April 26

Angels Fall From the Sky – Evander and Siobhan Come Home

Ethan left the Rock Bottom and headed back to the apartment he shared with his brother Evander to grab some dinner and get in bed with a good book, but his plans were thwarted when he walked in to find Evander sitting in the living chair waiting for him.  Evander, who he’d left in North Carolina with the relatives.  Evander didn’t even bother saying hello or letting Ethan get the door closed before saying what was on his mind.  “Thanks for leaving me behind,” he said somewhat snarkily.  Ethan shook his head smiling as he closed the door and headed into the kitchen.  “I’m sorry.  I figured you’d get a ride back with Brennan,” he said contritely.  Evander stood, walked over to the breakfast bar and leaned against it, watching Ethan dig a frozen TV dinner out of the freezer.  “Don’t worry about it,” he replied, “thanks to your rather sudden and dramatic exit, you missed the *really* good shit,” Van said, smiling.  Ethan looked over at him as he put the dinner in the microwave.  “Christ.  What’s the *really* good shit?  Someone spontaneously combust?”  Van shook his head.  “No, but almost.  We had the reading of the will this afternoon.  Aunt Kay thought she was going to get everything, right?” Ethan nodded.  “Yeah. She’s always thought that.  And grandkids can’t inherit or something.”  Van nodded again and took a seat at the bar.  “Yeah, well.. Nana completely fucked her.  Apparently, a few months before she died, while she was still healthy enough that no one could contest anything, she signed the house over to Brennan.  So, technically, the house wasn’t even hers when she died.  It’s his.”


Ethan nearly fell over at his brother’s statement.  “Are you kidding?”  Van smiled.  “Hell no, I’m not kidding.  Basically, because she didn’t trust banks and kept her money stuffed in her mattress, there was no proof she even had any.  And as far as everyone  knows, she didn’t.  Everyone thinks she was broke and living on Social Security or something.  And the mortgage was paid by insurance when granddad died.”  Van smiled.  “Oh, and she sold everything *in* the house to Brennan for a dollar when she signed the house over.  So, technically, she didn’t own a damn thing when she died.  The car, too.”  Ethan arched a brow.  “Is that even legal?” he asked skeptically.  Van shrugged.  “I don’t see why not.  She was of sound mind when she did it.  So, according to Brennan, she wanted us to have the money and he gets the house and car.  I think Kay got the life insurance and she had to pay for the funeral out of that.”  Ethan smiled.  “So, he gets to stay there, start over, and in his own house that’s paid for?  Nice.  For someone who didn’t trust the system, the old biddy sure played the hell out of it.”  Van smiled and nodded.  “She would’ve sold off the house, given everything to charity and lived in a shelter to keep Kay’s hands off it.  Her and that gold digging prick she married.  Now let’s just hope Brennan can manage to stay out of trouble.”  Ethan smiled and pulled his dinner out of the microwave.  “I don’t know.  I think in the process of screwing Aunt Kay, she just may have managed to force Brennan to become responsible.  I mean, he might not have a mortgage payment, but he’s going to have property taxes, utilities, home and car insurance.  There’s no way he’s going to fuck up and lose Nanas’ house.  She means too much to him for that.”  Van nodded.  “True.  Anyway, I came back in Brennan’s car right after Aunt Kay stormed out of the house screaming about lawyers and shit.  I’ve had about enough family time to keep me the rest of my life.”  Ethan nodded.  “I hear ya.  Now wait til I tell you what our friends have been up to while we were gone….”

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