April 26

Here Comes the Next Contestant – The Show for David’s Family

The girls met at the spa in the late morning.  Renee closed the shop for a “private viewing”.  Sangria had spent most of the week pulling and racking outfits for the different girls.  They included Lia in the mix as well.  Renee and Sang having decided that since it looked like they were staying; they should all get to know her better.  They made for a stunning group.  Even before their appointments.  The seven of them walked into the spa unadorned with makeup their hair pulled into a various array of ponytails.  Their first stop was massages, mud baths, wraps, waxes, facials, then mani/pedis, then their hair and makeup.  Each girl got to spend time with the other singly and then for their hair and the mani/pedis they were all together.  They talked girl talk and about their guys.  The girls who had been with more than one of the guys compared notes.  All had a generally good time.  The wine flowed as well as the chatter, when they had lunch it was in a private dining room.  When they were done the girls were told the day had already been paid for.  Lia looked at the others who seemed to know this kind of thing happened a lot.  Sang looked at Renee and smiled her thanks knowing this was where it came from.


Sangria had spent most of the morning setting up for her party at the Rock Bottom.  She’d pushed a bunch of tables together and decorated with black and silver streamers.  She was having food delivered and set up as well as cookies and cake.  It would be set up on their table.  This was for Taryn and David.  And she wanted it to be special.


After their makeovers they headed to Renee’s store where Sangria had each of their racks labeled.  The girls separated in the back room to dress and primp.  When all was said and done they looked like a million bucks and Sangria surveyed them adjusting things here and there.   Sangria smiled, proud of herself, each girl was wearing one of her own creations.  Sangria had accessorized the outfits and provided shoes.  All of which had sky high heels and platforms.  Some wore boots while others wore pumps and a couple wore sandals.   She’d dressed each girl just outside their comfort zone,  but she knew they wouldn’t complain and they’d feel incredibly sexy.  She could tell they did.  Sangria dressed herself last.  She even took herself outside her own comfort zone opting for tight leather boy shorts a cropped biker’s jacket with a bustier under it, and black high heeled boots that were reminisce of biker boots.  Her hair had been dyed purple to match the accents on the leather and pulled back on the side, with a streak of electric blue running through it.  Her accessories were heavy metal and she smiled at the girls when she came out.  They each made their way to the Rock Bottom, some riding together others in their own car.

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