April 26

Angels Fall From the Sky – Encounters

Siobhan: {Siobhan leads the way outside}
Siobhan: {Aubrey looks at Ethan} Or they’re *both* gonna end up in trouble.
Van & Ethan: {Ethan watches them go, takes a drag, smiles and nods}
Van & Ethan: {Van follows her out, stopping to hold the door open for her before following her though}
Siobhan: {Siobhan goes through the door and waits for him, looks over at him smiling}
Van & Ethan: {Van looks at Siobhan, smiles} What?
Siobhan: {Siobhan shrugs} I just want to know what’s bugging you.
Van & Ethan: {Van shakes his head} Nothing’s bugging me. Why?
Siobhan: {Siobhan walks over to him and takes his hand} Because you seemed to get tense.
Van & Ethan: {Van smiles, shakes his head} This is just the way I am.
Siobhan: {Siobhan nods and smiles} All right.. but for the record.. if you need or want to talk.. I’m here.
Van & Ethan: {Van looks at her, smiles} Babe.. I’m fine. Really. A little tired from the trip, happy as hell to be home and away from all that, but that’s it.
Siobhan: {Siobhan smiles} Okay.. so about that pen.. {reaches into her back pocket, pulls out a pen and hands it to him}
Van & Ethan: {Van takes the pen, looks at her, smiles} You wanna relieve that stress for me?
Siobhan: {Siobhan smiles} Told you I was willing to sign.
Van & Ethan: {Van, smiles again, puts the pen the inner pocket of his coat, looks back in the diner} I think they’ll be okay unsupervised for a while.

Siobhan: {Siobhan smiles} Probably.
Van & Ethan: {Van starts toward the apartment} Girls like that are more his thing mine anyway.
Siobhan: {Siobhan walks with him} So what girls are your thing?
Van & Ethan: {Van looks over at her, smiles} I could tell you, but.. then I’d lose all that mystique.
Siobhan: {Siobhan laughs} You just don’t give up anything about yourself do you.
Van & Ethan: {Van shakes his head, smiling} That’s not true. There are just certain areas I don’t venture into with just anyone. {looks at her} And I didn’t mean that to sound the way it did. About girls like her being more his thing.
Siobhan: {Siobhan looks ahead} Oh.. how did you mean it to sound?
Van & Ethan: {Van shakes his head} I just meant it wouldn’t happen no matter who else was or wasn’t around. Not like there was some kind of competition or anything.
Siobhan: {Siobhan smiles} I didn’t think there was a competition. I do think she’s more his type and less yours.
Van & Ethan: {Van smiles} Apparently, she’s a little on the violent side.
Van & Ethan: {Van looks at her, smiles more broadly} And I’d like to *not* have to schedule a hernia operation as a result of a wild night.
Siobhan: {Siobhan smiles} And you like your girls a little more subdued? {laughs} Oh my god…
Van & Ethan: {Van laughs} If by subdued you mean not kicking my balls back up inside me, then, yeah, I’d have to go with that.
Van & Ethan: {Van looks at her, smiles} I like women who are a little more together.
Siobhan: {Siobhan nods} More mature?
Van & Ethan: {Van nods} More mature.. I guess. But definitely who *don’t* run around getting arrested with Brennan.
Siobhan: {Siobhan nod} I can see that.
Van & Ethan: {Van looks at her} Women tend to be among the bad choices he makes. I don’t doubt that Ethan could handle her, though. He’s got his shit way more together than Brennan does.
Siobhan: {Siobhan smiles} but of all of you, you have it the most together.

Van & Ethan: {Van smiles} Well… Ethan’s pretty together, but he’s kind of drifting right now. Like this business thing. He knows he wants to start one.. that’s progress.. but he has no idea what.
Siobhan: {Siobhan nods} But what about you what do *you* want?
Van & Ethan: {Van shrugs} I was thinking I’d talk to a broker. Start an investment portfolio. Something like that.
Siobhan: {Siobhan smiles} But what do you want to *do*, Van.
Van & Ethan: {Van looks ahead} Well.. I want to get into management. Do something with my shiny relatively new business degree. But it doesn’t have to be in D.C. or Baltimore.
Siobhan: {Siobhan smiles} You could manage the band.
Van & Ethan: {Van laughs, nods} I thought about that actually, but.. I don’t know. The band is more Ethan’s thing.
Siobhan: {Siobhan nods} It is…but {frowns} They are going to need a manager..someone with decent business sense. Especially if they have big dreams.
Van & Ethan: {Van nods} It’s something to think about.
Van & Ethan: {Van looks at her} But you’re the one with all the show business experience.
Siobhan: {Siobhan nods} Which would make me a decent agent. There’s a difference. And they shouldn’t be the same person.
Van & Ethan: {Van smiles} Yeah, see.. I have no idea what you’re even talking about.
Siobhan: {Siobhan smiles} The manager handles the money end of things while the agent handles bookings and even publicity.
Van & Ethan: {Van arches a brow} So.. why did I think the band manager handled all of it?
Siobhan: {Siobhan shrugs} A lot of times they do.. but that’s how musicians and stars and models get scammed. You have both an agent and a Manager the agent knows how many seats or bookings at what cost and the manager knows how much {shrugs} You can’t get scammed unless they’re working together.
Van & Ethan: {Van stops walking, looks at her, smiles}
Siobhan: {Siobhan stops and turns to him, tilts her head} Did I say something?
Van & Ethan: {Van, still smiling} So.. I can handle the money end. And you’d make a good agent *and* you have contacts in the business. And *he’s* our drifting aimless rock star.
Siobhan: {Siobhan nods and smiles} Well yeah.
Van & Ethan: {Van nods, starts walking again} So, let’s do it.
Siobhan: {Siobhan walks with him} Really? You think?
Van & Ethan: {Van looks at her} Why not? We’re all kind of drifting right now, anyway. Worse case.. what happens? Our lives aren’t depending on this, you know? We have enough savings that between the three of us sharing the apartment, we aren’t suffering financially even without 9-5 careers.
Siobhan: {Siobhan smiles} All right. So.. This isn’t going to make us popular with the girlfriends.
Van & Ethan: {Van looks at her curiously} Why should it be a problem?
Siobhan: {Siobhan smiles} Because If were gonna do this it’s serious shit. Long hours of practice and shows and not just playing around here. Traveling. The guys are gonna get pissy with us and each other. {smiles brighter} They are going to need promo shots of them together and separately, a demo c/d and a ton of other stuff I can’t even begin to think of right now.
Van & Ethan: {Van smiles, nods, looks ahead} I know. The girls probably think this is just a hobby for them right now. At least most of them. I guess it’s time they realize it’s not and make the decision to get off the train or not.
Siobhan: {Siobhan nods} Exactly. For the guys as well. I mean.. this is going to take time and effort on their part as well. {smiles} If we do this we’re going to need a lawyer too.
Van & Ethan: {Van nods, looks at her} This isn’t going to happen overnight, though, and they need to realize that too.
Siobhan: {Siobhan shakes her head} It won’t. It may not happen at all.. but I believe it will and it can for them.
Van & Ethan: {Van nods} And if it doesn’t.. it’ll be a hell of a ride anyway and they won’t be able to look back and regret not doing it.
Siobhan: {Siobhan nods} Exactly. {Smiles} They won’t and they shouldn’t. And they should enjoy this time.
Van & Ethan: {Van smiles} So, I guess moving to DC is out, after all.
Siobhan: {Siobhan nods} Yes it is. {smiles} This also means that you and I are going to be working very closely.
Van & Ethan: {Van nods} *And* living together.
Siobhan: {Siobhan nods} Yes. And living together.
Siobhan: {Siobhan smiles} Like you said one hell of a ride.
Van & Ethan: {Van smiles, nods, looks ahead} So.. is this where we make the rational, logical, thinking ahead choice or we just roll the dice and see what happens?
Siobhan: {Siobhan smiles} This is where we do what we want tonight and see what happens in the morning when we talk to the guys.
Van & Ethan: {Van looks at her} Let’s talk to the guys after the show. David needs to be there and I want to see how the girls handle it. {smiles} And David’s new fiancee.
Siobhan: {Siobhan smiles} Yes. That’s perfect.
Siobhan: {Siobhan laughs} Are we gonna tell Ethan first?
Van & Ethan: {Van smiles} I don’t know. Should we?
Siobhan: {Siobhan shakes her head} No. I don’t think so.
Van & Ethan: {Van nods} I was leaning toward surprising him, too, actually.
Siobhan: {Siobhan stops turns toward him and throws herself into his arms, smiling and almost giggling} We’re really gonna do this.
Van & Ethan: {Van laughs, wraps his arms around her}Yes, we are.
Siobhan: {Siobhan pulls back and looks up at him} How awesome is this going to be. I mean.. *really*? I didn’t know what I was going to do. {smiles winsomely at him}
Van & Ethan: {Van looks at her, smiles, doesn’t say anything for a second} I think.. this is going to be *amazingly* awesome. For all of us.
Siobhan: {Siobhan nods, still smiling} I think you’re right.
Van & Ethan: {Van smiles teasingly} Told you I was the one with my shit together the most.
Siobhan: {Siobhan laughs} And you’re going to get to use that shiny new degree.
Van & Ethan: {Van laughs, nods} Yes, I am.
Siobhan: {Siobhan shakes her head} I think coming home was the best decision I’ve made in a long time.
Van & Ethan: {Van lets her go, takes her hand again and starts walking, nods} Coming home is *never* a bad decision.
Siobhan: {Siobhan turns and starts walking with him, nods} I wasn’t sure I was going to for a while… I thought I might just check in… {shakes her head} But I knew… Knew it wouldn’t work and I needed to get out.
Van & Ethan: {Van looks at her} For what it’s worth.. we’re glad you’re back.
Siobhan: {Siobhan smiles} It’s worth a lot, Van. {searches his eyes when she looks over at him, softly} It’s worth a lot.
Van & Ethan: {Van smiles} I know. I mean.. I don’t *know*, but.. I can imagine a bit at least.
Siobhan: {Siobhan nods and smiles} I think you might know.
Van & Ethan: {Van smiles again, nods} I’ll take your word for it.
Siobhan: {Siobhan laughs} You were away for a while.. with college and all right?
Van & Ethan: {Van nods} There was that, yeah. But I didn’t have to deal with reporters chasing after me and shit.
Siobhan: {Siobhan nods} It’s frightening to realize that someone is taking pictures of you.. almost stalker like.
Van & Ethan: {Van looks at her}*That* I think I have an idea about.
Siobhan: {Siobhan tilts her head} You do?
Van & Ethan: {Van nods} I had a girl in college I got involved with. She was pretty stalkerish. I found her going through my drawers one day and a friend of hers called me a couple of days later. She told me she found a notebook that was all this crazy shit about me. A whole notebook cover to cover. And then there were the pictures. She had *tons* of them. Pictures she’d taken that I didn’t know about. Anyway, her friend said what freaked her out the most was that a couple of them had the faces scratched out and holes in the eyes like she’d stabbed a pen through them.
Siobhan: {Siobhan blinks} Shit. What’d you do?
Van & Ethan: {Van looks at her} So, her friend tells me to get out and get out *now*.. like I *needed* that advice… and don’t look back. {smiles} I got the fuck out. That Spring Break, we were out with the band and the girls.. had a hotel room on Virginia beach. She shows up and starts acting like we were together and I was fucking around on her or something. Saige gave her the beat down of her life. I mean went totally apeshit on her when I told them what this girl’s deal was. {smiles} She was screaming all this crazy shit about how I was hers and she’d kill me before she let my ex have me.
Van & Ethan: {looks at her} This was *Saige* saying this shit. She basically went even more batshit than my ex was and scared the hell out of her. I mean, they say the way to scare off psychopaths is to be crazier than they were. I guess it works because that’s what Saige did and my ex took off and I never heard from her again.
Siobhan: {Siobhan smiles} That’s perfect. I mean I can see Saige being all grr about her guy. We’re you guys actually dating at the time?
Van & Ethan: {Van shakes his head} No. Saige and I happened in high school.


Siobhan: {Siobhan smiles} Which makes it even better.
Van & Ethan: {Van looks at her} But she is a hell of an actress. *I* was almost convinced I was hers and she was going to kill me before she let someone else have me. {nods}
Van & Ethan: {Van smiles} Meanwhile, the guys are standing behind us doing everything they can not to laugh out loud.
Siobhan: {Siobhan looks at him} It’s good she cared that much.
Van & Ethan: {Van nods} That was before Justin. Everything changed after that. After that, she wasn’t the same girl, yanno? I mean, she couldn’t look at a guy without making him feel like she was gauging how fuckable he was and how long it would take her to finish with him and scheduling him into an already busy schedule or something.
Siobhan: {Siobhan looks at him} I’d heard that. Why do you think she was doing that?
Van & Ethan: {Van shakes his head} I don’t know. Grief? It makes us do some fucked up things. {looks at her} But, yeah. That girl.. the stalker ex.. has a *lot* to do with why I don’t like getting involved with local girls. *They* know where I live, yanno.
Siobhan: {Siobhan nods} I do. But you *know* us.
Van & Ethan: {Van smiles} Which is an entirely different issue. I have to see you guys every day. And whoever you’ve been talking to. {shakes his head} And just because we live in a town where everyone knows everyone doesn’t mean everyone has to know *everything* about everyone. {looks at her} And there are things people in this town or people I’m not sleeping with don’t need to know.
Siobhan: {Siobhan nods} I understand that, quite well. {looks at him} I also think that if you told your partner that they’d understand it too. {smiles} I think most of us have grown up enough to realize that certain things are not okay to talk about. {shrugs} I know I have. {looks ahead as they walk} It’s part of how I stayed off the radar for so long.
Van & Ethan: {Van nods} And yet, you have Renee who just comes out in front of everyone and asks Ethan what he’s into. {looks at her} Which is fine, but even *he* didn’t feel the need to just lay it all on the line in front of god and everyone. That said.. when I have partners, I share what’s reasonable at the time or stage of the relationship, but around here, we get bored and all we talk about is who’s doing what to who. Hell, there’s probably not a girl we know that doesn’t know the exact measurements of every guy in the band. I’m not looking for that kind of attention.
Siobhan: {Siobhan shakes her head} I can dig that. I mean.. yeah I like attention but not that kind. {shrugs} What I like to do or don’t like to do is between me and whomever I’m with. Not me who I’m with and the rest of the world. That’s why I never confirmed or denied relationships in interviews. I never let it get *too* personal. Just because I’m in the public eye doesn’t mean they get a piece of every part of me. You know.
Van & Ethan: {Van nods} And I’m going to go out on a limb here and compare being in the public eye with living in a town this small. Only here, *everyone* gets the treatment.
Siobhan: {Siobhan nods} It is very much like that. And I’ve gotten very good at dodging the questions and giving non answers.
Van & Ethan: {Van nods, stops at the door leading up to their apartment, opens it for her}
Siobhan: {Siobhan smiles her thank you as she walks into the apartment} It’s like living in a fishbowl.
Van & Ethan: {Van follows her in, heads up the stairs}

Siobhan: {Siobhan heads up too}
Van & Ethan: {Van looks over at her} I will say that something else Saige is really good at.. is keeping secrets.
Siobhan: {Siobhan looks at him} I guess if none of us knew about her books.
Van & Ethan: {Van nods} Or the pregnancy, or her engagement or the cabin she owns behind her house.
Siobhan: {Siobhan nods} Those are her secrets though. How is she at keeping everyone elses?
Van & Ethan: {Van smiles} I’ve never heard of her talking to anyone about what went on between *us* when we were alone. {stops and unlocks the apartment door, opens it}
Siobhan: {Siobhan nods} And that was high school? So maybe she’s another one that doesn’t really talk about that kind of thing you know.
Van & Ethan: {Van nods} That’s what I think. {takes her hand and leads her inside, closes and locks the door behind them, takes off his coat and hangs it by the door}
Van & Ethan: {Van helps her off with her coat and hangs it up} Hell, I don’t even know if anyone remembers us going out.
Siobhan: {Siobhan nods and smiles} Thanks.. So Renee asked Ethan what he was into. Is it possible she was just …I don’t know playing with him?
Van & Ethan: {Van nods} Of course it is. I wasn’t there. And everyone was talking about Tyran and the bondage issue. I know that much.
Siobhan: {Siobhan smiles} So maybe you aren’t giving the girls here a fair shake. {looks at him} I don’t know.. I’m just coming back myself you know.
Siobhan: {Siobhan shakes her head} I”ve gotta stop saying that.
Van & Ethan: {Van looks at her} I think it’s time you stopped talking now. {steps closer to her and takes her face in his hands, takes her mouth roughly as he pushes her back against the door, one hand moving into her hair and pulling the hair tie out, drops it on the floor, grabs a hand full of her hair as his other hand goes straight for her skirt, wasting no time at all}
Siobhan: {Siobhan gasps at the intensity of his assault and mounts her own on his mouth, her hands groping between them for his buckle and fly}
Van & Ethan: {Van divests her of her skirt and panties in short order, pulls her head back, moving his mouth to her throat, tightens his grip in her hair, pushing his hand between her legs}
Siobhan: {Siobhan frees him from the confines of his pants, taking things firmly in hand, while the other moves to his chest, a loud moan escapes her, as she pushes her hand up under his sweater}
Van & Ethan: {Van digitally enhances her experience with an enthusiasm bordering on roughness for a couple of minutes as he returns to her mouth again and kisses her with a fire that most people probably wouldn’t normally expect from him}
Siobhan: {Siobhan kisses him back the passion in the kiss burning hotly, as she moves her hand around him, the other pushes the sweater as she drags her nails over his torso, her legs tremble and shake as she all but purrs into the kiss}
Van & Ethan: {Van breaks the kiss after a couple of minutes and moves his hand under her sweater, pushing it up and over her head, drops it on the floor, steps back and gives her body a long, almost critical look, raises his eyes to hers, pulls off his shirt and tosses it, takes her arm, turns her around with the same enthusiasm he has shown previous activities, pushes her up against the door, stepping in close and pinning her with his body, moves a hand between her legs and over her thigh, lifts her leg and enters her with a practiced ease, thrusting deep and hard upon entry,whispers in her ear} You like that?
Siobhan: {Her hands splay against the door her head turns to the side her cheek presses against the wood, gasps out} Yes.. god yes.. {whispers breathlessly} Fuck me, Van.
Van & Ethan: {Van smiles, quietly} Remember you said that when you wake up from the coma I’m going to put you in. {Van continues his assault almost violently, taking her hard and fast against the door, stopping only to move to the bedroom when they finish so they can continue, leaving their clothes scattered in the living room and not even giving her a chance to take off her boots}

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