April 26

All Of You All Over Me – Van’s Secret

The Boys: {Ethan stands at the kitchen counter next to Siobhan with a cup of coffee in his hand, sipping from it as he watches Van wander between the bathroom and his bedroom showering and changing as he tries to wake up}
Siobhan: {Siobhan looks over at Ethan as she makes eggs} Will he eat?
The Boys: {Ethan smiles} Yeah, but he won’t realize he’s actually doing it til he gets some coffee in him.
Siobhan: {Siobhan smiles} Okay.. I’ll make him something too and put more coffee on, {takes a sip from the cup by her}
The Boys: {Ethan looks at her} You can always tell when he didn’t get enough sleep. When he does, he’s a *totally* different person.
Siobhan: {Siobhan nods} So we can expect this a lot?
The Boys: {Ethan shrugs} Only when he doesn’t sleep right. {nudges her with his elbow as Van, finally dressed, heads over to the breakfast bar, whispers} Watch this.
Siobhan: {Siobhan pours the eggs into a bowl turns watching}

The Boys: {Ethan smiles at Van, pushes a full cup of coffee toward him} Morning, Starshine. The earth says “hello”.
The Boys: {Van picks up the coffee and takes a healthy swallow, flipping off the earth as he does, sets the cup down} Fuck the earth.
The Boys: {Ethan laughs} That’s a healthy attitude.
The Boys: {Van looks at Ethan} Fuck you, too. It’s too early for this shit.
The Boys: {Ethan smiles} oh, it’s never too early to fuck with *you*, bro.
Siobhan: {Siobhan smiles and puts the eggs bacon and toast on the already set breakfast bar, dishes a plate of food for Van, opting for head down mouth shut, mutters} Eat.
The Boys: {Van sits, nods to Siobhan and starts eating}
The Boys: {Ethan looks at Siobhan, smiles} Oh, he won’t get shitty with *you*. You’re too pretty.
The Boys: {Van shakes his head, swallows a bite and washes it down with coffee} No. She’s feeding me.
The Boys: {Van looks at Ethan} And I like her better than you.
Siobhan: {Siobhan dishes food for Ethan and smiles as she hands him a plate, smiles} I’m used to this. Remember what I told you last night.. most of them are like this *all* the time.
The Boys: {Ethan nods} Yeah. {smiles at Van} Self centered babies?
The Boys: {Van arches a brow} Excuse the fuck out of me?
Siobhan: {Siobhan dishes a plate for herself laughs} Something like that. {looks at Van}
The Boys: {Ethan ignores Van, smiles again} I take it that phone call didn’t go very well. You know.. the one that was so important you had to come home early?
The Boys: {Van shakes his head} It went fine. {takes another bite}
Siobhan: {Siobhan arches her brow} Then who stole your teddy bear?
The Boys: {Ethan frowns} It went fine? So, what’s with all the grumpy bear bullshit this morning?
The Boys: {Ethan smiles at Siobhan for the similar reference}
The Boys: {Van shakes his head} I was up all night doing.. performance evaluations.
The Boys: {Ethan looks back at Van} Performance evaluations? You have to fire someone?
Siobhan: {Siobhan looks at him, shrugs} Who’s performance and what are you evaluating?
The Boys: {Van shakes his head} More like a review. {looks at Siobhan} Mine, actually.
Siobhan: {Siobhan smiles at Ethan} Great minds.
The Boys: {Ethan smiles, nods to Siobhan, looks at Ethan, arches a brow} They make you review yourselves? Ouch.
The Boys: {Van shakes his head, takes another drink from his cup} They don’t make me do shit. It’s something I do on my own.
Siobhan: {Siobhan tilts her head} What kind of performance?
The Boys: {Van looks at Siobhan} What kind of performance? *Job* performance. What else?
Siobhan: {Siobhan nods} No shit. What’s your job?
The Boys: {Van shakes his head} I told you. It’s freelancing shit. What’s with all the questions this morning?
Siobhan: {Siobhan smiles} Freelancing can cover a variety of…occupations. I freelanced, I’m sure Saige has and hell even the band. {shrugs} Fine. I’ll shut up. {looks at Ethan shrugs} Yeah.. totally. I think one even said something like that to me.
The Boys: {Ethan smiles at Siobhan} Damn. So, he’s a diva, too, then?
The Boys: {Van shakes his head} I’m this close to telling you *both* to fuck off. I’m pretty sure I haven’t been a self centered *baby* since kindergarten.
The Boys: {Ethan nods} You’re right. We’re sorry. That was uncalled for. {smiles} *But*.. the girlfriend and I were talking… {lets Van process that before continuing}
Siobhan: {Siobhan looks at Ethan and smiles}
The Boys: {Van looks up at Ethan, looks between them} Girlfriend? That’s great.
Siobhan: {Siobhan nods and tilts her head questioningly}
The Boys: {Ethan smiles} Yeah, I’ll let you jump up and down with joy for us later when you’re *not* pissed off for the self centered baby crack. Which I’m actually gradually feeling more and more shitty about the more I think about it. *Anyway*… we were talking and we decided you should call Saige and tell her what to wear tonight, like you were going to do last night.
Siobhan: {Siobhan nods again sipping her coffee}
The Boys: {Van looks at Ethan} Yeah, well.. the timing for your announcement *was* pretty shitty and definitely not your usual best. I *am* happy for you. And.. what the fuck are you thinking I should call Saige and tell her what to wear?

Siobhan: {Siobhan nods} It might make her see at least a couple of things.
The Boys: {Ethan shrugs} We think she’d totally do it.
The Boys: {Van shakes his head} That could totally blow up in my face. You realize that, right?
The Boys: {Ethan smiles} Yeah. But you totally *want* to, too.
Siobhan: {Siobhan nods} It is a risk. But I think she’d do it. Simply because it’s you and she listens to you.
The Boys: {Van sits back, rubs his face vigorously, drops his hands to his thighs and looks at them} What is it with everyone around here always remembering who Saige has fucked but always forgets she has a boyfriend when it’s convenient?
The Boys: {Ethan smiles} Aubrey told David she’s still in love with him.
The Boys: {Van looks at Ethan, arches a brow} Seriously?
Siobhan: {Siobhan nods} And he had a hard time keeping his eyes off her, too.

The Boys: {Ethan nods} And she asked *him* if he still felt the same about her and *he* said he couldn’t have that conversation right then.
The Boys: {Ethan smiles} And *I’m* thinking when you find that shit out about your closest friend’s boyfriend.. at the very least you give her a head’s up so she knows another woman wants her man.
The Boys: {Van looks at Ethan} Right. And be the messenger that gets shot while *she* decides to go all out to hold on to him because there’s *no* way some other bimbo’s going to take him from her whether she wants him or not.
The Boys: {Ethan arches a brow} You think that’s the way she’d go with it?
The Boys: {Van smirks} Look who we’re talking about. *Everything’s* a challenge. I totally think that.
Siobhan: {Siobhan shakes her head} *Not* with you though. She’s always listened to you.
The Boys: {Ethan nods} It could also be the excuse she needs to let him go.
The Boys: {Van looks at Siobhan} She listens to me because I *don’t* usually tell her how to live her life. I just put things in perspective for her and let her make her own decisions.
The Boys: {Ethan nods} Because it’s all in the delivery. {smiles} So.. deliver *this*, too.
Siobhan: {Siobhan nods} Exactly.
The Boys: {Van gives them a long look, considering what they’re saying} I don’t know. I don’t want it to look like I’m pushing. I’ve all but told her to get out of the relationship several times last night alone. She does not respond well to pushing.
Siobhan: {Siobhan shakes her head} It’s not pushing coming from you.
The Boys: {Ethan nods} So.. let me ask you this. If you *weren’t* worried about her response or what she was going to think about *you*.. or basically pushing her away.. if this was.. me.. and *my* girlfriend’s ex was telling her he was still in love with her and you thought she was still into him… would you tell *me*?
The Boys: {Van rakes a hand through his hair} Of course I would.
The Boys: {Ethan nods} To save me from some serious heartache later.
The Boys: {Van nods} Yeah. {shakes his head again} Okay. I get the point.
The Boys: {Ethan smiles at Siobhan} Perspective.
Siobhan: {Siobhan looks at Ethan and nods, smiling} Yes.
The Boys: {Ethan looks at Van} And if you call her now and get her while she’s potentially half asleep….
The Boys: {Van smiles} She’s much more open to suggestion.
Siobhan: {Siobhan nods} There’s that.
The Boys: {Ethan smiles when Van does} *There* he is.
Siobhan: {Siobhan smiles} Welcome back.
The Boys: {Van shakes his head, still smiling} Fuck you both. {pulls out his phone and dials Saige} Keep quiet.

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