April 26

Her Skin Smells Better Than Every Flower – More Than Business Partners, Lia and Seth Arrive

(6:54:31 PM) The Universe:
{Loch, Akhiro and Tristan are sitting at the usual table with the usual drinks}
(6:56:09 PM) The Cosmos:
{Renee walks in, heads for the table, and sits next to Akhiro, leans over and kisses him}
(6:56:41 PM) The Universe:
{Akhiro smiles, kisses her back} You’ve got to hear this.
(6:57:01 PM) The Cosmos:
{Renee smiles} All right.
(6:57:12 PM) The Cosmos:
{Sangria sits in Loch’s lap}
(6:57:28 PM) The Universe:
{Akhiro looks at Loch} Tell her.
(6:58:34 PM) The Universe:
{Loch smiles, takes a drag off his cigarette} So.. we go up to “mend some fences”, right? And before the body’s even cold.. David makes his move and mends some fences of his own. {looks at Ren} He and Taryn are makin’ another go of it.
(6:59:18 PM) The Cosmos:
{Renee blinks} Shit. {looks at Akhiro} Wow. And she was so upset when we were there.
(6:59:55 PM) The Universe:
{Akhiro nods} Yeah, I know.
(7:00:21 PM) The Universe:
{Loch shakes his head} She was puttin’ up a good front for us, but she felt better after I talked to her.
(7:00:43 PM) The Universe:
{Tristan looks at Loch, arches a brow} *You* managed to make her feel *better*? How’d that happen?
(7:00:52 PM) The Cosmos:
{Renee looks at Loch} What he said.
(7:01:34 PM) The Universe:
{Loch looks between them} I’m not a complete idiot. I just told her sometimes people don’t mesh. That it’s not always someone’s fault, it’s just a chemistry thing.
(7:02:07 PM) The Universe:
{Tristan looks at Sang} Explain to me how *Loch*, of all people, talks to her and makes things better and *I* talk to her and completely fuck everything?
(7:02:32 PM) The Cosmos:
{Sangria shakes her head} He got me back. {smiles}
(7:02:55 PM) The Universe:
{Tristan smiles} I was pretty sure it wasn’t talking that helped him with that.
(7:03:14 PM) The Universe:
{Loch looks at Tristan} Sang understands me. Like Taryn understands David.
(7:04:21 PM) The Cosmos:
{Sangria smiles} I think that’s part of it. {shrugs} Tell ’em the other part.
(7:04:24 PM) The Universe:
{Akhiro nods} I’ve got to give you that. Sometimes, he doesn’t even have to say anything and she just seems to know.
(7:04:34 PM) The Universe:
{Loch smiles} Which part?
(7:05:00 PM) The Cosmos:
{Sangria shrugs}The part about her becoming a recluse again.
(7:08:07 PM) The Universe:
{Loch rolls his eyes, looks at the others} Right. So.. she was sayin’ some shit about how she was gonna just focus on the horses and told Akhiro to fill her slot. David told her, more or less, that he wasn’t gonna let that happen. And *I* told her not to give up her spot at the dojo if it was something she loves and Akhiro wouldn’t give her private lessons at home if she was just hiding. And she asked us what happens when one of us divorces our band wife and I told her she didn’t have to be a band wife to be around. So, I think she gave up the recluse idea pretty quickly. {looks at Tristan} And I think she’s gonna keep goin’ to the dojo. It’s gonna be awkward, but I pretty much told her to push through and eventually it’ll right itself again. That it won’t if she just hides herself away.
(7:08:39 PM) The Universe:
{Akhiro nods in agreement with Loch’s statement regarding the private lessons}

(7:10:24 PM) The Cosmos:
{Renee shakes her head} I tried to tell her she wasn’t going to get away with hiding. She was adamant that’s what she was going to do {smiles} To make it easier on Tristan.
(7:11:00 PM) The Universe:
{Tristan shakes his head} Bullshit. And that’s all I’m saying about *that*.
(7:11:30 PM) The Universe:
{Loch smiles} Just so it’s a matter of public record.. I don’t think David would’ve made a move at all if she hadn’t all but told him to.
(7:12:17 PM) The Cosmos:
{Sangria shakes her head and looks at Tristan}
(7:12:36 PM) The Universe:
{Akhiro looks at Loch} So what do you think? Is this rebound?
(7:13:16 PM) The Cosmos:
{Sangria looks at Akhiro} See I wasn’t even gonna ask that?
(7:13:32 PM) The Cosmos:
{Renee nods} It was my first thought.
(7:13:34 PM) The Universe:
{Loch shakes his head, takes a sip of his drink} I don’t know, but I don’t think so. There’s some pretty serious history there. Hell, I was almost jealous.
(7:13:53 PM) The Universe:
{Akhiro nods to Ren, looks at Sang} You weren’t going to ask but it would’ve been what everyone’s thinking.
(7:14:25 PM) The Cosmos:
{Sangria nods} I know.. still. {looks at Loch} Why were you almost jealous?
(7:14:49 PM) The Universe:
{Loch looks at them} Guys.. listen to this. Did you know David was there when Taryn’s horse was born? Apparently, he was a twin, too and almost died. {looks at Sang, smiles} Listen to this and you’ll know why. {looks at the others and tells them the Hershey bar story}
(7:15:29 PM) The Universe:
{Loch looks at Sang} I’m jealous that they’ve got stories like that. I mean, what kind of stories do he and Aubrey have? Or her and Tristan?
(7:17:14 PM) The Universe:
{Loch looks at the others} They’ve got stories that they laugh over. Hell, she could barely bring herself to smile when we got there but by the time breakfast was ready, he not only had her laughing but it was almost like she *didn’t* get dumped less then twelve hours before that.
(7:22:30 PM) The Cosmos:
{Sangria smiles} He’s different with her then he is with anyone else.
(7:23:00 PM) The Universe:
{Loch looks at Sang, smiles} Oh, yeah, he is. From the sounds of it, they were a pretty solid couple until everything went to shit.
(7:23:52 PM) The Cosmos:
{Renee looks at Loch, shrugs} If you consider sneaking around hiding from everyone solid.

(7:24:35 PM) The Universe:
{Loch looks at Renee} What’s your problem, Ren?
(7:25:51 PM) The Cosmos:
{Renee shakes her head} I don’t have a problem, Loch.
(7:27:16 PM) The Universe:
{Loch looks at her for a second, shakes his head} Maybe they managed to be solid *because* they were hidin’ from everyone.

(7:28:07 PM) The Cosmos:
{Sangria nods} Maybe.
(7:29:10 PM) The Universe:
{Loch nods, takes a sip of his beer}
(7:30:00 PM) The Cosmos:
{Renee sighs} Look, I didn’t mean anything by it. I was just thinking that it was kind of like an affair.
(7:31:57 PM) The Universe:
{Loch looks at Ren} Babe.. we were in high school. {smiles} *Everything* we did was like an affair and most of it involved sneaking around and hiding from everyone. That’s half of why we did it.
(7:33:01 PM) The Cosmos:
{Renee nods} All right. I do think their stories are cool.
(7:34:09 PM) The Universe:
{Loch just looks at her} What’s botherin’ you, Ren? That she and Tristan broke up, that she got with David or that it happened so fast?
(7:35:56 PM) The Cosmos:
{Renee looks at Akhiro then at Loch} I just… It’s almost like she was waiting for Tristan to break it off with her and this was one big charade from the beginning.
(7:47:19 PM) The Universe:
{Loch arches a brow} That’s.. retarded.
(8:00:35 PM) The Universe:
{Tristan looks at Ren} Ren.. They were at each other’s throats for ten years. They’ve got major history, the abortion, all of it. I don’t think it was a charade or she was just waiting for me to break up with her. I do think it’s pretty obvious at this point that she still had feelings for him. And maybe part of her *was* hoping they’d get back together. I *do* think she thought that would never happen and it was time to let it go and move on and that’s what she was trying to do with me. {shrugs} And I also think she was trying to be what I wanted because she was afraid I’d walk out on her like he did. She probably would’ve done the same thing with anyone she was with. And yanno what? If he can make her happy, I don’t have a problem with that.
(8:01:38 PM) The Universe:
{Tristan takes a sip of his drink} I also think that when they *did* get close again, and we broke up, she saw an opportunity that could be once in a lifetime and she wasn’t going to let it slip away from her.
(8:03:03 PM) The Universe:
{Tristan looks at Sang} I mean.. you can relate, right? When you and Loch broke up and you thought it was over.. when you realized you could be together again… how did that make you feel?
(8:15:37 PM) The Cosmos:
{Sangria looks at Tristan} Oh it made me want to jump right back into things with him.. but I knew I couldn’t. But our situation was very different. {looks at Renee} I also agree with Tristan. I don’t think it was a charade. Taryn’s not like that.
(8:16:36 PM) The Universe:
{Tristan nods} That’s something I’d think about Saige before I thought it about Taryn.
(8:17:59 PM) The Cosmos:
{Renee nods} All right. {looks at Loch} It’s not really retarded. {smiles} If it had been Saige or Aubrey you’d’ve jumped all over that. I’m not really being bitchy. {shrugs} I know I sound it but I’m also not real clear headed today.
(8:19:17 PM) The Universe:
{Loch smiles} Oh, I’m not favorin’ Tar. {makes a show of thinking for a minute} Wait.. no… {smiles again} *Tary*…. I’m favorin’ David on this one.
(8:19:51 PM) The Cosmos:
{Sangria looks at Loch and blinks} Teri? Are you kidding me?
(8:20:13 PM) The Universe:
{Loch smiles at Sang} Apparently, that’s what he calls her.
(8:20:37 PM) The Cosmos:
{Sangria shakes her head} Aww that’s so cute.
(8:20:57 PM) The Universe:
{Akhiro laughs} *David* has a cutesy name for a girl? That’s.. priceless.
(8:22:06 PM) The Cosmos:
{Sangria smiles} Do not think it’s lost on me that he’s probably the only one on the planet that can call her baby girl or little girl and not get dropped.
(8:22:17 PM) The Universe:
{Tristan smiles, shakes his head} I was just gonna say that.
(8:23:06 PM) The Universe:
{Akhiro smiles at Sang} Add “Tary” to the piggy back ride and there’s enough sweetness there to fuel a sugar high for days.
(8:23:37 PM) The Universe:
{Loch smiles at Sang} Is this where we out him?
(8:23:41 PM) The Cosmos:
{Sangria laughs} Oh I know. {looks at Tristan} Great minds.
(8:23:58 PM) The Cosmos:
{Sangria nods} Sure. {grins} But *you* get to do that.
(8:26:26 PM) The Universe:
{Loch laughs} All right. I’m figuring it’s safe *now* cuz they’re together. {looks at the others} “I find myself tellin’ her shit that I wouldn’t tell anyone else. Talkin’ to her more than I talk to anyone else.” Something about how he can’t get away from herbecause she won’t let him and how she’s gettin’ over on him.
(8:27:27 PM) The Universe:
{Loch smiles again} Basically, with a combination of sleep deprivation and incredibly annoying persistence, we broke him down and he all but told us he’s totally wrapped up in her.
(8:28:05 PM) The Universe:
{Akhiro shakes his head} We suspected there was *something* there, but.. I don’t think we realized he had it that bad.
(8:28:37 PM) The Universe:
{Tristan smiles} She’s a hard girl not to get wrapped up in. {shrugs} Now he just needs to stick around this time and keep his dick his pants.

(8:30:24 PM) The Cosmos:
{Sangria nods} Yes he does. {looks at Loch} And I’m thinkin’ there’s a test for that.
(8:31:27 PM) The Universe:
{Loch looks at Sang, smiles}Yeah, but who?
(8:31:36 PM) The Cosmos:
{Renee looks at Loch} Wow.. I didn’t realize he was *that* gone.
(8:31:46 PM) The Cosmos:
{Sang smiles} Why Romy of course.
(8:32:43 PM) The Universe:
{Loch looks at Ren} But think about it.. all the girls he goes through. The fact *none* of them are anything like Taryn. It’s a whole lot easier to walk away from a girl who’s the antithesis of everything the love of your life is than a girl who keeps reminding you of her. {looks at Sang, smiles} *That’s* evil.
(8:33:38 PM) The Cosmos:
{Sangria shrugs and smiles} Not if you let her in on it {grins at Tristan} And let Tris console her.
(8:33:52 PM) The Universe:
{Tristan laughs} That’s *good*.
(8:34:12 PM) The Cosmos:
{Sangria smiles} I *know*.
(8:34:27 PM) The Universe:
{Loch smiles} The ultimate test?
(8:34:38 PM) The Cosmos:
{Renee laughs} Sangria I didn’t know you had it in you.
(8:35:15 PM) The Cosmos:
{Sangria nods and smiles} Totally. If he can stand up to her.. {shrugs} I’m thinkin’ he’s good.
(8:35:48 PM) The Universe:
{Akhiro looks at them} That’s kind of dangerous, isn’t it? What if he *does* stand up to her but Taryn sees them together and *thinks* he isn’t?
(8:36:25 PM) The Universe:
{Tristan nods} And there’s that. And what if she’s so convinced there was something going on that it doesn’t matter if he said no or not?
(8:36:33 PM) The Cosmos:
{Sangria shrugs} That’s why You and Ren’ll keep Tary busy.
(8:36:52 PM) The Universe:
{Akhiro arches a brow} We will? {looks at Ren}
(8:37:07 PM) The Cosmos:
{Sangria looks at them} Then I’ll come clean and take the beating Tar’ll give me for it.
(8:37:57 PM) The Universe:
{Akhiro shakes his head} I don’t know. She trusts him now. I don’t know if we should fuck with that. It’s a lot easier to lose than it is to get back.
(8:38:41 PM) The Universe:
{Ethan walks in with Brennan and their respective women, all but runs to the table and drops into his seat, grins} What’re we talkin’ about?

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