April 26

Her Skin Smells Better Than the Scent of Every Flower – Transplants, Seth and Lia Argue

(11:23:43 PM) The Cosmos:
{Sangria looks at Seth and smiles} Van said Lia’s a twin. Saige and Taryn are twins and Ethan, Van and Brennan are triplets.
(11:24:10 PM) The Universe:
{Van looks over at Lia and Seth} I was just telling them how different Lia and Nat are.
(11:24:45 PM) The Universe:
{Seth looks at Sang, looks at Van} You can say that again.
(11:25:43 PM) The Cosmos:
{Sangria looks at Seth} I know Saige and Taryn are totally different. And The guys are the same in some ways but different in others and it’s kind of cool.
(11:26:40 PM) The Universe:
{Seth looks back at Sang, looks at Taryn, looks back at Sang} Yeah, no. Lia and Nat are like the good twin and the evil twin.
(11:27:03 PM) The Universe:
{Seth looks at Lia} You have a picture of her?
(11:32:44 PM) The Cosmos:
{Lia nods, pulls her wallet out of her bag and hands Seth the picture} Here it is. It’s both of us taken just over a year ago on our birthday.
(11:33:29 PM) The Universe:
{Seth takes the picture, hands it to Sang} See for yourself. Bet you can guess which one’s Lia.

(11:34:15 PM) The Cosmos:
{Sangria takes the picture, looks at it and blinks} Wow. {shows it to Loch}
(11:34:39 PM) The Universe:
{Seth takes a drag} Even our dog can’t stand her. {looks at her} I half expected her to kick Hera when I was getting your shit.
(11:35:07 PM) The Cosmos:
{Lia looks at Seth} I’d’ve killed her.
(11:35:10 PM) The Universe:
{Loch looks at the picture, arches a brow, looks at Lia} Damn. What the hell happened? She get dropped as a baby?
(11:37:00 PM) The Universe:
{Seth nods, looks back at Loch and Sang} Nat got Lia fired from her job, too. Went into the library and starts on her about stealin’ some guy from her and how he was the “One”. Except he’s like… the fourth “One” in just as many days. {looks at Lia} Yeah, she told me you got yourself fired. Said you were the one that started screaming at *her*. I told her she was high if she thought I was gonna believe that.
(11:37:40 PM) The Cosmos:
{Lia shakes her head} Not that I know of.. I can tell you she’s always been…bad.
(11:37:59 PM) The Cosmos:
{Lia looks at Seth} I’m not surprised. You know she always turns stuff around on me.
(11:39:23 PM) The Universe:
{Seth nods, looks at the others} Let me put it to you this way… when I met Nat she was stripping at some shit hole. Her line to get me to go home with her was that she had a twin sister who was all about having threesomes with her. I get back to her place, head into the kitchen to grab a beer, and I see *Lia* at the stove cooking. Down with threesomes my ass.
(11:40:25 PM) The Cosmos:
{Lia nods} She used to do that all the time too. There was one guy I didn’t think I was going to get away from.
(11:41:13 PM) The Universe:
{Seth takes a drag, nods again} And when I go back in the living room, I jumped Nat’s shit and she “confesses” that Lia’s a virgin. I pretty much lost my shit on her.
(11:42:42 PM) The Universe:
{Seth looks at them} Long story short.. I told Nat to get fucked, told Lia to put the food away and took her to a diner down the street for breakfast. {looks at Lia, smiles} Two days later, we got married.
(11:43:12 PM) The Cosmos:
{Lia nods} He did. {smiles at Seth} Then next day he brought me a puppy.
(11:45:11 PM) The Universe:
{Seth smiles again} Because she told me she didn’t have one but had always had one growing up. And *I* told her that I wanted a woman who’d stay home and take care of the kids. When she asked me how I’d know the woman I was going to marry would be a good mother, I told her I was planning on giving her a puppy. And how she treated the puppy is how she’d treat our kids.
(11:45:41 PM) The Universe:
{Ethan smiles} I’m guessing she was good with the puppy.
(11:47:05 PM) The Universe:
{Seth looks at Ethan} She all but cried when I gave her Hera. Went all momma bear one someone who tried to get close to her. {smiles, looks at Lia} And I might’ve used the puppy to give me the advantage when I popped the question.
(11:47:51 PM) The Cosmos:
{Lia smiles} Might’ve my ass. {blushes} You totally did.
(11:48:18 PM) The Universe:
{Seth smiles more broadly} It worked, though, didn’t it?
(11:48:58 PM) The Cosmos:
{Lia nods} Yes it did. {shrugs, and smiles} Very well.
(11:49:32 PM) The Universe:
{Seth nods, looks back at the others} Hera’s at Van’s right now. Probably sleeping.
(11:50:25 PM) The Universe:
{David looks at Taryn, smiles} Havin’ them hang out with your baby brother gives you a pretty good clue, too.
(11:50:43 PM) The Cosmos:
{Lia shrugs} Probably on one of the beds. I’ve tried for a year to keep her off the furniture.
(11:51:00 PM) The Cosmos:
{Taryn smiles at David} Is *that* what you were doing?
(11:51:29 PM) The Universe:
{David shakes his head, still smiling} I’d say yeah, but you’d know I was lyin’. It just kinda worked out that way.
(11:55:42 PM) The Cosmos:
{Taryn smiles at David} What can I say.. I dig the kid.
(11:55:55 PM) The Cosmos:
{Lia looks at Seth}
(11:56:18 PM) The Universe:
{Seth looks at Lia, smiles}
(11:56:46 PM) The Universe:
{David nods, looks at Seth} She’s also got a thing for hard luck stories.
(11:57:33 PM) The Universe:
{Seth looks at David} Oh yeah?
(11:58:45 PM) The Universe:
{David smiles} Yeah. Horses that shouldn’t be walkin’ around, that kinda thing.
(11:59:19 PM) The Universe:
{Seth looks at Lia} Yeah, I can see you being like that.
(12:00:28 AM) The Cosmos:
{Taryn smiles} Adonis called to me. I can’t help it. {shrugs} And look at him now.
(12:00:35 AM)

(12:01:45 AM) The Universe:
{David looks at Taryn, smiles} He can take on the world now.
(12:02:24 AM) The Cosmos:
{Taryn smiles at David} Yes he can.
(12:03:38 AM) The Universe:
{Loch arches a brow} Seriously?
(12:04:25 AM) The Cosmos:
{Taryn smiles at Loch} You saw Adonis.
(12:06:30 AM) The Cosmos:
{Renee looks at Akhiro and whispers} First David and Taryn now a porn star and David and Taryn… What’s next?
(12:06:51 AM) The Universe:
{Loch shakes his head}
(12:07:00 AM) The Universe:
{Loch looks at Sang} Fuck it.
(12:07:27 AM) The Cosmos:
{Sangria smiles} What’s wrong, baby?
(12:07:32 AM) The Universe:
{Akhiro smiles, whispers} A porn star and his virgin wife. I’m thinking next is a foursome with *them*.
(12:08:01 AM) The Universe:
{Loch looks at Sang} Half the time, I don’t think they’re actually talkin’ about the damn horse.
(12:08:20 AM) The Cosmos:
{Renee whispers} Apparently they did.
(12:08:35 AM) The Cosmos:
{Sangria nods} I got that feeling too.
(12:08:45 AM) The Universe:
{Akhiro looks at her, whispers} I’m talking about David and Taryn.
(12:09:07 AM) The Cosmos:
{Renee blinks and bursts out laughing}
(12:09:19 AM) The Universe:
{Akhiro smiles when she laughs}
(12:09:44 AM) The Cosmos:
{Renee smiles} I’m thinking I need to have another one of my parties.
(12:10:17 AM) The Universe:
{Akhiro looks at her} Another sex toy themed party?
(12:10:56 AM) The Cosmos:
{Renee shrugs} Maybe.. or at least not put them away.
(12:12:34 AM) The Universe:
{Akhiro smiles} Maybe you *should* have another party.
(12:13:05 AM) The Cosmos:
{Renee smiles} You think?
(12:13:52 AM) The Universe:
{Akhiro nods} Could be int.. {stops, thinks about it, smiles} That could be *very* interesting.
(12:14:22 AM) The Cosmos:
{Renee smiles quietly} You want to do the honors?
(12:14:49 AM) The Universe:
{Akhiro shakes his head} Not yet. I think this one needs a little more planning.
(12:15:13 AM) The Cosmos:
{Renee arches her brow} Oh…and what did you have in mind?
(12:16:56 AM) The Universe:
{Akhiro smiles slyly, whispers} Porn movie night.
(12:17:54 AM) The Cosmos:
{Renee whispers} Oh really? Go on?
(12:19:44 AM) The Universe:
{Akhiro shrugs} I was just thinking we should collect some of Van and.. {blinks} Shit. Nevermind. {looks at her} Van said we have to behave for Lia. {smiles} Guess we’ll have to find something less.. controversial.
(12:21:34 AM) The Cosmos:
{Renee looks at Akhiro, smiles, whispers} Wait a second. She doesn’t like what he does right. What if the reason is because she’s got hang-ups about it. If we can show her that it’s not dirty or Wrong…we might be helping them.
(12:27:33 AM) The Universe:
{Akhiro nods} I think the best way for us to do that is just be ourselves. {looks at her} It’s one thing to show her it’s not dirty or wrong, and something else entirely to keep reminding her that her husband does it. And she might not have hang-ups. She might just believe in monogamy.
(12:27:58 AM) The Cosmos:
{Renee nods} I can understand that.
(12:28:39 AM) The Universe:
{Akhiro smiles} If that’s the case, she’s right. Maybe we should wait til we actually know what the problem is before we try and help. Otherwise, it could blow up in our faces.
(12:29:06 AM) The Cosmos:
{Renee nods and smiles} So we can still have a party.
(12:29:15 AM) The Universe:
{Akhiro smiles} Yes, we can.
(12:29:33 AM) The Universe:
{Akhiro looks at her} And everyone gets naked at your parties.
(12:30:27 AM) The Cosmos:
{Renee smiles} Everyone but Taryn.
(12:30:44 AM) The Universe:
{Akhiro smiles again} Taryn gets topless.
(12:31:50 AM) The Universe:
{Loch whispers to Sang} So, what do you think? Abusive sister much?
(12:32:35 AM) The Cosmos:
{Sang nods} Probably. {softly} And if that’s the case… {shrugs} Seth’s doing the right thing to get her out of that.
(12:34:23 AM) The Universe:
{Loch nods, looks over at Seth} How much you pay in rent for an apartment in D.C.?
(12:34:47 AM) The Universe:
{Seth looks at Loch} An ass load. Why? You thinking about moving?
(12:35:48 AM) The Universe:
{Loch shakes his head} No way. I barely get by on what I make at my day job. I was just thinking houses around here, in the right part of town are pretty fuckin’ cheap. Compared to the city, I mean. You ever think about moving somewhere more rural and just commuting like Van does?
(12:36:22 AM) The Universe:
{Van looks at Seth}
(12:37:00 AM) The Universe:
{Seth smiles} No offense, man, but little towns like this are great places to visit, but I can’t really see myself living here.
(12:37:17 AM) The Cosmos:
{Lia shrugs} I could.
(12:38:05 AM) The Universe:
{Seth looks at Lia} Yeah, I could see you here, too, but… {looks at her for a second, looks at Loch} How cheap?
(12:41:53 AM) The Universe:
{Van smiles, takes a sip of his drink} Depends. On the north end.. you can rent a two bedroom place for less than $600. Most expensive place I’ve seen for rent is like…fifteen. The houses down that end average between $50 and 80 grand. But the north end here is like.. well.. nothing like the city. The houses around Davis street and out toward the South end are up in the 100, 150 grand range. Go out farther, though, and depending on what you’re lookin’ for you could spend anywhere from 80 grand for a trailer on about ten acres to $300 grand or more on a place like Taryn’s ranch.
(12:43:12 AM) The Cosmos:
{Taryn nods} The last time the ranch was appraised it appraised at 390. but that’s because of all the upgrades.
(12:43:28 AM) The Universe:
{Ethan nods} And a job at the library or a city job pays pretty well.

(12:44:37 AM) The Cosmos:
{Siobhan nods} Yeah.. and there are other jobs around too. There’s horse ranches all over…

(12:44:56 AM) The Universe:
{Van nods} Not to mention how much more pet friendly we are around here.
(12:45:53 AM) The Cosmos:
{Saige nods} Seriously. Some people just take their dogs right into the stores with them.

(12:46:08 AM) The Universe:
{Loch smiles}We’re pretty kid friendly too.
(12:46:46 AM) The Universe:
{Van looks at Seth} And you wouldn’t need to carry your gun to the bar.
(12:46:47 AM) The Cosmos:
{Sangria nods} Yeah we are.
(12:47:37 AM) The Cosmos:
{Taryn smiles} And for those nights when you want more.. DC is an hour and a half and so’s Richmond.. and well we also have Ren’s parties.
(12:48:06 AM) The Universe:
{Seth looks at Van} I’m not thinking about me. I’m thinking about Lia walking around D.C. at night. {nods to Taryn}
(12:48:55 AM) The Cosmos:
{Lia looks at Seth}
(12:49:23 AM) The Universe:
{Seth looks at Lia} You know I don’t like it.
(12:49:54 AM) The Cosmos:
{Lia nods} I know you don’t.. but sometimes it can’t be helped.
(12:51:27 AM) The Universe:
{Seth nods} And if you moved out here, it could be. {looks at her} And you already know Van.
(12:51:51 AM) The Universe:
{Seth smirks} And since you refuse to let me support you, you could probably afford your own place.
(12:52:34 AM) The Cosmos:
{Lia looks at Seth} No.
(12:52:52 AM) The Universe:
{Seth arches a brow} No,what?
(12:53:25 AM) The Cosmos:
{Lia shrugs} No sir. I’m not moving out here.
(12:54:00 AM) The Universe:
{Seth rolls his eyes} That wasn’t what I meant. I was asking what you were saying “no” to. {looks at her} And why not?
(12:55:17 AM) The Cosmos:
{Lia looks at Seth} Are you going to sign the papers if I move out here?
(12:56:00 AM) The Universe:
{Seth arches a brow} What did I say about that?
(12:57:42 AM) The Cosmos:
{Lia looks at Seth} I know what you said about it. And I know what I said about it and I think your solution to move me away from everything I know sucks.

(12:58:38 AM) The Universe:
{Seth shakes his head} Everything you know being a job you no longer have and a sister who should be burned at the stake.
(12:59:46 AM) The Cosmos:
{Lia looks at him} Yes… because I’m a recluse and don’t do anything else but work and go home.
(1:00:57 AM) The Universe:
{Seth looks at her} Fine. What else do you do?
(1:01:56 AM) The Cosmos:
{Lia shrugs} I go out.
(1:03:18 AM) The Universe:
{Seth arches a brow} You go out? {nods} Fine. Where do you go? Who do you hang out with?
(1:04:26 AM) The Cosmos:
{Lia shakes her head} Friends. And we go to dinner and to the …{looks at him} Does it matter?
(1:05:41 AM) The Universe:
{Seth looks at her}Yeah, actually it does. If that’s your excuse for staying with that bitch of a sister of yours. You said you got the job so you could get away from her. *This* is away from her. *Very* away from her.
(1:06:11 AM) The Universe:
{Van gives the others a look that says “I told you he hated her sister”}
(1:07:20 AM) The Universe:
{Seth shakes his head} Lia.. you wouldn’t have to worry about Hera running out in rush hour traffic. Or.. turning a corner on your way home.

(1:08:42 AM) The Cosmos:
{Lia looks at Seth} Do *not* use Hera to manipulate me. No I wouldn’t have to worry about anything except who my husband is *fucking* {blushes} Tonight.
(1:10:11 AM) The Universe:
{Seth looks at her} Okay, first, I wasn’t *using* Hera to manipulate you. Second.. living fifteen minutes away from me hasn’t stopped you from worrying about who I’m fucking *tonight* so why does it matter if you’re doing it here or doing it there?
(1:11:32 AM) The Cosmos:
{Lia shakes her head} It. Just. Does.
(1:12:05 AM) The Universe:
{Seth looks at her} And signing the paperwork will fix that problem?
(1:13:04 AM) The Cosmos:
{Lia looks at him} It will mean I’m not your problem anymore.
(1:13:41 AM) The Universe:
{Seth shakes his head} And that might be good enough if that’s what I actually wanted.
(1:14:07 AM) The Universe:
{Seth looks at her} What you really mean is *I* won’t be *your* problem anymore.
(1:14:45 AM) The Cosmos:
{Lia shakes her head} I did *not* say that.
(1:15:20 AM) The Universe:
{Seth nods} You didn’t have to.
(1:16:53 AM) The Cosmos:
{Lia looks at him} You’re wrong about that. That is not what I mean. It’s never been what I meant or what I wanted. It’s what I had to do.
(1:20:04 AM) The Universe:
{Seth looks at her} Then why are you still so worried about who I’m fucking?
(1:20:33 AM) The Universe:
{Seth crushes out his cigarette} You want me to sign the paperwork?
(1:20:59 AM) The Cosmos:
{Lia pushes to her feet and plants her hands on the table in front of her} Because you’re still *my* husband.
(1:22:09 AM) The Universe:
{Seth looks at her} Which brings us back to.. I sign the paperwork, I’m not your husband anymore and you don’t have to worry about who I’m fucking. Ergo.. I’m no longer your problem.
(1:23:43 AM) The Cosmos:
{Lia looks at him} Why can’t you see this from my point of view? You want me to give up everything what are *you* giving up.. you can’t even give up other women, Seth.
(1:24:22 AM) The Universe:
{Seth stands, drops the money on the table to cover the drinks he ordered for them, looks at her} The other women I’m getting paid to fuck? {shakes his head} I’ll sign the fucking paper work. I’ll go home and do it right fucking now.
(1:24:43 AM) The Cosmos:
{Lia blinks}
(1:24:45 AM) The Universe:
{Seth heads for the door}
(1:24:53 AM) The Universe:
{Van blinks when Lia does}
(1:25:04 AM) The Universe:
{the other boys are just like “whoa”}

(1:25:34 AM) The Cosmos:
{Saige looks at Seth, looks at Van} I’ll be right back. {kisses him and heads for the door after Seth}

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