April 26

All In, Balls Out – Business Propositions, Firsts

Boys: {Tristan looks at Taryn} That he told you to shut up?
Girls: {Taryn quietly} That and that someone actually did that to Saige.
Boys: {Tristan laughs} Oh, no kidding.
Girls: {Taryn smiles}
Girls: {Jamie answers the phone}
Girls: {Jamie} Hello?
Boys: weirded out about talking to his aunt when he’s naked, wraps it around his waits, paces the living room} Hey. It’s David.

Boys: {Ethan, Loch and Akhiro watch David through the glass, Ethan} Who do you think he’s calling?

Boys:  Probably his uncle. He owns a dealership, so he knows a little somethin’ about business.

Girls: {Jamie’s smile comes through in her voice} Hey. What’s up, sugar?
Boys:  Um.. a couple of things. Me and Saige called off the engagement. Aubrey’s wantin’ me back and Siage’s sister, the one with the ranch, is talkin’ about makin’ me a partner.

Girls: {Jamie blinks} Okay one at a time… Is what happened with you and Saige, Aubrey?
Boys: {David shakes his head} Not… well..it’s just part of it. Saige has feelings for Van and he’s back in town and she wants to explore sex clubs and shit.
Girls: {Jamie shakes her head} I’m sorry. Are you okay?
Boys: Yeah. I figured when I found myself outside Aubrey’s apartment in the middle of the night that Saige and I might not be makin’ it to the altar.
Boys: {David smiles} But it’s good. *We’re* good. So, it’s all right.
Girls: {Jamie nods} That is always a good thing. So What about Aubrey. She’s the one you never brought her but the one I expected you to.. before she disappeared?
Boys:  She’s the one I’m always runnin’ hot and cold with, yeah. Apparently, after that last fight, she headed to DC and got taken out by a drunk driver in a semi. She spent the past month in the hospital. Came back sayin’ she couldn’t remember why we broke up.
Girls: {Jamie frowns} Oh.. that’s a good thing.. but how’s she been since she’s been back?
Boys:  Last night’s the first time I’ve seen her. And she’s hangin’ out with us tonight. She’s still.. aggressive. Still.. hot for me. But.. we haven’t really done much talkin’.
Girls: {Jamie nods} All right. Now the hard question.. are you into her? Beyond last night?
Boys:  I know I missed her, but.. I don’t know, she seems.. She doesn’t seem *interested* in doin’ much talkin’. You know?
Boys: {David shrugs} Not that I’ve ever been much good at it.
Girls: {Jamie smiles} You’re good at it.. and maybe she’s waiting for you to talk to her. I’m guessing if you know she wants you it’s because she’s told you that.
Boys:  Told me that.. shown me that. She’s all over me. Not that I’m bitchin’ about it.

Boys: {David shakes his head} It’s easier to talk to Saige.
Girls: {Jamie nods} Saige is friendly and outgoing. I don’t know Aubrey. {smiles} Maybe you should bring her up.
Boys:  I dunno. Saige is more than that. I trust Saige. She doesn’t judge. She told me to hold to the ring cuz we might need it again down the line. We broke up and it was like.. I don’t know. It didn’t suck, yanno? I don’t know if I wanna bring Aubrey up there so soon after goin’ up there with Saige.
Girls: {Jamie nods} I can understand that.. {smiles} So it also sounds like you and Saige aren’t totally over.
Boys:  Hell.. I’d feel better bringin’ Taryn up there. I don’t know. It’s too soon to tell. It doesn’t *feel* like we are, but.. I’m not sure what that kind of break up’s supposed to feel like, either.
Girls: {Jamie nods} Taryn.. {smiles} I think I know that name.
Boys:  I’m also thinkin’ about the future though. If I do this with Taryn.. if me and Saige *do* end up together.. I’ll feel like I deserve her. Like.. I’m on the same footing. Taryn’s her sister. I messed around with her in high school, got caught in her family’s barn with her. You caught her in my room one night.
Boys: {David shakes his head} She’s the one I broke things off with *because* I liked her and wouldn’t admit it.
Girls:  Cute little blond? I remember now. Okay so what’s stoppin’ you from the partnership?
Boys:  I don’t know. When Saige offered me the job, it felt like.. charity. Not charity, but.. like she was only doin’ it because she had a thing for me and she could, yanno? With Taryn it’s nothin’ like that. With Taryn it’s because it’s something we have in common and she knows that about me. I mean.. Fuck. Let me start over. Taryn’s always known I’ve got a thing for horses even when no one else did. Not even Saige. And *thats’* why she wants me to do it.
Boys:  Yeah. I’m *so* good at this talkin’ thing.
Girls:  You’re fine with it. Okay and you are good with horses and like them and you’re a hard worker. That actually sounds like somethin’ you’d like to do. And you know what your uncle says about work.
Boys: {David smiles, nods} Yeah. I know what he says. {blinks} Jamie…you got room for 12 more at Sunday dinner?

Girls: {Jamie nods} You know I will.. what are you thinking?
Boys:  I’m thinkin’ Saige was right. I’m thinkin’ these conversations would be a lot easier if you actually knew who these people were and I’m thinkin’ if I bring my friends up there to meet you and *not* just Aubrey.. it wouldn’t be like.. yanno.
Girls: {Jamie nods} Bring ’em on. Bring them Saturday night. We’ll get some extra campers and have that party anyway. {smiles} Then Sunday we’ll do the big Sunday dinner thing. Any requests from you?
Boys:  Now, see.. I was thinkin’ about bringin’ ’em tomorrow. Shit. I forgot to tell you.. Van.. you’ll meet him.. him and Siobhan, a retired actress we grew up with.. they’ve decide to manage the band. Van’s our manager and she’s our agent. And Sang’s our “stylist”.
Girls: {Jamie nods} Well it’s about time. {smiles} Tomorrow is good. We’ll still get the campers and party tomorrow night. It sounds like the band deserves it. As far as the partnership with Taryn goes… I say do it.
Boys: {David smiles} Yeah, all right. But I’m not gonna tell her that just yet.
Girls: {Jamie smiles} All right. Why not?
Boys: {David laughs} Cuz I’m gonna tell her you said you have to meet her before you’ll give your approval.
Girls: {Jamie laughs} Okay.
Boys: {David smiles} We’ll see you tomorrow. I love you.
Girls: {jamie smiles} I love you too. Be safe.
Boys: {David nods} You too. {hangs up and heads back outside, loses the towel and gets back in the hot tub, pulls Aubrey back into his lap, looks at Taryn} Yeah, I can’t give you an answer yet. My aunt Jamie says she needs to meet you first.

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