April 26

Gotta Meet the Hottie With the Million Dollar Body – D.C. Part 2

Saige: {the girls watch the guys, Lia glancing at Seth every so often}
Saige: {Saige smiles} So where do we start the scene?
The Boys: {Seth looks over at Saige, smiles} Oh, I think since we’re the only ones here, we can just jump right into it.
The Boys: {Van smiles} Normally, there’s an actual script and scene written out.
Saige: {Saige nods} All right..
The Boys: {Van racks the balls on the pool table and Seth grabs a cue and breaks before putting the cue away}
Saige: {Saige watches the guys}
Saige: {Saige saunters over to the bar and hops on a stool, leaning back on the bar on her elbows watching the guys her legs crossed, motions Lia over, who comes over and sits on a seat facing the bar, Saige smiles at Lia} Those are some fuckin’ hot boys.
The Boys: {Van walks over and leans back against the wall, deciding to let Seth take the lead and Lia to get an idea of what to expect because she doesn’t have one}
The Boys: {Seth walks over to the bar, looking Saige over, reaches over the bar top and grabs a beer that’s already had the cap removed, takes a long drink, looks back at her and looks her over again, smiles and offers it to her}
Saige: {Saige smiles and reaches for the beer}
The Boys: {Seth reaches behind her with his free hand, grabs a fistful of hair, yanks her toward him} You want that?
Saige: {Saige gasps} Yes.. please.
The Boys: {Seth pulls her head back, holds the bottle up and tilts it over her, letting the beer run out onto her face}
Saige: {Saige shivers, moving her tongue to catch the beer}
Saige: {Lia watches completely transfixed}
The Boys: {Seth moves the bottle so the stream is pouring over her chest}
The Boys: {Van watches, keeping an eye on Lia}
Saige: {Saige grinds out, getting into the role} Ass.. that’s my best shirt.
The Boys: {Seth watches Saige, empties the bottle, moves it down to her leg and runs the cold glass over her skin} You like that, slut? {pushes the bottle between her legs} What’d you call me?
Saige: {Saige trembles, and looks him in the eye} Asshole.
The Boys: {Seth pulls the bottle away, sets it on the bar, slaps her lightly} What’d you call me?
Saige: {Saige smiles snarkily} Asshole.
The Boys: {Seth, fighting the urge to smile at her spirit, slaps her again a little harder} Watch your mouth, slut.
Saige: {Saige curls her lip} No.
The Boys: {Seth arches a brow, tightens his hold on her hair, forces her to her knees, using her hair for leverage} Guess you need something better to do with that mouth. {frees himself with his free hand, slaps her again} Open it.

Saige: {Saige looks up at him wide eyed, clenching her jaw} No.
Saige: {Saiges eyes travel to his rather impressive cock}
The Boys: {Seth half smiles, jabs his first two fingers against her lips, mashing them against her teeth}
Saige: {Saige’s mouth opens}
The Boys: {Seth shoves his fingers into her mouth, pressing them against the soft skin under her tongue and pressing down}
Saige: {Saige opens her mouth wider wincing}
Saige: {Lia flinches}
The Boys: {Seth takes his cock in hand and pushes it into her mouth, forcing it to the back of her throat}
Saige: {Saige wimpers but takes it as far as she can before she chokes, and tries to back up}
The Boys: {Seth pulls back until she stops resisting}
Saige: {Saige goes still when she’s not choking, rolls her eyes up to him}
The Boys: {Seth watches her, trying to gage her limits, inches forward very slowly}
The Boys: {Seth stops when he finds the sweet spot, holds himself there}
The Boys: {Van takes a sip of his beer, watching}
Saige: {Saige holds his look as long as she can before she closes her eyes, tears slipping out of the corners of her eyes}
The Boys: {Seth, over his shoulder to Van} You know you want a piece of this, bro. This bitch is *good*. {pulls out, wipes the tears from her face as he leans down and kisses her roughly again}
The Boys: {Seth whispers against her lips} *Really* good.
Saige: {Saige kisses him when he kisses her, swallows and smiles}
Saige: {Saige quietly} Thank you.
The Boys: {Seth brushes his thumb over her cheek again before forcing her back to her feet, pulls her over to the pool table}
Saige: {Saige stumbles behind Seth}
The Boys: {Seth gets her to the pool table, moves behind her, pulls her skirt up in the back and shoving her down so she’s forced to catch herself with her hands on the velvet}
Saige: {Saige leans forward on the table}
The Boys: {Van pushes away from the wall, walks around the table, runs his hand over Saige’s ass after Seth lifts her skirt, smiles, pulls back and gives her a whack to rival David’s}
Saige: {Saige flinches and tears spring to the her eyes, yelping}
Saige: {Lia jumps at the crack and gasps}
The Boys: {Van looks over at Lia as he moves the cold bottle over the area he smacked, smiles as he moves it lower and slips it between Saige’s legs, slowly eases it into her}
Saige: {Saige shivers as the beer bottle slides into her, breathing fast}
Saige: {Saige lets loose with a string of obscenities}
The Boys: {meanwhile, Seth uses his free hand to grab the neck of her shirt and rip it open, gropes her chest while Van slowly fucks her with the bottle}
Saige: {Saiges hips move as she’s being penetrated and manipulated}
Saige: {Lia turns around to watch, blatantly}
The Boys: { after a couple of minutes of that, Van withdraws the bottle, leans over the pool table so Saige can see him, looks into her eyes as he takes another drink, sucking the top of the bottle clean}
The Boys: {Seth looks over at Lia, watches her reaction}
Saige: {Saige sighs and moans loudly}
Saige: {Lia almost squirms in her seat}
The Boys: {Van and Seth exchange a glance, Seth nods slightly and Van gets up and walks over to Lia}
The Boys: {Seth uses Saige’s hair to pull her back into a standing position, uses his free hand to grab a handful of her chest, leans down and takes it into his mouth, nipping in between other mouth action}

Saige: {Saige flinches at the first nip but when she realizes he’s not actually biting she relaxes into it, making a variation of sounds}
Saige: {Lia watches Van}
The Boys: {Seth varies the strength of his bites until he gets a response from her somewhere between “oh” and “ow” that he recognizes as being painful but still erotic and goes with that}
Saige: {Saige reaches for Seth’s cock, her hand closing around it}
The Boys: {Seth pulls away from her, smiling, moves behind her and moves her arms into the previously discussed position, pulls her head back, ties her hair around her arms and then takes off his belt, wraps that around her arms to reinforce the hold}
Saige: {Saige groans at the position not realizing previously that it would be uncomfortable}
The Boys: {Seth pushes her forward onto the table again}
The Boys: {Van walks up to Lia, places the bottle he fucked Saige with against her lips and tilts it up}
Saige: {Lia pulls away}
Saige: {Saige goes forward on the table}
The Boys: {Van reaches around and grabs her by the hair with his free hand, pulls her head back into place}
Saige: {Lia yelps}
The Boys: {Van pauses long enough to give her a chance to say the safe word but not long enough for it to be obvious that’s what he’s doing}
Saige: {Lia looks at Van}
The Boys: {Van presses the bottle to her lips when she doesn’t say it, tilts the bottle a little higher}
Saige: {Lia drinks from the bottle}
The Boys: {Van watches her, slides the bottle into her mouth, tilting it back down to keep the beer from spilling into her mouth and choking her, quietly} Suck that like you’re sucking my cock.
Saige: {Lia wraps her lips around the tip of it, her fingers wrap around the thick part of the bottle, moving her hand as she licks the rim of the bottle before sucking it}
The Boys: {Van watches her, his eyes dark} Get it in there.
The Boys: {Van moves his free hand from her hair to Lia’s throat gripping it more gently than he did previously}]

Saige: {Lia takes the bottle and pushes it back as far as she dares, her eyes on Van}
The Boys: {Van licks his lips, fucking her mouth with the bottle for a couple of minutes before pulling it out and replacing it with his tongue while Seth digitally enhances Saige’s experience as she’s bent over the pool table}
Saige: {Lia kisses Van back with uncharacteristic exuberance, while Saige’s knees buckle at the pool table, her body responding to Seth’s ministrations}
The Boys: {Seth pulls his hand away, smacks her right on her clit and immediately begins rubbing her vigorously}
Saige: {Saige screams} Ow.. unh.. {her feet moving to keep her steady}
The Boys: {Van breaks the kiss, grips Lia’s arm firmly and turns her to face the bar, holds her there with a hand planted against the middle of her back as he reaches for her skirt with his free hand and rips it along the seams, yanking it away from her and tossing it to the floor}
Saige: {Lia blinks and steels herself}
The Boys: {Seth smacks Saige there again and goes back to rubbing her even more roughly than before} Come on, slut, get it.
The Boys: {Van looks Lia over, his eyes moving to her ass, gives it a hard smack}
Saige: {Saige’s hips move and buck as she tries to move them away from him, her body shuddering her moans and noises getting louder}
Saige: {Lia flinches and yells} Ow.
The Boys: {Van rubs her ass before giving it another hard smack, drops to one knee behind her and digitally enhances *her* experience}
The Boys: {Van looks up at Lia’s back} Did you say something?
Saige: {Lia shakes her head, as her body comes to life under Van’s succor}N..n..no.
The Boys: {Van nods, turns his attention back to what he’s doing, moves both hands to her ass, spreads her lips apart and goes down on her showing her why he makes the big bucks}
The Boys: {that goes on for a bit, increasing in intensity as the guys use their professional experience to judge their activities and adjust the intensity accordingly, after the girls have been well used, Van and Seth talk them down and show them to the showers, get showers themselves and meet them back in the interview area}
The Boys: {the girls having been used by both men and from opposite sides of the pool table so they could watch each other’s violations}
The Boys: {Seth and Van sit on the couch while they wait for the girls to finish cleaning up and dressing}

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