April 26

All In, Balls Out – Ren’s “Pleasure Party”

Girls: {Renee puts the finishing touches on the food and drinks setting them up while Sangria finishes the decorations, there’s a full spread of food and alcohol as well as soft drinks, both girls are dressed in their club wear, Renee in a blue jacket with a Black vest, skintight black pants and thigh high embroidered boots, Sangria wears the outfit that Ethan likes so much, the plaid mini, A black middriff top with matching sleeves black fishnet stockings and gloves and black platform booties, they have showcased Ren’s collection moving it into the living room}
Boys: {Akhiro and Tristan show first in case there’s anything the girls need them to do, Tristan knocks on the door}
Girls: {Sangria bounds over and answers the door, grins and curtseies} Velcome to the den.
Boys: {Tristan and Akhiro smile, Tristan} Hey. We figured we’d get here early in case you guys needed anything moved or anything.
Girls: {Sangria smiles} I don’t think so come on in.. but Ren might have other ideas you know how she is.
Boys: {Tristan nods} Yeah. {walks in with Akhiro, Akhiro to Sang} Have you heard from anyone today?
Girls: {Sangria shakes her head} No one. You?
Boys: {Akhiro nods} No. I know Loch is picking up David and I expect Van, Ethan and Siobhan to arrive together.
Girls: {Sangria nods, and looks at Tristan} What about Taryn?
Boys: {Trystan smiles} Taryn’s coming with Saige. It didn’t make sense for us to drive out and pick them up when they’re both coming here.
Girls: {Sangria smiles} Yeah.. so real quick before anyone else gets here.. Loch told me that Aubrey told David that she’s still in love with him.

Boys: {Trystan arches a brow} Holy shit.
Boys: {Akhiro looks at Saige} Should I be surprised by that? Because, strangely, I’m not.
Girls: {Sangria nods} No.. but here’s what will Surprise you.. Loch said that David told her when she asked if he felt the same way that basically he’d call her when he could have that conversation.
Boys: {Trystan shakes his head} That doesn’t mean anything. Not by itself.
Girls: {Sangria smiles} And Loch told David to have that conversation…*now*.
Boys: {Akhiro arches a brow} *That* surprises.. {thinks} No. It actually doesn’t. {smiles} So, what? Loch’s trying to get them back together?
Girls: {Sangria nods} We are.
Boys: {Trystan arches a brow} “We”? Why?
Boys: {Akhiro is actually surprised by that} Wow. I fully expected you to be telling Loch to back off. Not helping him.
Girls: {Sangria shakes her head} Because David and *Saige* really? Saige is too … much you know?
Boys: {Akhiro shakes his head} Yeah, but.. that’s not up to *us*.
Girls: {Sangria looks at the boys} No.. it’s up to them. But Loch also thinks there are feelings from David’s end too.
Boys: {Akhiro looks at Sang} That’s *still* up to them. I’m not saying I don’t agree, just.. I don’t think we should be interfering either just because *we* don’t agree with it.
Girls: {Sangria nods} We aren’t interfering we’re offering advice when it’s asked for.
Boys: {Tristan nods} Besides.. we break them up and Saige is going to be free to go after every male in town that she didn’t get the first time around.
Girls: {Renee shakes her head}She won’t though.
Boys: {Akhiro looks over at Renee} Why not? We didn’t think she’d do it the first time, either.
Girls: {Renee nods} Because Van’s back and she’s all about him.
Boys: {Akhiro arches a brow} Saige and Van?
Girls: {Sangria nods} Yeah.. They spent a long time talking outside last night.
Boys: {Tristan smiles} I like that combination a lot better.
Boys: {Akhiro nods} But is he all about her?
Girls: {Renee shrugs} He pulled her outside. {Sangria shrugs} I caught him watching her last night a few times.
Boys: {Akhiro smiles} All right. If this has a good chance of ending with Saige and *Van* together.. we’re in.
Boys: {Tristan nods} Totally.
Girls: {Sangria smiles} Nice.
Girls: {Renee nods} Yes.
Boys: {Tristan shakes his head, smiles} We’re *such* shitty friends.
Girls: {Sangria shakes her head} You think? If we’re saving them from running off to the JOP…
Boys: {Akhiro looks at Tristan} If David still has feelings for Aubrey and Saige is into Van.. we’re doing them a favor. Not to mention, chances are they *will* end up at a JoP the next time they get froggy and feel like fucking with people.
Boys: {Tristan nods} True. And if they did that and do have feelings for other people.. things will get a hell of a lot messier and potentially painful for *everyone*.
Girls: {Sangria nod} Exactly.
Boys: {Akhiro nods} And we’ve had enough of that as it is.
Girls: {Renee nods} Yes. we have…
Boys: {Akhiro smiles} Then I guess it’s unanimous.

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