she engaged to Justin, lost his baby and got published without telling us.. she owns a cabin Taryn didn’t even know she had.
Boys: {Ethan shakes his head} I can’t believe she wouldn’t at least fill us in on the engagement and the writing gig. {looks at them} What’s she write?

Girls: {Taryn blurts} Romance novels.
Girls: {Renee nods} And she knows we read those. Why wouldn’t she at least tell us girls.
Girls: {Taryn nods} I mean hell I get why she didn’t tell me, but you and Sangria?
Girls: {Renee nods}

Boys: {Tristan nods} I don’t know how she could keep *all* that to herself for so long.

Girls: {Taryn nods} Me either. {shrugs} She used to tell me everything.

Boys: {Ethan shrugs, lighting a cigarette} She didn’t keep *all* of it to herself. I mean… I knew she sent in a manuscript a while back and there was a deal on the table, but that was the last I heard about it. And I knew about Justin.

Girls: {the girls look at Ethan and blink}

Boys: {Akhiro looks at Ethan, arches a brow} How the hell’d you know all that?
Boys: {Ethan takes a drag, taps the ashes off} Because I’m the one she spent the night with a little while after Justin died. That was before she went after Loch. We talked about the writing thing, then, and I told her she should at least try it. She called me when the publisher called and said they were interested, but I didn’t hear about anything after that.

Girls: {Renee looks at Ethan, smiles} How did none of us know this?

Boys: {Ethan looks at them} And I knew about the kid because I was the first guy she hooked up with and she was weird at first because it was the first time she’d had anyone down there since losing it.
Boys: {Ethan smiles} I don’t know.
Boys: {Ethan takes another drag, shakes his head} I just figured everyone knew and we weren’t talking about it for a reason, so I didn’t say anything.

Girls: {Taryn shakes her head} That explains that then.. When I tried to have her evaluated she told me she wanted to call *you*. I couldn’t figure out why.

Boys: weird at first-weird about it
Boys: {Ethan looks at Taryn} Look.. if I’d thought she was that far off the deep end, I would’ve called you, but.. other than finding her groove suddenly, I didn’t know.
Boys: I didn’t know-I didn’t realize there was a problem.

Girls: {Taryn nods} I know.. the problem was that she went from being safe to being depressed to taking all these risks to fucking anything and everything she could, in a matter of days then she’d cycle through again.

Boys: {Akhiro looks at Ethan curiously} So.. what do you think of the idea that she’s always had a thing for David and that’s why she went for Loch?
Boys: {Ethan smiles} Dude.. that’s the *only* reason I see her going after Loch.
Boys: {Ethan takes another sip of his drink} They just don’t get along well. And it’s *not* sexual tension.
Boys: {Tristan smiles} She doesn’t like being told no and no is damn near all he says to her. And not nicely either.
Boys: {Ethan nods, shrugs} Maybe she expected him to say no the night she went after him to.
Boys: {Ethan takes a drag} Hell, maybe she *wanted* him to say no.
Boys: {Akhiro smiles} Maybe she needed him to. And to follow up with all the things that were wrong with it and her.

Girls: {Taryn nods} Maybe. {starts to say more and blinks, blurts} David’s the one that cut off her hair back in grade school.

Boys: {Tristan looks at Taryn, laughs} Oh, my god. I remember that. And David told her no, too. {looks at Ethan} He’s the kind of guy that’ll tell you no and all the reasons why you’re fucked up.

Girls: {Renee looks at Akhiro} That’s possible. So *why* didn’t he this time?

Boys: {Ethan nods} And now she’s engaged to him? {smiles and shakes his head} Maybe she likes being told no more than she likes to admit.
Boys: {Akhiro looks at Renee} Loch? Because he’s a man? Fuck if I know.
Boys: {Ethan shakes his head} He didn’t say no because he’s an arrogant prick and was taking Sang for granted. The idea of her leaving him *never* occurred to him.

Girls: {Taryn looks at Tristan} That makes sense.

Boys: {Ethan shrugs} Saige is hot and he didn’t realize he had something to lose.

Girls: {Renee nods} Surprise.

Boys: {Tristan nods to Taryn, looks at Ethan} Yeah, well.. he’s behaving *now*.
Boys: {Ethan nods} You don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone.

Girls: {Renee nods} Yeah. I’m surprised she went back so quickly.

Boys: {Tristan looks at Renee} Please. She was *miserable*. And Sang doesn’t handle misery well.

Girls: {Renee looks at Ethan} You should have seen it. Akhiro was having a party and Sang’s doing her dancing around the band thing she does when you all are playing and Saige bee lines it for Akhiro and Sang knocked her on her ass. Proceeds to lay into Saige, points to Loch and says “Mine. Not yours”

Boys: {Ethan smiles, shakes his head} I would’ve paid just to see Sang knock someone on her ass.
Boys: {Ethan smiles more broadly} She’s so *tiny*.
Boys: {Tristan looks at Ethan, smiles} Oh, that’s nothing. Did you know that David was the guy who popped Taryn’s cherry?
Boys: {Ethan blinks, bursts out laughing} What?! *No*! {smiles} That explains *so* much.

Girls: {Taryn smiles} I think it.. {Kicks Tristan under the table}Thanks.

Boys: {Tristan blinks when she kicks him, laughs} What? It’s not like he wasn’t going to find out before the night was over.
Boys: {Akhiro smiles} And when Saige and David were having their drama and she was saying she was in love with me, David shows up at the bar with *Romy*.
Boys: {Ethan looks at Akhiro, arches a brow} Romy? That chick from Georgetown? Damn.

Girls: {Renee nods} Yes. The incredibly bouncy “chick from Georgetown”.

Boys: {Ethan smiles} But in all the right places.

Girls: {Taryn shakes her head} She seemed nice enough.

Boys: {Akhiro nods} Yeah. And then Saige got shitty and Loch told her, essentially, she was jealous and should be and all hell broke loose. Next thing you know, we’re dragging everyone in the back room so we can confront Saige with her secrets and behavior.
Boys: {Ethan arches a brow} And suddenly, the drama at my great aunt’s funeral doesn’t seem so dramatic.

Girls: {Renee looks at Ethan} What happened?

Boys: {Ethan looks at Renee} Just.. stupid shit. Arguing over who gets what.. people sneaking around and cleaning what they want out of the house before the body was even cold. One of my other great aunts got hysterical with grief during the service even though they couldn’t stand each other and hadn’t spoken for twenty years. Things like that.

Girls: {Renee looks at Ethan} That’s shitty.

Boys: {Ethan shrugs} They’re shitty people. The a fight breaks out over some piece of jewelry at breakfast and that’s when I headed out.

Girls: {Renee frowns} Christ. Forget the dead person. Lets Rape her for everything she owned.

Boys: {Ethan nods} Exactly.

Girls: {taryn softly} I’m sorry Ethan, it shouldn’t have been like that. People suck.

Boys: {Ethan shrugs} It’s like that at *every* funeral. {smiles} Well.. the ones that aren’t parties anyway.

Girls: {Taryn nods} Yeah.. I know when our parents died we did the party because that’s what they would have wanted. My grandmother had a *Fit*. Completely lost her mind, didn’t come and now regrets it horribly.

Boys: {Ethan nods} We have the occasional good old fashioned Irish wake.

Girls: {Taryn smiles} I’ve been to one or two of those. They were fun.

Boys: {Ethan smiles} Yeah. You almost forget someone’s dead.

Girls: {Taryn laughs}And everyone ends up plastered}

Boys: {Ethan nods} Pretty much.

Girls: {Renee smiles} When my mom died, my mom did the old fashioned funeral. It was boring and so *not* her. He said it was out of respect for her. Then we all came back to the house and there was a huge amount of food. I think we ate off that for weeks and at the end of that week we had a party to “celebrate her life”. {nods} Yeah, *still* sounds gay as hell to me.

Boys: {the boys laugh}

Girls: {Taryn smiles}
Girls: {Renee laughs} It was awful though the whole funeral thing was boring as hell. The preacher didn’t know my mom and was saying all this shit about what a wonderful wife and mother she was.

Boys: {Tristan shakes his head} Christ, Ren. I didn’t think she was *that* bad.

Girls: {Renee looks at Tristan} You didn’t know her. You knew the façade she showed everyone *else*.


Boys: {Ethan shakes his head} Can we go back to talking about people who *aren’t* dead? I just spent the better part of a month immersed in death and all things morbid.

Girls: {Renee nods} Yes. So Tristan and Taryn are a thing now.

Boys: {Ethan looks over at Tristan and Taryn, smiles} Nice.
Boys: {Tristan smiles} Thanks.

Girls: {Renee looks at Akhiro and smiles}

Boys: {Ahkiro smiles at Renee, looks at Ethan} Loch put Sang’s birthday song on the playlist and we’ve got a new one we’re practicing.
Boys: {Ethan nods} Sweet. I get bored playing the same shit over and over.

Girls: {Renee smiles} She was so excited when she told me that song was hers she was all but vibrating.

Boys: {Akhiro smiles} I wish I could’ve seen that one.
Boys: {Tristan nods} I’m just glad he finally got to give it to her.

Girls: {Renee smiles} She was all fast talking and bouncy and {smiles brighter} Happy.
Girls: {Taryn nods} She seemed that way when I talked to her too.

Boys: {Ethan smiles} So… it’s good when Sang is bouncy but not hot blonds you don’t know.

Girls: {Taryn smiles} Sang doesn’t bounce *all* over and not while she’s sitting on my friends’ lap.

Boys: {Ethan laughs} On your friends’ lap? Do I even want to know?

Girls: {Renee smiles} romy got excited when some song came on and started bouncing while she was sitting on David’s lap.

Boys: {Ethan smiles, shakes his head} Lucky bastard.

Girls: {Taryn looks at Tristan, smiles and shakes her head}

Boys: {Tristan looks at Taryn, smiles} What?

Girls: {Taryn smiles} See?

Boys: {Tristan laughs} What am I seeing?

Girls: {Taryn smiles and shrugs} He’d’ve popped wood too.

Boys: {Tristan laughs again} All right, all right.
Boys: {Ethan takes another drag off his cigarette} So.. what’s Loch going to do? Kick David’s ass?
Boys: {Akhiro shakes his head} There’s no telling with Loch.

Girls: {Taryn smiles while Tristan laughs}
Girls: {Renee grins} Well Tristan could text Sang. and find out what’s happening or oh I don’t know *call* her.

Boys: {Tristan looks at Renee, smiles} Bite me. {pulls out his phone and calls Sang} I just didn’t want to interrupt while Loch was having a meltdown and she was busy trying to calm him down.
Boys: trying to calm him down=hide all the breakables.

Girls: {Renee laughs} Bare it babe.

Boys: {Ethan holds out his phone} Let me do it.
Boys: phone-hand for Tristan’s phone
Boys: {Tristan smiles, hands him the phone, Ethan puts it to his ear, listens to it ring while he takes another sip from his drink}

Girls: {Sangria picks up} Hey Tris. It’s true.

Boys: {Ethan smiles} That’s nice, but, uh.. I’m a little more interested in what you’re wearing.
Boys: {Ethan hits the speaker button}
Boys: {Tristan stifles a laugh}
Boys: {Akhiro smiles, listening}

Girls: {Sangria smiles brightly} Ethan! I missed you. You know that plaid mini you like so much?

Boys: {Ethan sighs} Babe.. I love that whole outfit.
Boys: {Ethan smiles} I missed you, too. How’s the old man?

Girls: {Sangria shakes her head} Losin’ his shit, but he hasn’t started swingin’ .. yet.

Boys: {Ethan nods} So they’re really doing it, huh? What’s the ring look like?

Girls: {Sangria smiles} Well they had on these silver bands and he told her to take it off and then he put this gorgeous band on her with red and black stones on it. She said somethin’ ’bout him being a man of action and he said somethin’ ’bout “more than I thought.” and did it right there. {sighs} It was actually kind of romantic.

Boys: {Ethan arches a brow} Yeah, now see, the *correct* answer to that question was “oh, he didn’t get her a ring yet”. But we’re obviously living in a parallel universe.

Girls: {Sangria frowns} Why is that the correct answer?

Boys: {Ethan smiles} Because if we *weren’t* living in a parallel universe and they just got together today or last night.. where the hell did he get a ring like that without planning?

Girls: {Sangria blinks} Oh.. well… Oh. {looks at Loch} Where’d he get the ring?

Boys: {Loch looks at Sang} How the hell would *I* know?
Boys: {Uncle Bill smiles} That was his aunt Jamie’s ring.

Girls: {Sangria smiles into the phone} It was his Aunt’s ring. {looks at Bill and blinks} That’s a gorgeous ring and perfect for Saige.

Boys: {Ethan looks at the other} So, the family’s in on it, too. How do *they* feel about it?

Girls: {Sangria shrugs} They seem happy for him. {smiles} Uncle Bill says if they haven’t fucked, they’ll be “rectifyin’ that situation before the nuptials.” Which they are doing as we speak if the sounds comin’ from the camper are any indication.

Boys: {Ethan smiles} All right, then. I’m going to give you back to your brother now, but I’ll talk to you when you guys get back.

Girls: {Sangria smiles} Yes you will. You *have* to come in like. I’ve got some stuff for you.

Boys: {Ethan smiles again} I’ll be there tomorrow. See ya then, babe. {hands the phone back to Tristan who takes it off speaker, gets up and walks away from the table with it} Listen to this.. Ethan already knew about the baby Saige lost, that she had a publisher that was interested *and* that she was engaged to Justin.

Girls: {Sangria blinks and relays the message to Loch} How the hell did he know that? And why would she tell him and not us. I mean I adore Ethan but she bared her soul practically.

Boys: {Tristan nods} I know. He said he knew about the baby because he was the first one she got with after losing it and she was weird about because no one had been down there since. As for the book, he said he knew she sent in a manuscript and the publisher was interested but he hadn’t heard anything after that. I think he even said something he’s the one that told her to send it in. Oh.. and we have a theory that Saige has been into David all along and she went after Loch because they’re so much alike and maybe she even wanted him to tell her no. Which David did and Loch didn’t… {thinks} Making it blaringly obvious that they’re not *that* alike.
Boys: about because-about it because

Girls: {Sangria frowns} Oh shit. Wow. That’s I never even thought about that but.. wow.

Boys: {Tristan nods} And that maybe David’s the whore he is because he wanted *her* and thought he couldn’t have her. And possibly vice versa.
Boys: {Tristan thinks} And that could also explain why she didn’t go after Loch harder after you walked in on them before.. you know… I’ll stop talking about that now.

Girls: {Sangria smiles} It’s okay. Loch told me that if I’d asked for a ring I’d’ve gotten it. He gave me the ring David gave him and said that is a promise that I’ll get one and he’s wearing the other one to show he’s off the market.

Boys: {Tristan smiles} Nice.

Girls: {Sangria nods} Yeah.. {looks over at Loch} It’s cool. I think that your theories are dead on.

Boys: {Tristan nods} Anyway… I’ll let the others know you said that. When are you getting back?

Girls: {Sangria smiles} After breakfast.

Boys: {Tristan smiles} All right. I’ll see you at the diner for lunch?

Girls: {Sangria nods} Yes.. and get everyone there. {smiles} Saige and David might be staying a week. He’ll come back for the show.

Boys: {Tristan arches a brow} Damn. Okay. I’ll talk to you tomorrow then. {heads back toward the table} Let them know Ethan’s back.

Girls: {Saige smiles} I totally will. Give him a hug for me.

Boys: {Tristan smiles} All right. {hangs up and sits back down, looks at the others} Sang thinks we’re right about Saige going after Loch because he’s so much like David. I had a thought, too… you know how everyone was saying we were surprised she didn’t go after Loch to try and close the deal? I was thinking it might be *because* he didn’t say no and she realized he wasn’t *enough* like David.

Girls: {Taryn shakes her head} I don’t know.. I mean she’s usually not one to take no for an answer.

Boys: {Akhiro nods} And David’s usually not one to give it.
Boys: {Tristan shrugs} That’s the best I’ve got, then.

Girls: {Taryn frowns} I wonder if he’d’ve stopped if she hadn’t walked in.

Boys: {Tristan looks at Taryn} Probably not.
Boys: {Ethan nods} Once suction is applied to the cock, it’s all over but the shouting.
Boys: {Akhiro nods} I’m going to have to agree with that statement.

Girls: {Taryn looks at Ethan, shakes her head smiles} Thank you for that.

Boys: {Ethan looks at Taryn, smiles} No problem. That’s why it’s so important to keep your cock out of the wrong mouth from the beginning.
Boys: {Ethan shrugs} Blow jobs. Our Kryptonite.

Girls: {Taryn looks at Tristan and back to Ethan, grins} You sound like you speak from experience.

Boys: {Ethan looks at Taryn, smiles as he takes a drag, nods} I’ve had a blow job or two in my time.

Girls: {Taryn sighs} I’m sure you have. I was talking about putting it in the wrong mouth. {looks at Tristan} Why? Why can’t I stop?

Boys: {the boys laugh, Tristan smiles broadly} That’s *exactly* what goes through our minds when said cock is in the wrong mouth.

Girls: {Taryn shakes her head and looks down}

Boys: {Ethan smiles} *Anyway*… how are things going on the ranch?

Girls: {Taryn shrugs} Busting my ass.. Can’t find anyone to help. The tractor broke and without it I’m hauling bales by hand. Which sorta bites balls. {smiles} I am getting another female though. Just need a good name or her.


Boys: {Akhiro looks at Taryn} What about David? I thought he was going to be helping out. Hell, you got excited about it and everything.

Girls: {Taryn nods} I am and was but with him getting engaged to Saige.. I’m not sure how that’s gonna play out now.

Boys: {Akhiro smiles} Well.. if they’re getting married.. I’d probably assume he’s not only going to be working there, but when they *do* tie the knot, she’ll probably have him move in there with the two of you. Won’t that be fun?
Boys: {Ethan smiles} Why wait to actually do the deed? He could be moving in as soon as they get back.

Girls: {Taryn flips off Akhiro} It won’t be that bad, they’ll live in her house.

Boys: {Tristan blinks} Oh.. speaking of which.. they might be gone for an entire week, but he’ll be back for the show.
Boys: {Akhiro laughs}

Girls: {Taryn smiles} and I’ve been at your place most nights.
Girls: {REnee looks at Tristan} David and Saige or Sang and Loch?

Boys: {Akhiro smiles} So.. I won’t be surprised if you end up saying “fuck it” and just move in.
Boys: {Tristan looks at Ren} Oh.. David and Saige. Sang and Loch will be back after breakfast tomorrow.

Girls: {Taryn looks at Akhiro and blinks} I can’t do that. I’ve got the ranch to worry about.

Boys: {Akhiro laughs} Taryn.. relax. I’m just playing with you.

Girls: {Renee looks at Tristan smiles} Oh thank god.

Boys: {Tristan smiles}

Girls: {Taryn smiles} Sorry.. I just really hadn’t thought that far ahead.

Boys: {Akhiro smiles} Thank god *someone* hasn’t.
Boys: {Tristan smiles} What if they haven’t?


Girls: {Renee shrugs} She offered him room and board which he turned down.

Boys: {Ethan nods}I can see it. A woman you’re into offers you a job, the last thing you want to do is fuck up one by mixing it up with the other.

Girls: {Taryn nods} Never mix business with pleasure.

Boys: {Ethan nods} Exactly.

Girls: {Renee looks at Ethan} So what happens when he’s working there.
Girls: {Taryn smiles} He’ll be working for me not Saige.

Boys: {Ethan looks at Taryn} Even better. There won’t be the weirdness of your girlfriend handing you a paycheck.

Girls: {Renee nods} Or the sense of her being his boss.

Boys: {Ethan nods} Which would probably get really confusing in bed.
Boys: {Akhiro laughs} God, can you see it?

Girls: {Renee laughs} Yeah.

Boys: {Tristan smiles, shakes his head} Christ.

Girls: {Taryn tilts her head} I don’t know.

Boys: {Tristan looks at Taryn, smiles more broadly} You don’t know what?

Girls: {Taryn looks at Tristan, shrugs} I can’t really see it.

Boys: {Ethan smiles at Taryn} Start with *this* visual… they just finish fucking and they’re laying there trying to recover and she reaches over and picks up an envelope off her nightstand, hands it to him and says, “Here’s your paycheck. I forgot to give it to you earlier”.

Girls: {Taryn blinks} Oh.. ouch.

Boys: {Ethan nods} Exactly.

Girls: {Renee smiles} See I went a totally different direction with it.

Boys: {Ethan looks at Renee, smiles} What’s that? Her ordering him around in bed like he’s on the clock?

Girls: {Renee smiles} Her wielding the paddle.

Boys: {Ethan smiles broadly} Oh, I’d pay to see that.

Girls: {Taryn looks confused, then looks at Tristan, whispers} I think I spend too much time with the horses.

Boys: {Tristan smiles at Taryn} What are you having trouble with?
Boys: {Akhiro smiles at Renee} Or the collar and leash bit?

Girls: {Renee grins} Him in a harness?
Girls: {Taryn sighs} Uh.. *all* of it.

Boys: {Akhiro laughs} She only gives him an hour for dinner?

Girls: {Renee looks at Taryn} *You* should have hit Akhiro. You’d know all about it.

Boys: {Ethan smiles} “Hey honey, a little more to the left. No, you’re other left. Dammit, put your back into it. What am I paying you for?”

Girls: {Taryn blinks}

Boys: {Akhiro smiles at Taryn} I’m sure Tristan can teach you a thing or two about it.

Girls: {Renee looks back at Akhiro, grins} Half an hour. And only if she *needs* him.

Boys: {Akhiro laughs again}
Boys: {Akhiro smiles again}But imagine *that* company Christmas party.

Girls: {Renee laughs} BYOSA.
Girls: {Taryn frowns} SA?

Boys: {Tristan smiles at Renee} Yeah. Fill us in.

Girls: {Renee looks at Taryn} Sexual apparatus.

Boys: {the boys laugh}
Boys: {Ethan smiles} Sounds like the kind of party Akhiro would throw.

Girls: {Taryn sighs} I’m in way over my head.

Boys: {Tristan grins at Taryn} I’ll be your sexual apparatus, baby.

Girls: {Taryn smiles} You’re all the apparatuses I need.
Girls: {Renee takes a drink of her beer} Don’t say that til you’ve tried them Tar.

Boys: {Tristan smiles at Taryn} You ready the Beauty series… you can’t need *that* much help.

Girls: {Taryn nods} I did.. that stuff doesn’t happen in real life.

Boys: {The boys look at Taryn, Tristan and Ethan arch a brow each, Akhiro hesitates}Um… actually…..

Girls: {Renee bursts out laughing} Taryn.. that stuff *does* happen. You’ve seen the things Akhiro sends me. {Taryn nods} Yeah.. I thought they were replicas. {Renee looks at Taryn pointedly and shakes her head} Uh no. What fun would that be. {Taryn blinks}

Boys: {Akhiro smiles}
Boys: {Ethan smiles at Tristan} Have fun showing her the ropes.

Girls: {Taryn blinks} Even that bazaar thing with the instruction manual that’s as thick as an unabridged dictionary?

Boys: {Tristan smiles at Taryn} I think you need some practical experience.

Girls: {Renee smiles and nods}
Girls: {Taryn looks at Tristan} Not on that thing.

Boys: {Tristan laughs} We’ll go shopping.

Girls: {Taryn nods} Um.. okay.. Where?

Boys: {Ethan and Akhiro laugh, Tristan looks at Akhiro} Looks like I’m breaking out the catalogs.

Girls: {Taryn shakes her head} They have Catalogs for that too.
Girls: {Taryn looks at Akhiro} How did I know know this stuff existed.

Boys: {Akhiro smiles at Taryn} I have no idea, but I’m guessing you don’t raid your sister’s closet very often.

Girls: {Taryn shakes her head} Not since middle school. Her stuff doesn’t exactly fit.

Boys: {Ethan shakes his head, crushes out his cigarette} Saige totally seems to me like she’d be an S&M freak.

Girls: {Renee nods} And if she is… You think David’s gonna go for that?

Boys: {Ethan looks at them} No.. B&D, actually. {shrugs} No idea.

Girls: {Taryn looks at Ethan} B&D?

Boys: {Akhiro smiles} I wonder if his reluctance to spank her was because he doesn’t roll that way or because he wasn’t the only one in line.
Boys: {Ethan looks at Taryn} Bondage and Discipline. Chips, dips, whips and chains.

Girls: {Taryn shakes her head, looks at them all like they’ve lost their mind} I think.. {Shakes her head again} I don’t even know.

Boys: {Tristan smiles at Taryn} We can start out with handcuffs. Silk ropes.

Girls: {Taryn looks at Tristan} Uhm… okay.

Boys: {Tristan, still smiling} To tie you up with.

Girls: {Taryn, quietly} I figured.. {smiles} I didn’t think you’d be the one getting cuffed and tied.

Boys: {Tristan nods}Just making sure we were on the same page.
Boys: {Ethan takes another sip of his drink} I don’t know if I could see David being into it so much, but I *can* see him being into the rough shit.


Girls: {Renee nods} I could see that. I can see Saige being into that as well.

Boys: {Ethan smiles} So, maybe they can find their happy medium there.

Girls: {Renee nods, looks at Taryn} I didn’t think I’d be into it.. {shrugs}

Boys: {Akhiro looks at Renee} Rough sex?

Girls: {Renee looks at Akhiro} Any of it.

Boys: {Akhiro nods, looks at Ethan, smiles} What about you? Is that *your* thing?
Boys: {Ethan smiles} Now, see, if I told you that, there’d be no mystery.

Girls: {Renee laughs} Oh come on baby, share with us.

Boys: {Ethan smiles teasingly} Wouldn’t *you* like to know.

Girls: {Renee smiles} Yes I would. {Taryn shakes her head} *No!*

Boys: {Ethan looks at Taryn, smiles again} Don’t worry, babe. I won’t do that to *you*. {looks at Renee, shrugs} If you want to know, I guess you’re just going to have to find out for yourself.

Girls: {Renee laughs}
Girls: {Taryns smiles} Thank you.


Boys: {Ethan nods to Taryn} No problem.

Girls: {Taryn smiles} My hero.

Boys: {Akhiro signals the server for another round of drinks}

Girls: {Taryn picks up her drink and slams it}
Boys: {Ethan finishes his drink} All right, guys. It’s been real and it’s been fun but it was a long drive back.

Girls: {Taryn smiles} You just got here.

Boys: {Ethan smiles at Taryn} Yeah, I know. I just wanted to come in and see you guys before I lock my door and turn off my phone for the night.

Girls: {Taryn laughs} All right. If anything good happens we’ll come banging.

Boys: {Ethan nods} Cool. {gets up, nods to Akhiro and Tristan} It was good seeing you guys again. Have a good one. {smiles, nods to Renee} Ren. {heads out}

Girls: {Renee smiles and waves}
Girls: {Renee looks at Taryn} How can you *not* know that stuff’s real.


Boys: {Akhiro and Tristan look at Taryn, Akhiro} Seriously.

Girls: {Taryn shrugs} I don’t know.. I guess I don’t pay that much attention to it. I mean.. it’s not like I ever *needed* it before.
Girls: {Renee shakes her head} Taryn you *read* *everything*. {Taryn shrugs} Apparently *not* everything.

Boys: {Tristan smiles} Just.. didn’t pay attention to it? {looks at Ren} But she bought the last two Beauty books because she had to know what happened to her.
Boys: {Akhiro shakes his head} Damn near *everything* is in *those* books.

Girls: {Taryn shrugs} I didn’t know it was real. Hell Anne rice writes about Vampires and shit too but they aren’t *real*.

Boys: {Tristan laughs}
Boys: {Akhiro looks at Taryn, looks at Renee} I don’t know. Part of me just wants her to stay innocent, you know?


Girls: {Renee nods} Yeah.. but then Tris could have so much fun teaching her.

Boys: {Tristan looks at Renee, smiles} Tristan is on it. {looks at Taryn, smiles} In fact.. Tristan is ready to get started on it right *now*.

Girls: {Taryn blinks} *Now*?
Girls: {Renee laughs} I think the answer you’re looking for is… “yes master.”

Boys: {Tristan smiles lecherously} That’ll work.

Girls: {Taryn shakes her head, smiles sweetly, drops her voice} Yes master.

Boys: {Tristan arches a brow, quietly} Whoa. That is *so* hot.

Girls: {Renee smiles}
Girls: {Taryn smiles at Tristan}
Girls: {Renee looks at Akhiro} He’s so easy.

Boys: {Akhiro smiles} Then he’ll be an easy taskmaster and she should consider herself lucky.

Girls: {Taryn looks at Tristan}
Girls: {Renee smiles} Guess it’s a good thing you aren’t easy.

Boys: {Akhiro looks at her curiously} Me? Why’s that?

Girls: {Renee smiles} I prefer a challenge.

Boys: {Akhiro smiles} You and me both.

Girls: {Renee looks at him} Challenge me baby.

Boys: {Akhiro holds her look, still smiling} But you don’t think you’d be into it.

Girls: {Renee smiles} Never know til you try.

Boys: {Akhiro nods} And you’ll try anything once?

Girls: {Renee nods} You know it.

Boys: {Akhiro smiles} So what you want to try while Tristan is helping Taryn expand her horizons?

Girls: {Renee smiles} Expanding mine?

Boys: {Akhiro nods} I’m rather interested in doing that myself. Why don’t we let them have the loft to themselves?

Girls: {Renee smiles} All right. You have some place specific in mind?

Boys: {Akhiro smiles} Yours, actually.

Girls: {Renee smiles} Mine is good.

Boys: {Akhiro nods, looks at Tristan as he stands, taking Renee’s hand and pulling her up with him} I’ll see you in the morning.
Boys: {Tristan smiles} Have fun kids.

Girls: {Renee goes with him}
Girls: {Renee smiles} See you guys tomorrow.
Girls: {Taryn smiles} Later.

Boys: {Akhiro smiles at Taryn, starts to say something, shakes his head, looks at Renee, smiles} I can’t wait to see what she’s like in the morning.

Girls: {Renee smiles} Me either. She’s either going to have totally enjoyed it or completely lost her mind.

Boys: {Akhiro laughs} No shit. {heads toward the door}
Boys: {Tristan watches them leave, smiles}

Girls: {Renee goes with him}

Boys: (move Tristan down)

Girls: {Taryn looks at Tristan, smiles}

Boys: {Tristan looks at Taryn} I won’t be surprised if *they* end up married one day.

Girls: {Taryn nods} They look really good together.

Boys: {Tristan nods, takes a sip of his drink} He likes her a lot.

Girls: {Taryn smiles} I’m pretty sure she feels the same way about him. She seems incredibly happy with him.
Girls: (with=when she’s with)

Boys: {Tristan looks at her} And he totally got jealous over the David thing.

Girls: {Taryn looks at him and takes a drink} He did? I mean I knew he flinched.. but I can’t imagine Akhiro jealous of anything.

Boys: {Tristan shakes his head} That was jealousy. I’d bet my last dollar on it.

Girls: {Taryn smiles} So why the sudden move to her place?

Boys: {Tristan smiles} Because we’re going to have to be raiding his closet.

Girls: {Taryn looks at him} *His* closet. But…. {blinks remember some of the things Renee showed her} You said.. hand cuffs and silk ropes. *you* have those.

Boys: {Tristan smiles slyly} That doesn’t mean I can’t *introduce* you to the props and educate you as to their applications.

Girls: {Taryn takes long drink, nods} All right.

Boys: {Tristan watches her for a second, takes her hand, smiles} Do you trust me?

Girls: {Taryn smiles} Of course I do.

Boys: {Tristan nods} Then you know you don’t have anything to be afraid of.

Girls: {Taryn nods} I know.. and I’m not afraid of you.

Boys: {Tristan smiles} All right. You ready to get out of here?

Girls: {Taryn smiles} Yes. {finishes her drink}
Girls: {Taryn stands}

Boys: {Tristan stands, takes her hand and heads for the door}

Girls: {Taryn curls her fingers over his hand and follows him out}

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