April 27

Finding Happiness in Misery – Ethan’s Show Intermission, Second Half and After

(7:58:02 PM) Girls:
<Heather laughs when Sang gets grabbed by Loch and moves off grabbing Brennan as Bree jumps off the stage and grabs Samuel, Saige grabs Ethan as he jumps off the stage>
(7:58:20 PM) Boys:
<Ethan laughs when Saige grabs him and dirty dances with her>
(7:58:43 PM) Boys:
<and all kinds of hip thrusting and grinding ensues>
(7:59:25 PM) Boys:
<Loch smiles at Sang as he grabs her by the hips and dances close to her>
(8:00:27 PM) Girls:
<Sang gets all up in Loch’s shit while she dances grinding with him>
(8:02:22 PM) Boys:
<Ethan dances with Saige for a few minutes, before dirty dancing her over to the table and taking a seat, pulls her into his lap and grabs his beer, takes a long drink>
(8:03:08 PM) Boys:
<Ethan grins up at Saige> How much fun are *you* having?

(8:03:22 PM) Girls:
<Saige laughs> Oh my god. This is great.
(8:03:43 PM) Boys:
<Ethan laughs> Yeah.. those last couple weren’t on the list. They’re just songs we fuck around with during practice.
(8:04:32 PM) Girls:
<Saige smiles> That’s cool though. You were great up there. Van was saying Loch’s spot light might be in trouble.
(8:04:49 PM) Boys:
<Ethan smiles, shakes his head> I’m not after his spot light.
(8:05:13 PM) Girls:
<Saige nods> I know. But that’s how good you were.
(8:05:40 PM) Boys:
<Ethan smiles again> Thanks. *I* was having a shit ton of fun.
(8:05:58 PM) Girls:
<Saige smiles> *That’s* obvious.
(8:06:27 PM) Boys:
<Ethan laughs, looks around the bar, smiling> Apparently, I wasn’t the only one. <looks at her> Seth and Siobhan? *Really*?
(8:06:56 PM) Boys:
<Ethan grins> I guess music really does bring people together.
(8:07:10 PM) Girls:
<Saige smiles> Yeah. Van kidnapped Lia.
(8:07:21 PM) Boys:
<Ethan laughs> Yeah. *That* doesn’t surprise me.
(8:07:41 PM) Girls:
<Saige shrugs> Me either really. They’re really close.
(8:08:00 PM) Boys:
<Ethan nods> She’s a nice girl. We all dig her.
(8:08:14 PM) Girls:
<Saige smiles> So do we.
(8:08:37 PM) Boys:
<Ethan smiles, looks back at Lia and Van> Doesn’t hurt that she’s easy to look at. She’s just so *non* threatening.
(8:09:27 PM) Girls:
<Saige looks over at Van and Lia, smiles> Yeah she is and he’s real gentle with her.
(8:09:51 PM) Boys:
<Ethan nods> She kind of inspires that, I think. I’d probably be the same way. Tristan, too.
(8:10:12 PM) Boys:
<Ethan smiles at Saige> And then there’s Loch.
(8:10:23 PM) Girls:
<Saige smiles> Yeah.. and then there’s Loch.
(8:11:20 PM) Boys:
<Loch heads over to the table with Sang for *his* beer>
(8:11:55 PM) Girls:
<Saige blurts> He wouldn’t know what to do with her.
(8:12:11 PM) Boys:
<Ethan looks at Saige> Van?
(8:12:39 PM) Girls:
<Saige laughs> Loch.
(8:13:13 PM) Boys:
<Ethan laughs> *Loch* would do the same thing with her he does to everyone else. Desensitize her. Or traumatize her. I’m not quite sure which yet.
(8:13:54 PM) Girls:
<Saige smiles, then looks at him> Is that what he did with Sang?
(8:14:21 PM) Boys:
<Ethan laughs again> What? Traumatize her? <grins> The jury’s still out.
(8:15:07 PM) Girls:
<Saige smiles brighter, then grins at Loch and Sang>
(8:15:19 PM) Boys:
<Loch sits down, pulling Sang into his lap and kissing her soundly before pouring a beer>
(8:15:40 PM) Boys:
<Loch looks over at Saige> Why are you looking at us like that?
(8:15:53 PM) Boys:
<Ethan smiles> I just told her about Major Schlong.
(8:16:00 PM) Girls:
<Saige bursts out laughing>
(8:16:25 PM) Boys:
<Loch smiles, shakes his head, looks at Sang> He told *us* about it at band practice.
(8:16:42 PM) Boys:
<Ethan smiles at Sang> Because I forgot to do it at lunch the other day.
(8:16:58 PM) Girls:
<Sang laughs> Did he do the whole thing for you?
(8:17:22 PM) Boys:
<Loch laughs> Yeah. <smiles> I thought Tristan was gonna piss himself laughing.
(8:18:16 PM) Girls:
<Sangria laughs> Baby, I almost did when he did it at Splash Panic. I was laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes.
(8:18:35 PM) Boys:
<the other band members make their way over for their drinks>
(8:18:55 PM) Boys:
<Ethan smiles again> I told them about the skull crushing too.
(8:19:11 PM) Boys:
<Loch grins> And then he told us about the *skull crushing*.
(8:19:18 PM) Girls:
<Sangria laughs even harder> Oh hell.
(8:19:30 PM) Boys:
<Ethan laughs, to Loch> And we don’t have to talk about *that* right now.
(8:19:59 PM) Girls:
<Sangria smiles at Ethan> But you *are* going to tell me later right?
(8:20:13 PM) Boys:
<Ethan smiles at Sang> Only if you *really* want to hear all the sordid details.
(8:20:39 PM) Girls:
<Sangria laughs> Of course I do.
(8:21:45 PM) Boys:
<Ethan smiles again> Let me just say this for now… my skull wasn’t the only that got crushed. I had to replaster the wall behind the headboard.
(8:22:43 PM) Girls:
<Sangria smiles> Shit babe.. <looks at Loch> Talk about banging the brakes off that shit.
(8:23:13 PM) Boys:
<Loch smiles at Sang> You’ve seen her, right? Does she *look* like the kind of woman that would be happy with anything less?
(8:23:26 PM) Boys:
<Ethan smiles broadly> And I aim to please.
(8:24:35 PM) Girls:
<Sangria smiles at Loch> No she really doesn’t. <looks over at Ethan, grins> I bet you do. <Saige leans in and whispers> How many times did you almost call her Sang?
(8:25:02 PM) Boys:
<Ethan blinks, almost chokes on his beer, looks at Saige> *What*?
(8:25:26 PM) Girls:
<Saige shakes her head> OH.. nothing.
(8:26:08 PM) Boys:
<Ethan smiles again> None. But I almost called her “Saige” a few times.
(8:26:31 PM) Girls:
<Saige laughs> Liar.
(8:26:51 PM) Boys:
<Ethan grins> Or.. am I?
(8:27:11 PM) Girls:
<Saige smiles> Totally.
(8:27:30 PM) Boys:
<Ethan laughs> Babe.. you’re assuming I could even form a coherent thought.
(8:27:44 PM) Boys:
<Ethan smiles> Let alone formulate syllables.
(8:27:47 PM) Girls:
<Saige smiles> See?
(8:28:35 PM) Boys:
<Ethan laughs again> My *point* is.. I wasn’t *thinking* about anyone but her. And if I *was* going to think about someone else, it would *not* be.. you know. It would be anyone *but*.
(8:30:05 PM) Girls:
<Saige smiles> Okay…okay.. <leans in and kisses his cheek>
(8:31:49 PM) Boys:
<Ethan smiles again, breathes, looks over as Tristan, Akhiro and David sit down and start passing alcohol, Akhiro> We owe it to ourselves and our fans to be at least as drunk as they are.
(8:34:32 PM) Girls:
<The girls come over with their guys, Sangria laughs> As long as you can play the second set. <Nikki smiles at Tristan> Really.
(8:35:46 PM) Boys:
<Tristan smiles at Nikki> Especially since we’re not all as talented as David. I swear to god, the more fucked up he is, the better he plays.
(8:36:01 PM) Boys:
<David smiles and slams a shot> That’s why you guys keep me around.
(8:37:25 PM) Boys:
<Akhiro smiles> Shit. Who’s going to notice? <smiles at Ethan> Nice touch with giving Bree the once over there during Jessie’s Girl.
(8:37:35 PM) Boys:
<Ethan grins> I was particularly fond of that moment myself.
(8:41:27 PM) Girls:
<Sangria laughs> That was great.
(8:42:46 PM) Boys:
<Ethan grins> Dude. She’s *hoooooot*. I’d’ve done it to Sang, too, but she wasn’t on the stage anymore.
(8:43:22 PM) Girls:
<Sangria smiles> Babe.. You *know* I get uncomfortable up there.
(8:43:52 PM) Boys:
<Ethan smiles at Sang> *Why*? We’re the band. You’re the eye candy. *You* make *us* look even cooler.
(8:43:58 PM) Boys:
<Loch nods sagely> True shit.
(8:44:41 PM) Girls:
<Sangria smiles and looks at Loch> So you *want* me up there?
(8:44:55 PM) Boys:
<Loch looks at Sang, smiles> Have you *seen* you?
(8:45:29 PM) Girls:
<Sangria smiles> Of course I have.. I just didn’t think that …<Grins> Yes.. I have.
(8:45:39 PM) Boys:
<Loch laughs>
(8:46:27 PM) Girls:
<Sangria smiles> I’ll make it a point to get up there then.
(8:46:38 PM) Boys:
<Loch smiles> Sweet.
(8:47:28 PM) Girls:
<Sangria smiles> Hell between me and Bree You’ll all be playing through the backs of your guitars hands free.
(8:48:18 PM) Boys:
<the boys laugh, Ethan smiles broadly> You do that to us from the audience.
(8:49:07 PM) Girls:
<Sangria looks at Ethan> I’ve been doing it to *you* since “the incident”.
(8:49:15 PM) Girls:
<Sangria grins>
(8:49:54 PM) Boys:
<Ethan blinks> You *saw* that?
(8:50:25 PM) Boys:
<David laughs> Babe.. we’re just thinkin’ about Ren’s hot tub when that happens.
(8:50:59 PM) Girls:
<Sangria smiles> I was traumatized by it until I got home and Tristan calmed me down. <leans over and whispers> I felt it.
(8:51:27 PM) Boys:
<Ethan smiles> I wasn’t talking about *that*. I meant.. <laughs> Nevermind. We’ll go with that.
(8:52:00 PM) Boys:
<Tristan looks at Ethan> Explaining “morning wood” to my little sister was a bit uncomfortable by the way. I never did thank you for that.
(8:52:18 PM) Girls:
<Sangria looks at Ethan, frowns> How many incidents have there been?
(8:52:43 PM) Boys:
<Ethan laughs> I can’t help it if she squirms in her sleep *and* spoons. <looks at Sang> I’m a man. I have an “incident” every time I get laid.
(8:53:07 PM) Boys:
<Ethan smiles more broadly> And every time the wind blows.
(8:53:34 PM) Girls:
<Sangria smiles and sings> And jizz in my pants.
(8:54:01 PM) Boys:
<Ethan laughs> Hey. That hasn’t happened to me in *years*. <looks at Saige, mouths “days”>
(8:54:40 PM) Girls:
<Saige cracks up>
(8:54:47 PM) Boys:
<Ethan smiles>
(8:55:23 PM) Girls:
<Saige smiles> Only because you keep giving girls special presents.
(8:55:40 PM) Boys:
<Ethan looks at Saige curiously> Special presents?
(8:56:23 PM) Girls:
<Saige leans over and whispers, singing> Your “Dick in a box”.
(8:57:43 PM) Boys:
<Ethan laughs again, smiles broadly> Only if *they* supply the box.
(8:58:09 PM) Girls:
<Saige blinks> Ethan!
(8:58:26 PM) Boys:
<Ethan laughs> I’m sorry! I couldn’t help it.
(8:59:02 PM) Boys:
<Ethan grins, whispers> Think Sang would spank me for that one?
(8:59:11 PM) Girls:
<Saige laughs> Oh my god. That was just awful…ly funny. <Saige nods> Totally.
(8:59:29 PM) Boys:
<Ethan smiles, sighs dramatically> If only.
(9:00:50 PM) Girls:
<Saige laughs and leans back against Ethan, whispers> I’ll spank you. But I don’t think it’s the way you’d want it.
(9:01:21 PM) Boys:
<Ethan smiles, wraps his arms around her, whispers back> If you weren’t with my brother, I’d seriously consider taking my chances.
(9:01:48 PM) Girls:
<Saige smiles>
(9:01:59 PM) Boys:
<Ethan smiles, rests his chin on her shoulder>
(9:02:30 PM) Boys:
<Brennan heads back over when Aubrey goes back to work, takes a seat, smiles at the others> This is the most fun we’ve had in a while.
(9:03:03 PM) Boys:
<Ethan looks at Brennan, smiles> It’s about time, I’m thinking.
(9:03:15 PM) Boys:
<Brennan nods> No shit. We’ve been way too serious, way too long.
(9:03:17 PM) Girls:
<Renee looks at Brennan> You should have been with us the other night.
(9:03:46 PM) Boys:
<Brennan looks at Ren, smiles> Girls’ night? I got the texts.
(9:03:58 PM) Boys:
<Loch smiles> We *all* got the texts and passed them on to whoever didn’t.
(9:05:09 PM) Girls:
<Sangria laughs> A picture is worth a thousand words.
(9:06:13 PM) Boys:
<Brennan smiles> And fun as hell to caption when you *don’t* have the words.
(9:06:40 PM) Boys:
<Seth and Van come back over with Lia and Siobhan>
(9:06:45 PM) Girls:
<Sangria laughs> Oh I can’t wait to see what you’ve done with those.
(9:11:19 PM) Boys:
<Van and Seth take their seats>
(9:23:20 PM) Girls:
<Siobhan and Lia come back and take theirs too>
(9:24:16 PM) Boys:
<Van looks at Saige who’s sitting on Ethan’s lap, laughs> That’s new.
(9:24:41 PM) Girls:
<Saige laughs> He did it.
(9:24:59 PM) Boys:
<Ethan smiles at Van> After she jumped me coming off the stage.
(9:25:27 PM) Girls:
<Saige laughs> I didn’t have anyone to dance with.
(9:25:45 PM) Boys:
<Ethan looks at Saige, arches a brow> Oh, I see how it is.
(9:26:32 PM) Girls:
<Saige blinks> Wait.. I mean.. He was just so sexy how could I resist?
(9:26:47 PM) Boys:
<Ethan smirks, teasingly> Too late.
(9:26:57 PM) Boys:
<Van smiles, lights a cigarette>
(9:27:14 PM) Girls:
<Saige hangs her head in mock shame> Guess I should be punished for that.
(9:27:54 PM) Boys:
<Ethan nods sagely> I’ll have to leave that to the guys that are better at it than I am. <smiles> If I do it, we’ll end up in a room together agreeing to “let’s not and say we did”.
(9:28:27 PM) Boys:
<Van smiles> I’ll take care of it for you later.
(9:28:35 PM) Girls:
<Saige laughs>
(9:29:18 PM) Girls:
<Nikki looks at Tristan, smiles, leans in and whispers> Thank you.
(9:29:45 PM) Boys:
<Ethan looks over at Siobhan, smiles> I wasn’t sure you were going to make it.
(9:29:52 PM) Boys:
<Tristan looks at Nikki, whispers> For what?
(9:30:16 PM) Girls:
<Nikki smiles> Making me go the other night.
(9:33:18 PM) Boys:
<Tristan smiles> Thank you for going.
(9:35:12 PM) Girls:
<Nikki smiles> I had a lot of fun and really got to know them better and it was incredibly enlightening.
(9:40:32 PM) Boys:
<Tristan laughs> Enlightening? *This* I have to hear.
(9:40:53 PM) Girls:
<Siobhan looks over at Ethan, smiles back> I wasn’t sure I was going to either.
(9:41:05 PM) Boys:
<Ethan nods> I’m glad you did, though.
(9:42:08 PM) Girls:
<Siobhan takes a deep breath> Thanks. I am too. I just wasn’t sure if I should or not or even if you wanted me here.
(9:42:39 PM) Boys:
<Ethan looks at her> I don’t want you gone from my life, Siobhan. We’ve got way too much history.
(9:43:19 PM) Girls:
<Siobhan reaches for a cigarette, lights it> I just wasn’t sure if it was too soon.
(9:43:43 PM) Boys:
<Ethan nods, takes a sip of his beer>
(9:44:32 PM) Girls:
<Siobhan inhales the cigarette deeply, exhales> You were good up there, Ethan.
(9:44:58 PM) Boys:
<Ethan nods> Thanks. I had fun doing it.
(9:46:13 PM) Boys:
<Loch watches Ethan and Siobhan> *Now* shit’s awkward. Go back to ignoring each other.
(9:46:37 PM) Girls:
<Siobhan looks at Ethan> That was very evident.
(9:46:46 PM) Girls:
<Siobhan looks at Loch>
(9:47:13 PM) Boys:
<Loch looks at Siobhan> It’s that or hug it out. But do *something* a little less painful for the rest of us to watch.
(9:48:20 PM) Girls:
<Siobhan looks at Loch, smiles> Shush. We’re doing the best we can.
(9:48:41 PM) Boys:
<Loch smiles> Oh, look. She’s smiling and it’s not breaking her face.
(9:48:44 PM) Boys:
<Ethan looks at Siobhan> We can talk later if you want.
(9:49:17 PM) Girls:
<Siobhan looks at Ethan and ignores Loch> Okay.
(9:49:25 PM) Boys:
<Samuel brings Bree back to the table so *she* can get a drink and cool down>
(9:49:35 PM) Boys:
<Ethan nods> Cool.
(9:50:14 PM) Girls:
<Heather looks at Bree> Aren’t you singin’ tonight?
(9:50:49 PM) Girls:
<Bree grabs a mug and fills it from the pitcher, and takes a long drink> Maybe later.
(9:51:22 PM) Boys:
<Samuel sits down next to Bree, pours a beer>
(9:51:39 PM) Girls:
<Heather nods> Cool.
(9:51:43 PM) Boys:
<Seth looks at Siobhan, mouths> “You good?”
(9:52:24 PM) Girls:
<Siobhan hits her cigarette and nods, mouthing back>”You?”
(9:52:44 PM) Boys:
<Seth smiles, mouths back “You should know”>
(9:53:13 PM) Girls:
<Siobhan smiles and mouths back> “Incredibly”.
(9:53:36 PM) Boys:
<Seth smiles again, mouths “right back atcha”, takes a sip of his drink>
(9:54:16 PM) Girls:
<Siobhan laughs quietly as she takes a sip of her drink>
(9:59:25 PM) Girls:
<Renee looks at Akhiro smiles> The male parental unit has come and gone. I never even had to see him the lawyer took care of everything. I’m autonomous now. There is nothing financially connecting us at all. The house is up for sale and I found a place. <grins>
(10:00:25 PM) Boys:
<Akhiro smiles> Where and what’s it like?
(10:02:26 PM) Girls:
<Renee smiles> It’s a small apartment over one of the shops on the same block as Splash Panic. <looks at him> And when I say small I mean I have to buy new shit because my bed won’t even fit in the bedroom.
(10:03:54 PM) Boys:
<Akhiro nods> Or.. you could just stay with me.
(10:04:35 PM) Boys:
<Akhiro looks at her> Unless you’re going for some self sufficiency growth and experience, in which case, forget I said anything.
(10:06:04 PM) Girls:
<Renee smiles> I very much appreciate the offer…but I don’t want to cramp Tristan’s style and I think this could be an interesting experience. I was thinking about even paying myself and just living off that for a while you know just to see if I can do it.
(10:06:31 PM) Boys:
<Akhiro arches a brow> Are you having an early midlife crisis?
(10:06:49 PM) Girls:
<Renee looks at him> I don’t think so.. why?
(10:07:02 PM) Boys:
<Akhiro shakes his head> Just wondering.
(10:07:23 PM) Girls:
<Renee grins> I thought it might be challenging.
(10:08:50 PM) Boys:
<Akhiro laughs> As long as you’re fully aware of your actions.

<Renee smiles> Of course it would affect you too. <frowns> And the parties would have to be…less. Though I did snag all the alcohol from the wet bar.
<Akhiro shakes his head> You can throw them at my place.
<Renee smiles> I could. <looks over at him> What do you think?
<Akhiro smiles> I think it’s a wonderful idea.
<Renee smiles> You don’t think I’m being stupid?
<Akhiro arches a brow> Why the hell would I think that?
<Samuel whispers to Bree> She’s gonna pay herself and live on just that to “see if she can do it”.
<Renee shrugs> I don’t know. I just want to see if I can you know. <smiles again> I’m thinking only for a little while…
<Bree whispers back to Samuel> Slummin’ to see how the other half lives?
<Akhiro smiles> It’s a good idea, baby.
<Renee smiles> Okay.
<Samuel shakes his head, whispers> I was just thinkin’ it must be nice to be able to *choose* to be a broke ass bitch as a sort of trial thing.
<Bree nods softly> Yeah but you didn’t see what she dropped on girls night and wouldn’t let anyone pay for *anything*.
<Samuel nods, whispers> Akhiro does the same shit. They’re as bad as Genja.
<Bree quietly> I felt so out of place at that restaurant she took us to. Didn’t recognize half the shit I was eating and then when the bill came she just signed it without even looking and <lowers her voice> I saw it.. 1200 dollars. Just for *dinner*. I mean I had a lot of fun and it was wicked cool feeling like some kind of VIP but I couldn’t do it all the time.
<Samuel nods, whispers> That’s what I’m sayin’. It must be nice to have a *choice* about how broke you are. And to be able to change your mind whenever you decide you don’t like it.
<Ethan looks at Loch> So.. I’m going to go back stage and light one up before we have to get back to work. Who’s coming with me?
<Loch smiles> I’m there.
<Bree nods> It really must be. I mean it didn’t seem to bother anyone else so much.
<Sangria moves off Locks lap, and Saige gets off Ethan’s>
<David smiles at Taryn> I’m goin’ to. <kisses her> Love you.
<Taryn smiles> Love you too baby. <kisses him back>
<Sangria kisses Loch> Have fun.
<Loch kisses Sang back> You, too.
<Ethan, Loch and David head backstage>
<Tristan smiles at Bree> You going?
<Bree nods> Yeah. <kisses Samuel> See you later, Baby.
<Samuel smiles> I’ll be here.
<Bree heads off with the guys>
<Samuel watches her go, smiles again, lights a cigarette>
<meanwhile, backstage, Ethan and the boys light up, smile collectively when Bree comes in>
<Ethan hits the joint and offers it to Bree> So.. apparently, we’re smoking Aiden’s shit now. <smiles> Dig it.
<Bree takes the joint and smiles> Aiden’s is the best homegrown on the planet. <hits it and passes it to Loch>
<Loch takes the joint, nods, hits it and passes it on to David> How you likin’ life in Solitude?
<Bree smiles> I’m diggin’ it.
<Ethan takes the joint from David when he hands it off, hits it and passes it to Bree again, holding the smoke, exhales, blurts> I think I tried talking to Siobhan too soon.
<David smiles at Ethan> Or you should’ve tried it when you didn’t have a hot girl sittin’ in your lap.
<Ethan looks at David> My *brother’s* hot *girlfriend*, you mean.
<Bree smiles> Still a hot girl.
<Ethan looks at Bree> Really? I mean.. you think David’s right?
<Loch shakes his head> Dude… she probably knows all about you and Heather. Yeah, he’s right.
<Bree nods> Probably. It would have looked like to me you were sayin’ Hey, check me out, we broke up but I’m not dead.” And I know that’s *not* you. But it’s still where our minds go. Specially considerin’ she ain’t gettin’ none.
<Ethan sighs> Fuck. I didn’t even think about that.
<Bree smiles> I also think taking all that into consideration…It went very well.
<Loch shakes his head> Don’t sweat it too hard. Consensus is she’s too cold for you. She was doin’ it again.
<Ethan nods to Loch> I just didn’t want it to look like I was ignoring her, you know?
<Bree shakes her head> No she wasn’t. She wasn’t sure what to say. And she’s probably still hurtin’. <looks at Loch> It took a lot of courage for her to come here tonight. This is his gig. Cut her some slack. <looks at Ethan> And no I’m not takin’ her side. I agree with them.. you need someone more… open.
<Bree smiles> Emotionally available.
<Ethan nods> Yeah, I guess.
<Loch shakes his head> She was totally givin’ him that cold bullshit. <looks at Ethan> And she was bringin’ you down with it. Do *not* let her do that shit *tonight*. Not while we’re in the middle of one of our better shows.
<Bree shakes her head>
<David nods> Loch’s right about that part, at least. I don’t know about the rest of it but… yeah, you probably should’ve waited til after the show to try talkin’ to her.
<Ethan nods again, takes the joint from whoever had it, hits it and passes it off>
<Bree smiles> Talk to her later and *see* if she’s not easier to talk to. Or if it doesn’t get easier.
<Ethan nods to Bree, looks at her> The problem with all the emotionally available women in town is that none of them are available. And while Heather’s pretty open *physically*, I’m thinking not so much *emotionally*. That and she’s not staying.
<David takes the joint, hits it> That and you fucked each other way too fast for it to be anything other than it was.
<Bree nods> Heather’s…different..for her being available physically is how she’s open emotionally.
<Ethan looks at Bree> And.. I would have *no* clue how to deal with that.
<Ethan shrugs> Especially since I’m not even sure what that means.
<Bree nods> So just sit back and enjoy your single status. <smiles> I have a feelin’ things might be shaking loose soon.
<Ethan looks at her curiously> You have a crystal ball we don’t know about?
<Bree shakes her head> No. .I can just feel a shift in the air.
<Ethan nods> Okay.
<Bree smiles> Seriously… though.. keep doin’ what you’re out there doin’ and You’ll be gettin’ panties thrown at you.
<Ethan smiles, shakes his head> Panties don’t do me a lot of good if no one’s wearing them.
<David grins> But girl’s will do you a lot of good if they’re not wearin’ panties.
<Loch laughs> *Especially* if they’re not wearin’ ’em.
<Bree smiles teasingly> I don’t usually wear ’em.
<Ethan looks at Bree> That is wrong on *so* many levels. <sighs dramatically> And *you’re* not available either.
<Bree grins> No. but I’ll dance my ass off for ya.
<Ethan smiles> I *do* like the way you dance.
<Bree grins> And I’ll keep dancin’ for you then.
<Akhiro and Tristan walk in, Akhiro> You guys ready to get back to the show?
<Loch looks over, nods> Let’s do it. <hands Bree the joint> Finish it off, babe.
<Bree hits the joint cashing it and pinches off the cherry, hands Loch the roach back, smiles>
<Loch takes the roach, puts it in his wallet and heads back to the stage>
<Ethan looks at Bree, smiles, heads back to the stage with Loch>
<Bree looks at Tristan and Akhiro, smiles> You guys ready?
<Tristan smiles> Always.
<Akhiro heads for the stage> We live for this shit.
<Bree smiles at Tristan> How’d your date go?
<Tristan smiles again> We decided to wait til Saturday when I don’t have to work so I have more time to cook.
<David heads to the stage with Akhiro>
<Tristan watches them go, looks back at Bree> She said she had a lot of fun the other night.
<Bree smiles> She really did. She talked nonstop. She and Sang took on a bouncer and won.
<Tristan smiles> Sweet. I like her a lot, but trying to divide time between her and my friends wasn’t going to work. Not on a nightly basis, you know?
<Bree nods> I do. <smiles> And now you don’t have to. Renee dragged her off to the bathroom as soon as we got to the restaurant. They came back like best friends.
<Tristan nods> I was really hoping, yanno? I mean.. I totally thought she *would* get along with everyone, but I also thought it might work better with just the girls doing girl shit. Smaller crowd, all women, more likely to be able to find some common ground. <smiles> I figure, if she’s anything like Sang, talking about men.. whether it’s bitching about them or just agreeing on the hot ones.. is probably a bonding experience.
<Bree smiles> You would have been proud of them.. one of the bouncers called Sang adorable.. and she lost her shit.. told him in no uncertain terms that he was a chauvinist pig and we still got in.
<Tristan laughs> Because she’s “adorable” even when she’s chewing your ass.
<Bree smiles> Babe. *I* thought she was cute as fuck going at him with her finger out and all but poking him in the chest and he could barely contain the laugh.
<Tristan smiles, nods> She used to do it to Loch all the time, too, and he just couldn’t take her seriously. But he *could* take her to bed and usually did.
<Tristan looks at her> That said.. my sister is *not* above using her feminine wiles.. despite being a feminist.. to get a guy where she wants him. She just usually *doesn’t*.

<Bree laughs>
<Tristan smiles> Come on. The band’s waiting. <heads for the stage>
<Bree follows him to the stage>
<the band retakes the stage, while back at the table they order another round>

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