April 26

Her Skin Smells Better Than the Scent of Every Flower in the Desert

David woke up around four a.m. to the sound of Loch banging on his door.  He swore up a storm all the way to the door, opened it and headed for the coffee maker.  If this series of interruptions in David’s already erratic sleep patterns was a nightly occurence, David was pretty sure he would’ve killed Loch years ago.  As it was, it happened infrequently enough and events tonight had been important enough that David thought he could overlook it.  For now.


After a couple of cups of coffee and a couple of shots followed by a hot shower, David and Loch headed up to the ranch in David’s pickup with a bed load of lumber and tools.  They parked outside the barn, leaving the radio blaring and the high beams pointed toward the house and David went though the barn to check that the horses were fed and let them know he was there.  He fed them if they needed it and then headed back out to the truck.  Loch opened the gate to the pasture and David drove the truck through.  After closing the gate again and securing it, David and Loch drove along the fence line until they reached the first in series of needed repairs.  David figured they’d made enough noise to wake the dead and if Taryn wanted to bother them while they worked, she was welcome to it.  Loch and David worked, harassing good naturedly back and forth as they made their way along the fence line.

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