April 26

All In, Balls Out – Aubrey’s Secret Revealed

Boys: {meanwhile, back at Van’s apartment, Van and Saige have settled in with a nice video}

Girls: {Saige leans forward on the edge of the bed, watching wide eyed and flinching every now and then when a particularly nasty hit lands}

Boys: {Van sits on the end of the bed watching her reactions}

Girls: {Saige tilts her head when the girl is tied to a shop tool in what looks like an unnatural and uncomfortable position, hisses breath in through her teeth when she’s fucked with the handle of a hammer and a wrench, softly} Oh.

Boys: {Van looks over at the screen} Had enough yet?

Girls: {Saige shakes her head} No.. I’m going to watch the whole thing.
Boys: {Van shakes his head} All right.
Boys: {Van smokes a cigarette while she watches}

Girls: {Saige looks at him} Is that really as uncomfortable as it looks?

Boys: {Van looks at her} The hammer and wrench at the same time?

Girls: {Saige nods} And the position.

Boys: {Van looks at the screen} Um.. yeah. That’s what some of them tell me.

Girls: {Saige looks back at the screen} And you have no compunction doing that?

Boys: {Van looks at her} They’re consenting adults. They want it. If they don’t use the safe word, then, no. I don’t. I mean.. some of them are stubborn and won’t use it and we have to step in so we have to be able to gauge the situation, but.. we don’t know what they can take. We have to take their word for it.
Boys: {Van looks at the video} Hell.. Seth had one girl that wouldn’t say the safe word and he almost choked her out. If he didn’t recognize the signs.. God knows what could have happened.

Girls: {Saige nods} All right. {goes back to watching, the scene changes to the girl bound and on a dirty mattress, flinches when he starts hitting the bottoms of her feet} Ow..

Boys: {Van smiles, takes a drag} Yeah. That one’s not fun at all.

Girls: {Saige looks over at him} Does doing that actually get you hot?

Boys: {Van looks at her} I wouldn’t do it if it didn’t.

Girls: {Saige nods and turns back to the video}

Boys: {Van shrugs} It’s not about inflicting pain so much as just.. controlling the girl. Knowing she’s totally turned on by it. That kind of thing. {looks back at the video} It’s a power thing, I guess. That and these girls who don’t even know me trust me.. all of us.. probably way more than they trust most people.

Girls: {Saige nods, watches the interview at the end and tilts her head} Wow. She’s happy.

Boys: {Van nods, takes a drag} They usually are. They get off like crazy, they get the release they’re looking for.
Boys: {Van looks at her} And we spend a lot of time bringing them back down from it.

Girls: {Saige looks over at him, quietly} I think I could do it.

Boys: {Van arches a brow} *That*? That.. extreme?

Girls: {Saige shrugs} Maybe not the tools.. but yeah. I trust you.

Boys: {Van shakes his head, leans over and kisses her forehead, brushes her hair from her face, looks at her} Baby steps. Okay? Not only do *you* have to test your limits, but.. I kind of have to get used to the idea of doing that to you.

Girls: {Saige nods} My question to you is do you *want* to do that stuff to me?

Boys: {Van smiles, shakes his head, leans back, crushes out his cigarette in the ashtray, leans back on his elbows} I’ve thought about it.

Girls: {Saige looks at him} What parts of it?

Boys: {Van looks at her} Well.. definitely tying you up. The blindfolds. The power vibrator. {looks down, shakes his head} I can’t believe I’m having this conversation with you.

Girls: {Saige looks at him} Van.. when I see those rooms from the club and actually trying it.. I see myself with you.

Boys: {Van looks at her, smiles} That’s what I’m talking about. I never thought *we’d* be *here*. At this point. Having this conversation, watching these videos. Any of it.

Girls: {Saige softly} I didn’t either. {shrugs} I thought after Justin we were stuck in the friend zone.

Boys: {Van nods} That’s what I thought, too.

Girls: {Saige shakes her head} I don’t want to be your friend.

Boys: {Van smiles} Good. Because I have no intention of staying in the Zone.
Boys: {Van shrugs} And I’m thinking phone sex kind of took care of that for us.


Girls: {Saige nods} If that didn’t {shrugs} you spanking me did.

Boys: {Van shakes his head} I’ve been wanting to do *that* for years.

Girls: {Saige looks at him} Why?

Boys: {Van sits up, takes her hand, looks at her} Frustration.
Boys: {Van shrugs} To get your attention.

Girls: {Saige looks at him, quietly} You should have.

Boys: {Van nods} I know. But.. I wasn’t sure I’d get the response I wanted.

Girls: {Saige smiles} You were …afraid..to take the risk?

Boys: {Van looks at her} Yeah. Some risks are just too great and losing you is one of them.

Girls: {Saige nods} You wouldn’t have. {softly} If I’d known.. I would have left Justin..

Boys: {Van looks at her for a second, shakes his head} I didn’t think you would. When I got back from school, I wanted us to pick up where we left off but you were *so* in love with him.
Boys: {Van looks at her} and I wasn’t going to put you in an uncomfortable position.

Girls: {Saige nods} I was.. but at the end.. {shakes her head} I knew we weren’t good for each other. Do you know what we were fighting about the night he died?

Boys: {Van shakes his head} No.

Girls: {Saige quietly} The baby. I was afraid to tell him about it and waited too long. I couldn’t have an abortion without going out of state and I didn’t want one. He told me to get rid of it or we were done because he’d had enough of my “pussified pansyassed ways”. {shrugs} I told him I wasn’t getting rid of our kid and he’d be dealing with it whether he liked it or not. {looks down} He said he knew he never should have hooked up with me that I was nothing but a whore and I’d have to prove it was his. I told him to go fuck himself since that’s *all* he was good at anyway. He slapped me and left.

Boys: {Van arches a brow} Jesus Christ. Why didn’t you call me?

Girls: {Saige shrugs} Because one of the things he’d said earlier in the fight was that you’d never want me now because of the bastard I was carrying. I debated and was even holding the phone when I got the knock on the door from when of the other gang members. {looks at him} a few days later I lost it. {looks over at him, softly} Van.. I was relieved, because I knew having that baby would tie me to his family, and they hated me. Always did.

Boys: {Van shakes his head} He didn’t know me. You do. {looks at her, starts to say something, furrows his brow} Wait.. I’d never want you now? What? He knew about me?

Girls: {Saige nods} He did.

Boys: {Van nods} What’d he know?

Girls: {Saige shrugs} He came home one night and grilled me about you. What were you to me? Did we fuck? When? Stuff like that. He was incredibly.. angry that night. I just assumed he’d heard something somewhere.

Boys: {Van nods} Most likely. You know how people in this town talk.

Girls: {Saige nods} I do.

Boys: {Van looks at her} You shouldn’t have listened to him. You should’ve gon with what *you* knew and not his bullshit.

Girls: {Saige nods again} I know. But I’d been second guessing myself for so long..

Boys: {Van shakes his head} So why did you waste so much time mourning him? And the urn and the bike and, just.. all of it?

Girls: {Saige quietly} Because I thought that’s what I was supposed to do. I loved him.
Girls: {Saige shrugs} And it was my fault he died.

Boys: {Van looks at her} How can you tell me you would’ve left him for me and then tell me you loved him?

Girls: {Saige shakes her head} Because I loved you more. {looks at him} I knew he’d never compare to you.

Boys: {Van squeezes her hand} I’m here *now*. I’m not going anywhere.

Girls: {Saige quietly} Don’t.. that’s a promise you can’t make baby.

Boys: {Van starts to say something else when Ethan knocks on the door} Yo! Van!

Girls: {Saige jumps}

Boys: {Van rolls his eyes} Ethan’s timing is.. ridiculous. {looks at her} We’ll finish this after I see what the hell he wants.

Girls: {Saige nods} All right.

Boys: {Van stands and walks to the door} What the hell are they even doing home so early? {opens the door, looks at Ethan} *Why*?

Girls: {Saige looks over at the door, smiles} Fuck Ethan.. I was just about to cross the finish line too.

Boys: {Ethan smiles} Yeah, I know. At least you’re still dressed. {hands Van his phone} One.. here’s your phone. Two… we’ve got plans tomorrow. {looks past Van into the bedroom at Saige} *All* of us. {smiles} If Van was about to cross anything, he wouldn’t have answered the door and he wouldn’t still be fully dressed.
Boys: {Van takes his phone} What plans? {walks over and sets his phone on the dresser}

Girls: {Saige smiles} I didn’t say *he* was.. I said *I* was.

Boys: {Ethan steps into the room so he can get out of Siobhan’s way, looks at Saige, smiles} Touche. Anyway….Taryn offered David partnership in the ranch.
Boys: {Van looks over at Ethan, arches a brow} Partner?

Girls: {Saige blinks} Wow. {smiles} That’s actually kind of cool.

Boys: {Ethan nods} Yeah. It’s.. complicated. Anyway.. David didn’t give her an answer yet. Instead, he went inside and made a phone call. Then he comes back outside and tells us all we’re going to Leesburg tomorrow. En masse.
Boys: {Van looks at Saige} *Taryn* offered *David* partner? How does she go from thinking he’s a serial killer to *that*?

Girls: {Saige smiles} And *that’s* even cooler.

Boys: {Ethan smiles at Saige} Yeah, well.. he said his Aunt refuses to give her approval without getting to know more than Taryn’s backside. Did you know Tar got caught in David’s room in the middle of the night in high school?

Girls: {Saige blinks} I didn’t.

Boys: {Van looks at Ethan, smiles} Seriously?
Boys: {Ethan smiles} Oh, yeah. Apparently, she used to get high with him, too.
Boys: {Ethan laughs} Oh.. and by her *own* admission.. she’s not exactly quiet in bed.
Boys: {Van arches a brow} Fuck me.

Girls: {Saige smiles} That I knew. She couldn’t hide the smell under the gallons of perfume she used. Or the horse smell.

Boys: {Ethan nods} Anyway.. after you guys all but ran out of the house to come here and.. hang out fully clothed in Van’s room, apparently.. Aubrey barely said two words the whole time she was on David’s lap and David’s all mr. talkative suddenly. So, someone said something about Taryn and David and he comes out with “you were the exception to the rule”. And she was totally surprised and asked how or something. And he said something about liking her more than he wanted to. {smiles again} Oh, yeah.. and Taryn remembers David’s little brother who, apparently, used to hang out with David and Taryn until a ranch hand called them a “nice little family” and freaked David out.
Boys: {Van smiles} The boy was barely 17. Any of us would’ve freaked over that.
Boys: {Ethan nods} No shit.

Girls: {Siobhan walks in and stands next to Ethan after changing} Taryn was all quiet and stuff too until David started talking to her. Like she was petrified to speak.

Boys: {Ethan looks at Siobhan} She was, wasn’t she? I didn’t even pick up on that.

Girls: {Siobhan nods} Totally.

Boys: {Ethan looks at Saige and Van} I did, however, pick up on the fact that David was very talkative to *her*. It was almost like the rest of us weren’t there for a few minutes.
Boys: {Ethan smiles} *And*.. he left early.
Boys: {Van looks at Ethan} And?
Boys: {Ethan looks at Van} He left early because he’s got a two hour road trip tomorrow. He’s being “responsible”. And we all know David is anything but if he can help it.
Boys: {Van smiles} Did Loch leave early too?
Boys: {Ethan smiles} Didn’t look like he was planning on it, no.
Boys: {Van nods} So hell’s not frozen over *yet*. It’s just got a little frost bite.

Girls: {Siobhan looks at Van} Um.. I should tell you something..before the others do.

Boys: {Van looks at Siobhan} Okay.

Girls: {Siobhan looks at Ethan}

Boys: {Ethan looks at Siobhan, smiles} This is all you, baby.

Girls: {Siobhan quietly} I violated our agreement. I tried to cover it but.. you know how they are.. and I’m sorry.

Boys: {Van looks at Siobhan, thinking about “how they are”, sighs, turns and looks at Saige} Okay, so.. apparently, there’s something else I need to out myself on to you before someone else does.

Girls: {Saige looks at Van} Go ahead.

Boys: {Van rubs the back of his neck} Um.. Siobhan and I have a *very* recent.. history.

Girls: {Saige shakes her head, smiles} Van.. until we are together.. who you fuck is your business.

Boys: {Van looks at her} Right. Tell our friends that.
Boys: {Van shakes his head} I just thought it was something you should hear from me and not through the grapevine.
Boys: {Ethan looks at Van} “Until we’re together”? What are you waiting on?
Boys: {Van looks at Ethan} How about the body getting cold. Christ.
Boys: {Ethan nods} Right. Sorry.
Boys: {Van shakes his head, lowers his voice} Besides.. I can’t get with her while I’m working and I can’t just call them up tonight and say “by the way.. all that bullshit back and forth we went through getting the shoot set up for Monday? Yeah.. fuck you, I’m not doing it. I have a girlfriend.”
Boys: {Ethan smiles, nods}

Girls: {Saige smiles and looks at Van} Does that mean I can fuck whoever I want?

Boys: {Van looks at Saige, arches a brow} It means… {frowns} Fuck. Yeah. {looks at her} I guess it does.

Girls: {Saige looks at Van} Really?

Boys: {Van nods} Yeah. Really. What am I going to say?
Boys: {Van looks at her} “I’m going to go to work now and dominate and fuck this girl. You stay home and keep your legs closed.”?

Girls: {Saige smiles and shrugs} Guess it’s a good thing I don’t want to.

Boys: {Van smiles} That’s your choice but I’m not going to complain about it.

Girls: {Saige looks at Van} Well I could always go with you to work.

Boys: {Van smiles} Yes, you could. After that thing in New York.
Boys: {Ethan looks at Siobhan, whispers} This is going to be one crazy ass relationship.

Girls: {Siobhan nods} Yeah it is…
Girls: {Saige shakes her head} *To* work.

Boys: {Van arches a brow} Excuse me?
Boys: {Ethan looks at Saige, arches a brow, whispers to Siobhan} I wasn’t expecting it to get *that* crazy.

Girls: {Saige shrugs}

Boys: {Van smirks} I’ll see you when I get *off* work.

Girls: {Siobhan looks at Ethan, quietly} It would solve that pesky problem of “is it cheating if it’s work?”

Boys: {Ethan looks at Siobhan} She’s a published author. She can’t just go around making porn videos as a job without first considering the publicity.
Boys: {Van looks at Siobhan} There is *no* way I’m turning the love of my life into a sex worker.

Girls: {Siobhan looks at Ethan, shakes her head, looks at Van} But it’s okay for the love of *her* life to be one?

Boys: {Van rolls his eyes} I didn’t say that. {looks at her} But this is what I was doing *before* she and David broke up. It’s not like I was sitting here with her just now and decided to go out and do it. *I* am previously contractually obligated. *And* I have a contingency plan. I just can’t put it into play over the next few minutes. It’s going to take a little time.
Boys: {Ethan looks at Siobhan, smiles} His cock has a prior engagement. He has *responsibilities.
Boys: {Ethan, still smiling} That require him to “dominate and fuck” some woman.

Girls: {Siobhan smiles} Apparently. {shrugs} All I can say is she must really have it bad.

Boys: {Van looks at Ethan} If you’re not helping me.. shut up. {looks at Siobhan} I’m doing the best I can, Siobhan. But he’s right. As retarded as it sounded coming out of his mouth, I *do* have responsibilities. And personally, I don’t feel like going to court as the big end of my career in front of the camera.

Girls: {Siobhan nods} I understand that. Believe me. Probably better than you know. I had to buy out my contract.

Boys: {Van nods} I can’t even do that. {looks at Saige} Or I would.

Girls: {Saige shrugs} It’s okay. I know you have prior responsibilities.

Boys: {Ethan leans over and whispers to Van} At least she’s not telling you to call her when you change careers.
Boys: {Van blinks, looks at Ethan} We’re done here, right? You told us what you had to and you can go now?
Boys: {Ethan smiles} Yeah. We’re done.

Girls: {Siobhan nods}

Boys: {Ethan takes Siobhan’s hand, heads back out of the room, over his shoulder} Good night!

Girls: {Siobhan smiles} Night guys.

Boys: {Van walks back to the door} Yeah. Goodnight. {closes the door}

Girls: {Saige watches Van}

Boys: {Van looks over at her} So.. I guess we have a road trip tomorrow.

Girls: {Saige nods} I guess so.

Boys: {Van nods} Did you want to go home so you can get ready?

Girls: {Saige smiles playfully} Trying to get rid of me?

Boys: {Van looks at her, smiles, walks over to the bed} Actually, I had a better idea.

Girls: {Saige’s eyes roam over him} Oh?

Boys: {Van grabs a handful of her hair, pulls her head back, leans in close, whispers} We go to bed now and just get up earlier to go get your shit tomorrow.

Girls: {Saige gasps and smiles, rolls her eyes toward him} Or I can call Taryn and have her bring a change of clothes by and pack a bag for me.

Boys: {Van smiles, nods} Do that. {lets her go so she can make the call} Better yet.. text her so she can’t keep you on the phone.

Girls: {Saige nods, and goes over to her purse, pulls out the phone and sends Taryn a text message telling her what she needs asking her if she’ll get it and blah blah blah}

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