April 26

All In, Balls Out – Endings, Reunions and Spankings, oh my!

Girls: {Saige looks up at David, smiles} All right. {Climbs out of the tub, takes the towel and dries off} What’s up?
Boys: {David smiles again} You’ll see.
Boys: {Loch smiles} Probably David.
Girls: {Saige wraps the towel around her and smiles} All right.
Boys: {David looks at Loch, still smiling} Have you seen my woman?
Boys: {Loch laughs} Every inch of her.
Boys: {David nods} Then you know how accurate that statement is. {takes Saige’s hand and heads back into the house}
Girls: {Saige goes with him smiling}
Boys: {the boys watch Saige walk away}
Boys: {David grabs the bowl on the way through the living room, heads back to the guest room}
Girls: {Sangria looks at Loch}
Girls: {Aubrey wanders to the patio}

Boys: {Loch looks at Sang, shrugs} It’s a nice ass.
Boys: {Van smiles} *That* is a killer ass.
Boys: {the other boys nod in agreement}
Girls: {Sangria smiles} I know.
Boys: {David walks into the guest room, closes the door behind them, takes Saige’s face in his hands, kisses her heatedly, pushing her back against the door}
Girls: {Saige kisses him back her arms moving around him, deepening the kiss}
Boys: {David drops his hands to her hips}
Girls: {Saiges hands move into his hair}
Boys: {that goes on for a couple of minutes, David’s hands moving to her ass and pulling her closer, before he breaks the kiss and smiles at her} Hey.
Girls: {Saige smiles her hands moving to his shoulders} Hi.
Boys: {David presses his forehead to hers, looks into her eyes} So.. Aubrey and I just got the third degree from Ethan and Siobhan.
Girls: {Saige holds his look} Third degree about what?
Boys: {David shrugs} Shit like.. is phone sex cheating and Siobhan asked Aubrey if she’d let a guy tell her what to wear. Weird shit like that.
Boys: {David shakes his head} They said something about wanting to make sure their boundaries aren’t skewed.
Girls: {Saige frowns} Why would they ask you about that?
Boys: {David looks at her} That’s what I was gonna ask you. But if you don’t know..
Girls: {Saige looks at him} If I don’t know why they’d ask you and Aubrey about it? I don’t know.
Boys: {David nods} All right. Cuz I’m pretty sure me and Aubrey are the *last* people other people would wanna check the rightness of their boundaries against.
Girls: {Saige looks at him} Maybe they were asking you just to hear your answers.
Boys: {David looks at her} With all the shit that’s gone on lately, do you really believe that?
Girls: {Saige shrugs} No.
Boys: {David nods} Me either. So.. if you didn’t know anything about it, I figured you should know what was goin’ on.
Girls: {Saige nods} Ethan and Siobhan are askin’ questions about moral issues. {smiles} This should make the party interesting.
Boys: {David smiles} Why’s that?
Girls: {Saige smiles} Just to hear everyone’s…reactions.
Boys: {David nods} I figure Loch’s should be especially interesting.
Boys: {David looks at her} People think *I’m* skewed.. do they ever actually *listen* to him talk?
Girls: {Saige nods} Seriously. What was your answer?
Boys: {David shrugs} I said, yeah.. phone sex is cheating. And, if your woman’s lettin’ other men tell her what to wear, then you’ve already lost her. There was some other shit in there, too, but I can’t remember it all. And then Siobhan asked me if we had enough trust between us to handle the trips to New York and shit.
Girls: {Saige looks at him} Do you?
Boys: {David looks at her} Do I what?
Girls: {Saige shrugs} Trust me enough to let me go to New York?
Boys: {David nods} Yeah, I do. {smiles} Do you trust me enough to leave me home alone while you’re gone?
Girls: {Saige nods} Of course. If I didn’t I wouldn’t be with you.
Boys: {David nods} Then I guess we’re good.
Girls: {Saige smiles} We are.
Boys: {David looks at her} I wanna ask you somethin’ kinda serious.
Girls: {Saige looks at him} All right?
Boys: {David thinks about it for a second} Are things different for you now that we’re back?
Girls: {Saige nods} Yeah.. they are. I kind of expected it though.
Boys: {David looks at her} Different how?
Girls: {Saige smiles} In Leesburg it was like we were in a fairytale. Real life has set in and {frowns} I think we feel more distant.
Boys: {David nods} Me, too. {looks at her} So what do we do about it?
Girls: {Saige shakes her head} I don’t know..
Boys: {David nods} All right. Let me know if you figure somethin’ out. Or if you just decide you don’t want to.
Girls: {Saige looks at him} If I decide I don’t want to… Like I want out? Is that what you want?
Boys: {David looks at her} You always do that. I never said that or even implied it.
Boys: looks at her=looks at her, smiles
Girls: {Saige nods} I didn’t either. What are your thoughts?
Boys: {David shakes his head} I don’t know. Fixing “relationships” isn’t exactly my strong point.
Girls: {Saige nods} Mine either. {looks at him} Do you think it’s too fast?
Boys: {David looks at her} I don’t know. Maybe? {shakes his head} Since we got back, sometimes it feels like we’re not even together.
Girls: {Saige nods} I noticed that too..
Boys: {David nods} So… what about you? You think it’s too fast? {smiles} We *did* get engaged like.. the same day we got together.
Girls: {Saige nods} We did.. it might be. I don’t know.
Boys: {David nods} There’s somethin’ I should tell you.
Girls: {Saige looks at him} I’m listening.
Boys: {David looks at her} I was gonna tell you this last night, but I needed to sort it. When I was talkin’ to Aubrey outside, she told me.. basically.. that she still has feeling for me and asked me if I had still had feelings for her.
Girls: {Saige nods} I’d heard that. Do you?
Boys: {David rolls his eyes} The Loch, Sang pipeline?
Girls: {Saige Shakes her head} Van.
Girls: Through Ethan.
Boys: {David looks at her, nods} Right. When he came in the bathroom. {shakes his head} I don’t know what to think. Last time I talked to her.. you saw it. Then I hear she’s been in the hospital this whole time and I feel like a shit over that. Cuz I don’t care what she says, if we hadn’t had that fight, she wouldn’t have been on the road, but it’s done and over and can’t be undone. {looks at her} But.. yeah. I think I do. I think I always will. The question is, can you live with that?
Girls: {Saige looks at him} David.. I have to tell you something too.
Boys: {David nods} All right.
Girls: {Saige closes her eyes and opens them slowly} I think I have the same problem you do.
Boys: {David arches a brow} You have feelings for Aubrey? {smiles} I’m thinkin’ there could be an easy solution to that.

Girls: {Saige shakes her head smiles} Same problem different person..different gender.
Boys: {David nods} I knew *that* one was too good to be true.
Boys: {David takes a breath} All right.. so.. who is it? Cuz I’m thinkin’ it’s Van.
Girls: {Saige nods} You’d be right. So I’m going to ask you the same question.. can you live with that?
Boys: {David looks at her} That’s a good question. I’m thinkin’ you and Van are a little different situation.
Girls: {Saige looks at him} Probably…There’s also my curiosity about the sex clubs, which isn’t so much about the clubs as the happenings there.
Boys: {David moves away from her, leans back against the wall beside her, looks over at her} Let me ask you this.. if you had the chance to get with him.. would you do it? And tell me the truth cuz that’s all we’ve got right now.
Girls: {Saige nods} Yes. Would you with Aubrey?
Boys: {David looks at her} Yeah. I’m thinkin’ I probably would.
Girls: {Saige looks at him} So I’m thinking we know what we should do.
Boys: {David nods} Yeah. {looks at her} But I’m also thinkin’ this bridge isn’t burned and I’d like to keep it that way.
Girls: {Saige looks at him} This bridge’ll never be burned. {smiles} You mean entirely to much to me for that to happen.
Boys: {David smiles} Right back atcha. {lays his head back against the wall, looks up at the ceiling} So.. how hard do you think our friends are gonna laugh when they find out we didn’t make it more than a week?
Girls: {Saige smiles} I think they’ll be relieved. And possibly do a happy dance. {looks down, slips the ring off her finger} This doesn’t mean if you see me acting retarded you can’t stop me, you know?
Boys: {David smiles} Oh, I’m not gonna go back to lettin’ you act retarded. And it doesn’t mean we can’t take a trip to Leesburg every once in a while when things get too heavy.
Girls: {Saige smiles} I was hoping you’d say that. {holds the ring out to him}
Boys: {David takes the ring, looks at it, smiles} I think we should go back to the pawn shop. {looks at her, still smiling} Make the guy think we blame him for our divorce.

Girls: {Saige smiles} We totally should the next time we go to Leesburg. {quietly} Hold on to that. {Smiles} We may still need it down the line.
Boys: {David smiles} I was thinkin’ that, too, actually. {pushes away from the wall, shoves the ring into his pocket} I’ll keep it somewhere safe. Wouldn’t seem right givin’ it to anyone else.
Girls: {Saige smiles} So we’re not breaking up were taking a break?
Boys: {David smiles again, after a pause, nods} Yeah.
Girls: {Saige nods} Are you okay?
Boys: {David takes a deep breath, smiles} Yeah. I think I’m good. Only thing I regret is we didn’t fuck *before* we started talkin’.
Girls: {Saige quietly} Me too.
Boys: {David smiles wickedly} One for the road?
Girls: {Saige smiles} Hell yes.
Boys: {David laughs, grabs her hand, pulls her into his arms and mauls her face, dragging her towards the bed}

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